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Ahmad Rashad and his new Jawn

Posted by Media Outrage on November 3, 2008

Ahmad Rashad and his new billionaire wife Sale Johnson, took in a New York knicks game on Suday. She’s definitely no Phylicia Rashad in the looks department, but when your account is that husky in economic times like these who cares about looks right? Spike Lee and his son, and Roy Jones Jr. who’s scheduled to fight this upcoming Saturday November 8th, was also at the game.

15 Responses to “Ahmad Rashad and his new Jawn”

  1. cupcakestl said

    I am all for do what You U do.

    BUT she looks like crap shit.

    I will be nice but if yall get it cracking on her i will be back.

  2. missdcakamse said

    I have to agree she is not the most beautiful woman in the world!

    But Hell..she possesses the capital why not get some plastic surgery done for the face!

  3. Man, she looks like an extra from Star Trek. But for the money she is worth I’ll put more pipe in her than NY transit system.

    Money cant buy love but it can sure rent happiness!

  4. missdcakamse said

    DT..boy you are soo sick!!

    But I love you…man!!

  5. Jolie said

    This is how he DOWNGRATED after the BEAUTIFUL Phylicia Rashad!!!! Dare I say she looks like a HE/SHE???

  6. Random said

    She looks like Joan Rivers (facewise)!

  7. Real Talk said

    Ahmad obviously messes with that dust, to leave Phylicia’s beautiful self for this old hag. smh

  8. Cut Up said

    I don’t care how much money she got, she cannot get Cut Up. She can only get “Cut”

  9. ucanb2 said

    Damn I totally agree post # 6, 7, 8,!!!!! SMH

  10. Kristina said

    Looks like he’s dating a english teacher :\

  11. joneblaze said

    She looks like Lily Tomlin….YIKES !!!!!!

  12. nelly said

    she looks like stir-fry shit!!! shes ugly as hell and plastic surgery cant fix that ugly ass face of hers she already looks like shes had work done and it made her look even worse..she cheats on Phylicia Rashad and leaves her for this crypt keeper looking corpse!!!! dang that’s messed up.. black men are always dating/marrying the ugliest white woman they could get there hands on.. damn i know shes rich as all hell but if i was a man i couldn’t look at that ugly face every morning and lord have mercy how the hell does she look without makeup if she looks this bad with it on… i guess rashad is looking at the big picture- hes going to inherit all her money when she takes a dirt nap.. which seems like shes almost there.. yuck and double yuck..

  13. Shotgun5050 said

    Well she is definitely no Philicia Rashad…and she appears to get older each time I see a photo of her in the News. One time she was wearing some crop-top tie in the front shirt as if she were 16 years old. I guess she tries to look younger.

    Anyways, now he’s her headache and now the “billionaire-iss” can now deal with all of his infidelities!! What a shame.
    But hey…they claim to be in love… (HAH!!)

  14. Lowridaz said

    See, that is what I am saying. love a man that think this way…. @ CUTUP, I am feeling you sweetheart…

    Cut Up Says:
    November 3, 2008 at 4:13 pm
    I don’t care how much money she got, she cannot get Cut Up. She can only get “Cut”

  15. Karen said

    Get money. Take money.

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