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Birthday Bash For Melyssa

Posted by Media Outrage on November 7, 2008


Model Melyssa Ford, who seems to always exude sexy, enjoyed a birthday bash amongst friends’ Toccara Jones, Golden Brooks, Arica Adams, Jon B, Claudia Jordan, Keith Robinson, Mr. Pork Chop Grease Lips himself (Neyo), Tony Rock, and Jill Marie Jones, who’s lips need to be immortalized in somebody’s museum, cause even Stevie can see them thangs is SEXY AS HELL! Melyssa disclosed to, that she really dislikes being referred to as a “video vixen.” After having the opportunity to speak with Melyssa, we can say that the woman definitely possesses as much intellect as she does exterior beauty. Most times people judge a book by its cover because that’s all of the information they have to go off of. Ms. Ford is very well spoken and down to earth, which a lot of people in Hollywood lack. We will bring you an in depth interview with Melyssa Ford and her many up coming projects in the near future. For now just enjoy the pics….Shout out to Daniella Cobb!


More party pics



75 Responses to “Birthday Bash For Melyssa”

  1. cupcakestl said

    they all look fake ass hell in them pics.

  2. missdcakamse said

    LOL @ Cupcake Stl!

    I wonder how old Melyssa turned..I am guessing mid 30’s!

  3. marathon_man said

    Missdcakamse, it doesn’t matter cause i would still f*ck grits, eggs, and nacho cheese out of her sexy ass. Jill Marie Jones’ lips…hmmmm ummm ummm

  4. Lai'Lani said

    lmao! @ marathon_man lol. tell us how you really feel why don’t you lol.

  5. Hovy's home said

    Melyssa Ford doesn’t look mid 30’s to me but then again most people push their ages back. All the ladies looked pretty nice. Yea, Toni Childs is sexy!

  6. Rocksee said


    I’m sorry, but it looked like the opening ceremonies of The Ho Bag Festival to me.

  7. missdcakamse said

    LMAO @ Rocksee

  8. Yasmine T. said

    LOL! @ Rocksee, wheew oh gosh. Does Melyssa Ford have a job? Or does she need to get Tyler Perry on the damn phone? MO what up coming projects? LOL King Magazine? Black Men Magazine? Playboy? Yall are too funny to me.

    Golden looks a hot stankin mess as usual!

    Jill Marie Jones is pretty as always.

    Toccara doing the best she can smh.

    Jon B. needs to just sit his ass down somewhere and take that damn bow tie off lol.

    Tony Rock that’s my nucca.

  9. Udamnright said

    Im with Marathon, she might be in her mid thirties and have the same job as Tommy from Martin but i’d still give her the “footlong” until she passed out and then spray her face with more icing than an anniversary cake.

  10. Udamnright said

    oh yea Golden give it up and leave Dr. Knife alone please!

    Jill Marie Jones could get the footlong and looks like she could sink it between those beautiful soup coolers like the atlantic sunk the titanic.

  11. Paul said

    I’m sorry who is Melyssa Ford again? I really don’t know who she is.

  12. Lai'Lani said

    @ Paul- she became known from being in music videos. Let’s say she’s an ass model lol.

  13. Real Talk said

    Claudia Jordan was making it rain on all of them. Jill Marie is not that fly to me. Nice lips but that’s it. Melyssa’s a video ho paul lol.

  14. Lai'Lani said

    lol @ Yasmine.

    “Golden looks a hot stankin mess as usual!” lol

  15. Paul said

    does she have a reality show? by ass model do you mean underwear? i had never heard of her before.

  16. Cyndy said

    No and she doesn’t need a reality show. Too many weak ones on right now. She’s another Deelishis someone using her “assets” to remain relevant. She’s not even that pretty in my opinion.

  17. Brandi said

    all dese hos need jobs

  18. reader said

    I love it women calling other women hoes lol.

  19. harold said

    Melyssa adn jill marie jones look nice. all the others look broke down and busted.

  20. stephanie said

    d list heaven. jon b needs to sit down

  21. Random said

    What a Waste!!

  22. g555 said

    lmao @ random.

    melyssa is something sexy in person.

