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Chilli sets the record straight

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2008


In an in depth interview with Essence Chilli divulged some pretty coveted information. She speaks about Usher and Tameka, Destiny’s Child, and other things. Just peep below.

Via Essence:

ESSENCE.COM: You’re part of the best-selling female girl group of all time, and now you’ve entered the worlds of accessories and skincare.

CHILLI THOMAS: Thank you for acknowledging that because everyone always credits Destiny’s Child as the biggest-selling female group, but it’s just not true. You can’t count album sales for each solo project collectively and come up with numbers. I love Destiny’s Child, but thank you. Read the rest of this entry »

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Flyer than a piece of paper bearing my name

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2008


Beyonce was spotted looking fly as ever while arriving at her hotel. She definitely has the beauty game handcuffed. Bey is another one who is very difficult to catch slipping. Her album is due November 18th, how many of you will be helping it go tripple platinum? Oh and ladies are you feeling the shoes?


More Beyonce Read the rest of this entry »

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Body Found Outside Paula Abdul’s Home

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2008

Paula Abdul

A car with a body found in it was found outside Paula Abdul’s home. Police are saying the woman was Paula’s stalker.

Via People:

A car with a dead woman inside found parked outside Paula Abdul’s house in Los Angeles on Tuesday night is registered to Paula Goodspeed, a former American Idol contestant and self-described “really big fan” of Abdul.

Police have not confirmed the identity of the woman – an apparent suicide victim – but suggested she was an infatuated fan of Abdul. Read the rest of this entry »

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Alicia visits the late show

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2008


Alicia Keys visited the Late Show with David Letterman yesterday. Alicia always keeps it classy but are you feeling the glasses and handbag? That should be an interesting interview to watch, as David Letterman interjects his humor at Ms. Kankles.


For just a few more of Ms. Keys Read the rest of this entry »

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Birthday Party

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2008


Michelle Williams, who’s career seems to be going no where faster than 2 fat guys on a tread mill, popped in to help celebrity hairdresser and stylist Ursula Stephen celebrate her birthday. We’re sure Michelle gets all types of calls now, cause it’s not like she’s working on an album or performing infront of some sell out stadium you know? She’s probably fielding calls for little Jimmy’s barmitzvah. Free formerly employed with 106 and Parkalso walked herself in the building. Happy Birthday Ursula! Enjoy….


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Like we always do at this time…

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2008


We would like to take the time to speak to say a special THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR READERS! You come here day in and day out to check on whatever news we are reporting on and we appreciate it a lot. We receive a lot of emails from readers that never leave comments, telling us that they like the open forum that M.O. has become. We get emails from readers sharing tips, celebrity pictures, funny videos, and other stuff which all helps M.O. present what we consider ok material to YOU. But the staff here at really does appreciate everyone who holds us down every day. There are plent of other sites out here doing it big that we actually like ourselves and yet you still come. Just wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU once again EVERYONE.

