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Busted Grills Vol. 1

Posted by Media Outrage on November 10, 2008


Tiffany Pollard aka New York hit up the Angels of East Africa Celebrity Charity Event in Los Angeles this weekend. Besides the dog face the most noticeable things on New York are those air bags she calls titays. Golden looks totally normal in some flicks, and then completely tore the f&ck up in others, we really don’t know what her deal is. One thing is for sure they both landed in our Busted Grills section with flying colors. The very sexy Claudia Jordan also made an appearance at the event and sat her luscious ass on a motorcycle.


For a few more Golden shots


21 Responses to “Busted Grills Vol. 1”

  1. cupcakestl said

    Hell we all don’t know what is her deal.

    I think she is really a man.

    it shows every know and then.

    NewYorker need her stupid ass put on Mars.

  2. cupcakestl said

    Huckabee need his ass wiped. Fox New Show Case

  3. is it just me or does NY look Trannier than usual in that pic? He is too much!!!!

  4. Yea I Said It said

    Ok,MO let me equal this busted grills vol 1 out for you, add in lil wayne,ying yang twins,ugly ass master p for first go round. There is nothing to say about cat/rat face New York.These folks are scandalous!!!

  5. beach chick said

    Claudia Jordan is way too classy and beautiful (NO HOMO) to be in the same category as crackhead golden or that tranny New York…

    The biggest problem with Golden is all of the DAMN WEAVE! It’s too much!

    As for busted New York..there aren’t enough words!

  6. Udamnright said

    If my body lay riddled with AIDS and New York’s twoit had the cure I think I would still just go on head and write my eulogy.

    Claudia sexy sexy sexy….

    Golden no comment ever!

  7. ucanb2 said

    New York is just horrific..but what in the hell happened to Golden’s chin???!!! Claudia Jordan looks good,nice bike!!

  8. Rocksee said

    @M&U —

    Where are you girl?

    M.O. and the gang are tearing up a couple of our “beautiful” black sista’s…

    Why aren’t you jumping on the bang wagon of attack now?

    Do I sense a double-standard again?


  9. M&U said

    Rocksee I come here to laugh and some days I laugh harder than others. MO can do whatsoever they please because they write the stuff. I was just interested at how viscous some of the black women on this site can be. Just because MO writes something doesn’t mean that I have to tear down also. But it’s all entertainment you know? New York looks like a man. Golden looks atrocious. So MO is not lying lol.

  10. Lai'Lani said

    lol @ the title.

  11. Rocksee said

    @M&U —

    Thank you for proving my point sweetie.

    Oh…and by the way…welcome to the club.

    Your initiation is officially…ova’!!


  12. Rocksee said

    @ M.O. —

    Anxiously awaiting Busted Grills Vol. 2 …


  13. cut up said

    The more pics you put up of Golden will not make her any more appealing M.O.

    In fact, it gets worse with every pic. New York, I mean Old Yeller is just a catastrophe. Those inflateable chest preservers are horrible. Damn!

  14. I think New york needs the Dickwell as her manager. I could get her work on almonst any corner out there…..wait, then again maybe not.

  15. iFRESH said

    U know what??? !!! I’m gonna go out on a limb && say NEw YOrk actually looks good! Very good! …Well from the neck down of course

  16. Yvonne said

    I am getting to the point where I am starting to feel sorry for New York. That girl don’t have a clue…and to top it all off she thinks she is hot.

    Golden Brooks…I don’t what to say. I have seen her look better. Maybe she’s fallen on hard times.

  17. marathon_man said

    Damn I don’t know what to say about Golden…I mean we all know how busted New York is and will always be. I’m just shivering at the thought of how saggy those basketball tits will be when she’s 68 lol.

    Golden was ok looking while she was on TV. What happened? Is she hiding a dick somewhere?

  18. missdcakamse said

    Yeah..I actually like Golden but lately she looks like she is on ecstasy or did she get jacked up by some wanna be plastic surgeon in South Central, Los Angelos?! So sad…and New Yuck I have nothing nice to say about her so I won’t say anything at all!

  19. Coats said

    Yo what happened with the claudia jordan post

  20. cindi said

    NY mom is cruel not to advise her daughter/son. He/she looks really aweful. But then mom is no better. The dad is probably the most level headed of the pathetic trio!!!

  21. Chique said

    It is so difficult to try to look white when you dark skin and probably do not have much hair and your features are non-euro, you just look fake and clown like with all the botox and silicon gel bags. I am happy for New York to get the time of day in euro loving long hair hollywood, because she dark and know she have to be obnoxious to compete and get attention

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