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Paula Abdul: I Don’t Have To Move To Vancouver Now

Posted by Media Outrage on November 7, 2008

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul shared with People what she was doing and how she reacted to the election win of Barack Obama.

With the election of Barack Obama, Paula Idol of American Idol will stay just that – an American.

“I was crying!” she tells PEOPLE. “You feel such a sense of pride that you can’t even articulate how good you feel. It’s unbelievable! I have chills. I was just so excited. I was texting everyone: ‘Peace has begun.’ And then I was texting everyone, ‘I don’t have to move to Vancouver now!'”

Seeing an African-American become President is something she never imagined would happen. “I prayed for it. But four years ago? Not even a thought. The only point of reference was Rev. Jesse Jackson’s (campaign), which was just embarrassing. But there’s a presence with this man.”

While she was excited for the Clinton election back in the 1990s, it pales in comparison to Obama’s election: “I just feel like the presence of this man is so calm, and so serene, and he is so confident and sure of himself. There’s a calming effect that just feels so good. I feel like it’s a universal shift towards kindness, towards patience, towards peace. That’s the only way I can explain it.’

She’s also looking forward to seeing the Obama family in the White House. “I love his wife. And those little girls, I just want to squish ’em they’re so beautiful!” she said. “I’ll offer to baby sit anytime!”

Mediaoutrage– Wow Paula really went hard at Jesse lol.

9 Responses to “Paula Abdul: I Don’t Have To Move To Vancouver Now”

  1. Rocksee said


    I can relate.

    If Barack hadn’t won, I was moving to Europe.

    Ok..maybe I’ll still have a place there, but I’m hangin in the US for a minute!!

    OBAMA ’08

  2. marathon_man said

    lol @ Rocksee-

    being that I’m still kinda broke as hell lol i wasn’t moving no where but outta my mom’s basement.

  3. missdcakamse said

    @ Rocksee – I was seriously considering my options in the two other countries where my family reside if another republican won the election! It was a toss between London, England and Montego Bay, Jamaica!

  4. Udamnright said

    Not me i love the US too much even though Bush took us on a roller coaster to hell.

  5. I wasnt going to move…I would have just stated a campaign to piss on anything that was conservative. LITERALLY!!!

  6. ucanb2 said

    Well I am happy knowing that we now can raise our heads with pride, and be proud of our Commander in Chief!!

  7. cupcakestl said

    yeah like i said my friend was going back to Peru.

    Me, i was just going to come up with destroy all conservatives plan.

  8. Kim said

    Hmmm- finally see a downside to Barack winning. I guess we have to keep her.

  9. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ Kim

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