Now a shout out to a special few that leave comments and keep it pretty lively on M.O. every day and night lol. Special Shout-Out to new comer CUT UP! Who is holding us down in Iraq! Our staff has prayed for a safe return for you and the rest of our soldiers! Thanks for holding M.O. down during war time. Shout-out to new comer Marathon_Man who must keep a dictionary of nothing but VULGAR terms in it next to his keyboard at ALL TIMES LOL cause he brings the laughter with some of his comments, M&U just popped in here recently thanks!. Shout-Out to our regulars! CLAUDETTE4HEISMAN!!! who we expect to grant us an exclusive interview or 2 once she hits it big on the film screen!, W2M!!! who we clearly expect to see behind the production of a major movie or TV show anyday now!!! you been holding us down forever! what up sistah!!!, YASMINE T., YEA I SAID IT (who’s not going to be satisfied until we post pics of a NAKED MAN LOL), UCANB2! what up homie and stand up Houston!, our girl SMURFETTE!, our girl RANDOM!!! who don’t agree with sh*t LOL jokes what up homie Jersey stand up! , our girl CUPCAKESTL!!! what up homie! our girl CARAMELKISS!!!, the homie 2020VIZN!! for dropping that knowledge!, RUBHER!, JONEBLAZE, our friend 1COOLAZZCHIC! what up!, BEACH CHICK! VA stand up!, LIO for dropping that knowledge!, PAUL, MS. E!even though you changed the name to Missdcakamse you’re still MS.E to us! DC stand up!, our girl Kristina!!!, Yvonne!!!, BITTERSWEETBELIZEAN!, SWEETTHANG!, DT who might be the funniest reader on the planet! LOL what up Homie ATL stand UP!!!, CLASSY CHICK!, DANIELLE, JULES who hates Tyler Perry LOL jokes what up girl!, the homie JLAW!, our girl FRAN what up!!! the homie HOVY’S HOME!!! our girl the reporter ROCKSEE!!! she might ruffle feathers sometimes but we get down with Rocksee she constantly sends us info and shows love whats good Rocks!, the homie TERRENCE!!! whats good homie!, MRS. TCJ!!!, our girl SWEET_TEA who hits us with info a lot also! thanks!, our girl KIM!, SWEETSCORPIO!!!, MONICA!, JODI, NIKKI!!, special shout out to someone who’s been riding with MO forever our girl 2THICK4U!!!! what up homie!!!, the homie JAD616!!!, MONAE!, DESTINII, RALPHY J, have to shout out the political pundit himself the homie JAN!!!! who did everything possible to turn readers away from BARACK OBAMA LOL! jokes, DAN! what up homie, hmmm we don’t know about this next cat but will still shout him out cause he checks for us every day with his hatin’ ass lol REPUBLICAN VOTER who if he knew where our offices were would probably stuff a bomb in our trash can lol, the homie UDAMNRIGHT!!!, JJ EVANS!, HELEN!, our girl LAI’LANI!, CYNDY, BONNIE!! KRYSTAL MIRANDA!!! thanks for holding us down EVERY DAY homie! sorry for using your government lol. VICTORIA P. THANKS FOR HOLDING US DOWN EVERY DAY!!! and everyone else who reads MO everyday THANKS! We would be here a while if we continue to name names lol. But we will be going back and adding names that we might have forgotten to mention throughout the day.

Oh and a special shout-out to all the other great sites out here that hold us down or not. A special shout-out to BLACKCELEBKIDS!!! We love their site and check it out daily so if you want to know who we read they are one of the top on our list. Shout out to NECOLEBITCHIE who does the damn thing every day, REPPINGBEANTOWN!!, UPSCALESWAGGER one of the most unique sites on the net, CONCRETELOOP!, and we’ll name more later lol time to start putting up news before we lose every reader we named lol.

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KKK Leader Murks One of Their Own

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2008

Klan Slaying

It doesn’t get any more cowardly than being a member of the Gay Gay Gay aka as the KKK Ku Klux Klan. This cowardly sick f*ck is Raymond Foster, and a leader of a unit of the KKK in Louisiana, and he is now sitting in a jail cell for murking a white lady who came to one of their initiations from Oklahoma and then probably decided this wasn’t for her.

Via Yahoo:

NEW ORLEANS, La. – An Oklahoma woman who was lured over the Internet to take part in a Ku Klux Klan initiation was shot and killed after the ritual went awry, and the group tried to cover it up by dumping her body on a rural roadside and setting her belongings aflame, authorities said.

But the plan failed: By Tuesday, a local Klan leader sat in jail on a second-degree murder charge, and seven others were charged with trying to help conceal the crime. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pay very close attention….

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2008

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Listen very carefully…

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2008

When most people see the name Farrakhan attached to anything they shut their ears. Well we wouldn’t do that if we were you. Pay very close attention to what this man is saying whether you agree with his lifestyle and beliefs or not. He’s dropping knowledge for you.

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Farrakhan Speaks…

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2008

Minister Louis Farrakhan sat down for an interview before Barack Obama beat out Hillary Clinton. He touched on the subject of who really controls the government and world structure. Say what you may about Louis Farrakhan but just don’t call him anyone’s fool because that he is not. A very intelligent man.

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