  23. Cyndy said

    Fellas, I have a question. What is so pretty or sexy about Melyssa Ford? I just want to know.

  24. ucanb2 said

    Jill, Melyssa,Tocarra look nice all the rest irrelevant…

  25. Random said

    Really G555? I heard the opposite..a GUY friend of mine met her and he said she’s avg looking..nothing to brag about..but I guess everyone’s taste is diff.

  26. Random said

    Toccara looks like a bloated tranny!

  27. Wheather these women are irrelevant or not we ALL would fuck the shit out of them (men AND some women on this post)

    They are Z listers and couldnt find work in Hollywood even if Allah was their agent, But they are still good to look at!

  28. Cyndy said

    lmao!!! @ DT

  29. g555 said

    @ Cyndy- I saw her in person in NY and her excuse my bluntness but her ass is something incredible in jeans. She has a pretty face. I’m not saying she’s Halle Berry or anything but definitely is a head turner.

    @ Random- I just liked the way she’s put together.

  30. marathon_man said

    i would f*ck fire out of her ass

  31. Random said


    Ok I got ya!

  32. marathon_man said

    her ass is phat thats all that matters lol.

  33. joneblaze said

    I think Toccara looks sexy

  34. Brittnay said

    All of the ladies look nice except for golden.

    Not sure how much money any of them make but i’m sure none of them are broke.

  35. JJ Evans said

    M. Ford has some nice legs.

  36. cb4 said

    she was a vj on BET. pretty well spoken chick. why is everyone dissin golden brooks? she’s far from being a busted chick

  37. jazmine luv said

    MO quick question…why does she dislike being called a video vixen when that’s how she got her start? People remember you the most for what you come out as you know?

  38. Cut Up said

    Now, She can get some thug passion. I would take my time with her. Can’t say I like her as a person cause I don’t know her. I enjoy seeing here everytime there is a reason for yall to post her but, she is definitely official.

    Happy B-Day. Live Ya Life. ONE

  39. missdcakamse said

    @ Jazmine Luv – she probably despises the term because there is a lot of negativity surrounding the term video vixen and she does not want to be perceived as a fruit of those degrading factors (I don’t blame her for setting the record straight.)

  40. Ghetto chica said

    She should really try breaking into acting. She’s pretty but would probably need a lot of acting lessons. And while we’re talking about this someone from Juliard please give Beyonce a damn phone call ASAP, cause her acting sucks major ballz.

  41. missdcakamse said

    LOL @ Ghetto Chica “someone from Juliard please give Beyonce a damn phone call ASAP, cause her acting sucks major ballz.”

  42. Ghetto chica said

    LOL it really does people. You know it, I know it, her momma and daddy know it, her jealous bimbo sister knows it, Kelly and Michelle definitely know it, and so does camel face.

  43. Tisha said

    I beg to differ. Beyonce’s acting is not terrible. We just have to see her in roles that stretch her potential. She might need to take a few acting courses, but, most actors have, so that’s not a diss.

    Most people improve with time and experience and so will Bey.

  44. Beyonce cant act for shit…not Snoop dogg wack, but damn near close. here are plenty of Musicians/Actors who cant act for a damn. Mariah was just about as good in glitter as my goldfish, Busta Rhymes in Shaft was pretty horrible. and EVERYBODY in Baby Boy was quite possibly the wackest ensemble in front of a fucking camera.

    So does Beyonce’s acting skills suck alligator nuts?…yes, but snoop in “the wash” was REALLLL fucked up!!!

  45. Random said

    I agree..her acting skills aren’t Terrible…They’re Beyond that…there isn’t a term to describe her ‘skills’..(or lack of)…Instead of getting better (you’d think new movie..more practice) she manages to get worse..

  46. Tisha said

    LOL @ DT. She is not that bad in my opinion. I am looking forward to seeing “Cadillac Records.” That is something she can improve. Once you become as big as she is, people start to turn on you because they’re tired of seeing you.

  47. Ghetto chica said

    Preach Random and DT!

    Dt yes mariah’s acting skills don’t exist lol.

    Baby boy was my movie though.

  48. marathon_man said

    naw ghetto chica baby boy was horrible. my eyes almost fell the fuck out after the first 10 minutes. i was ready to get drunk and beat the shit out of some one.

  49. Yasmine T. said

    oh lawd lol not baby boy again. it was not a good movie at all. snoop’s acting, i don’t even know why they allowed him on the set. taraji was terrible also. im sorry EVERY ACTOR ON THAT SET WAS TERRIBLE.

  50. marathon_man said

    no yasmine not just every actor on the set was horrible, but the director should have just committed suicide on opening night after watching that bull shit.

  51. noneofyabizness said

    all of the ladies look pretty

  52. tyesha said

    Jill Marie Jones is shining on all of em. And Beyonce is not a good actress people.

  53. Rocksee said

    I had to revisit…

    Very interesting comments graced with legitimate opinions to say the least.


    …The Guests — TACKY — all of them!

    …the busted linoleum floor — TACKY!

    …the antique, wanna-be, vintage style chairs — TACKY!

    …the birthday girl “blowing” out the candles — TACKY!

    …the birthday girl “humping” the wall — TACKY!!

    …did anyone catch K.D. Aubret in photo #3? Rule of thumb…Make appearances with the Z listers when your career is a least visible…to the Z listers!! — TACKY!

    …exposed bras, beneath arm pits as a fashion statement — TACKY! Heck, I’d rather see the girls flowin, droopin, perkin…whatever… than to see somebody’s Perla wanna-be brassiere in flow blown sight — TACKY again!

    …Jon B. ? … Neyo ? — TACKY!

    …decision to attend this “soiree”, instead of keeping their asses at home — TACKY!

    …and last but not least…the birthday girl swinging the strippers’ pole, while being serenaded a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday — TACKY!

    My final thought…Whoever pays for this stuff…You Got It!! — TACKY!

    By the way…who does pay for this stuff?

  54. g555 said

    Damn Rocksee you really went hard lol.

    I just peeped K.D. Aubert in that pic. Didn’t even see her. That was my baby in “Soul Plane.” What happen to her career?

  55. Tina said

    LOL @ Rocksee.

    Jill Marie Jones looks great.

    Everyone else ummm no comment.

    Awwe look at K.D. Aubert. Haven’t seen her in anything lately.

    I hope there was a job application in Melyssa’s cake….

  56. g555 said

    hahahaha @ “I hope there was a job application in Melyssa’s cake….”

  57. m&u said

    I guess another way to spell hater is ROCKSEE.

  58. Rocksee said

    @ M&U —

    Try “Hooked on Phonics” or even “Rosetta Stone”…that will set your spelling issues free.

    Get with the program homie…

    That’s all we do on this site…including the moderators.

    O B T W — This is the way you spell “hater” …

    F – U – C – K – E – W – E…

    Translation? EWE sounds like YOU and is a FEMALE SHEEP. The rest is self-explanatory…if you can read.

    YOU can go get some of that too if you wish…it’ll help EWE get over your lameness and lack of expressive acumen.

    Do you want some more?

    I’ve got it for you Sucka!!

  59. m&u said

    LOL funny.

    I just call it the way I see it.

    You called everyone “tacky.”

    Why not say some nice things about the beautiful sistas?

    You are a sista right?

  60. m&u said

    What’s all of the black on black hate about?

  61. Rocksee said

    You haven’t been here long enough to know…

    The reason I say this, is you woudn’t have responded this way if you had.

    I call it the way I see it too…

    Please reread post # 58…

    What’s wrong with that?

    And you’re right…it was funny and you’re not the only one who thinks so.

    How ’bout you…You’re a sista right?

  62. Rocksee said

    @ M&U


    How do you know who’s black….white…or purple…and most importantly who cares?

    We’re just people with opinions, here to have a bit of fun.


    So…now that you’ve opened the Pandora’s Box…you’re a black female…right?

  63. m&u said

    Yes I am a black woman. Rocksee aren’t you the same one who was complaining a few weeks back about the way this site was jokingly referring to the fullness of certain female bosoms? This is entertainment for me. I have been reading this site since Feb. Sorry hun, I’m far from new. I read all of the comments which keep me thoroughly entertained everyday.

    All I am saying is I notice a lot of the sistas on here are very negative towards their own.

  64. m&u said

    If Melyssa Ford, Toccara, Jill Marie Jones, and Golden Brooks are struggling I’m pretty sure that they all still have more money than you possibly lol. But this is fun for me so I don’t take it personal.

  65. Rocksee said

    Like I said before…

    Hooked on and Rosetta…they help with reading comprehension too.

    I’ve never complained about female bosoms…I’ve got a full set of natural twins myself…so…that would be like the pot calling the kettle black. Do you remember that comment?

    I’ve merely expressed opinions, like everybody else on this site. This is what we do. We’re just having fun, that takes ugly turns at times.

    Where were you when certain fellows were calling the females bitches..hos…and whatever else came to mind? We could have really used your feminist views during that charade. And before you comment…that I did take personally, but I took it personally for you too and all the other females bloggers who deserve better representation.

    Your response tells me that you are the one who has taken things far too personally. We are just having FUN…

    OBTW…What is money anyway? I’ve been independently wealthy since age 21…money is the same as the color-line…who cares? It’s what you do with you life that matters most.

    What’s your story? I’d like to get to know you better.

  66. m&u said

    Well I read all of the comments and did see the verbal sparring. A man calling me a bitch or a ho is nothing that I would even address because he’s sitting behind a puter screen. In person is different. So I wouldn’t have gotten involved in that. I am here to read entertaining news not go back and forth with men who have no respect for women. A lot of times if you ignore someone they usually disappear.

  67. cupcakestl said

    Wow I will say the girls on top are doing it, if you call that doing it.

    They still look fake ass hell.

    Like they dont really like each other.

    More so dont even know each other.

    Please, but i will continue being nice and hold my tongue.

    Why do we have to make good holy comments about every body because they or famous or fake famous

    I see it like they are just like me but on TV.

  68. Rocksee said

    @M&U —


    Out of all the folks here jamming up this series of photos, why did you choose me to rebute?

    Why are you then “going back and forth” with me?

    Tell me your story.

    You’ve really peaked my interest now…

    You making things seem one way, when in actuality they appear to be another.

    In closing, Cupcakestl (Post 67) summed it up graciously…she put it right on the line, simplistically, yet with swagger. She’s a veteran reader AND blogger, not someone that jumps in once or twice to rile something up. Take heed.

    My opinions are shared by others too…and it’s OK.

    Best advice…get involved…be an acitve blogger…let us get to know your “voice”. There are times when I’m sure your input would have been entertaining…

  69. Yea I Said It said

    @ Rocksee….. since you are independently wealthy…. can I become your first cousin and borrow let say 200,000.00 for maybe six months? I want to go on a seven day crusie ending in Rome where I will tour the country side and move on to Italy before coming back to the states to shop and drop a little on a condo in Miami…. Call me Rocksee we can do lunch and talk about it, I will pay for lunch.

  70. Random said

    Listen, If I have nothing “Nice” to say about someone (whether it’s a Celeb or an Avg. person) I will not force myself to do so..I’ll say exactly how I feel..if you (speaking in general) don’t like it..tough paduki!! You find something nice to say about that person and leave the A-hole comments to Rocksee and I..Thanks!

  71. M&U said

    What does independently wealthy mean Rocksee?

  72. Rocksee said

    @ M&U —

    In the words of the great Dave Chappell…it means…

    “I’m rich B _ _ C H!!

    What do you think?

    Now before you go any further, I did not call you out of name…I was merely quoting Dave from that “Tribute to Oprah Winfrey” episode of the Dave Chappell show.

    Please laugh with the rest of us…and relax sis.

    Just understand…I’m the “set-up” chick…if you set me up I’m returning the serve baby…

  73. Rocksee said

    @ Yea I Said It —

    Sure…lunch sounds great! In fact, I appreciate the fact that yo would offer to pay.

    It would be my pleasure to hook you up, but I’ve got something better for you…

    Be patient…the rest will reveal itself…and then who knows…maybe you’ll be delivering the loans!!

  74. Rocksee said

    @ Random —

    Thanks for the compliment…

    I think.


    I appreciate the shout out as always.

    You my gurl.

  75. Rocksee said

    @Random —

    Can I pick you brain for a moment?

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