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Tyrese & Brandy

Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2008


Tyrese and Brandy were spotted having lunch in Century City, CA on Sunday afternoon. These photos immdeiately fed the rumor mill, despite the fact that Tyrese is already married. We know we know, marriage doesn’t stop a man from playing pelvis tag with another chick, but we’re just saying though… Are you feeling Brandy’s jeans? Click Here to see what Tyrese had to say about these rumors. Image Source


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They’re really mad now

Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2008


We all knew that there would be a 1930’s Jim Crow-like reaction, towards our man Barack Obama, b*tch slapping McClame and Salin and solidifying his spot as the 1st African American President of The United States Of America. Just sounds so good doesn’t it? Now would be the chance for this imperialistic racist ass country to show the world that we really have changed since the era of slavery, and Jim Crow in which millions of Blacks died at the cruel treatment of Whites in this nation. Now would be the time to show the world that we not only preach “Liberty and Justice for all” but actually do live by that code. Now would be the time to impart faith into the vast minorities that have experienced first hand discrimination from the leaders and people of this supposedly great country. Now would be the time to show all of those backward thinking red necked racist hicks that they’re mere relics of the past. Now would be the time right?

Well since President-Elect Barack Obama’s convincing win on Nov. 4th, hate crimes in this country have spiked. Note to the racist hating cowards: Nothing will stop change! One thing that is inevitable in life is change. You can burn crosses and throw on your white sheets and prance around screaming racial obsenities like the true cowards that you really are, and tomorrow Barack Obama will still be YOUR President. You can spray racist grafitti. You can attempt to do bodily harm to innocent people and it still won’t change the fact that an AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN IS NOW YOUR PRESIDENT TOO BITCHES! So do what you will, but in the end your efforts are futile. You have a BLACK PRESIDENT NOW. Nothing will stop change. Your violent racist actions are a bit out dated and might be countered with violent protest by a generation that wasn’t here during Dr. King’s non-violent movement. You know there are some young people out here that just don’t give a f@ck. They live for sh*t like this. The chance to ride for a cause. Shoot they often ride without a cause lol just go to any club in any city. So we’d be careful if we were you because that sh*t won’t fly in 2008. You have a BLACK PRESIDENT NOW. Thanks for paying attention, just in case you didn’t get the memo bastards. To read how the Hate crimes have spiked since November 4th CLICK HERE.

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Facing Charges

Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2008


Deebo of the rap game might finally face the music that he’s been writing for years.

Via AP:

LAS VEGAS – The Clark County district attorney’s office in Nevada is seeking criminal charges against hip-hop mogul Marion “Suge” Knight.

A criminal complaint sent to the Las Vegas Justice Court on Monday charges Knight with two counts of felony drug possession and one count of misdemeanor battery.

A court spokeswoman says the charges were being processed Tuesday.

Knight’s attorney wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Police allege they saw the founder of bankrupt Death Row Records beating his girlfriend while brandishing a knife in a parking lot near the Las Vegas Strip in August.

Authorities said the woman wasn’t stabbed, but was treated at a hospital for injuries. Police say Knight had the drugs Ecstasy and hydrocodone when they arrested him.

Knight was later released after posting $19,000 bail.

Mediaoutrage– We’ll see if these charges stick or he walks yet again.

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Beach Action

Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2008

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was spotted enjoying the waters of Miami Beach yet again. We’re sure a few brotha’s had their camera phones on record hoping for a wardrobe malfunction. So just enjoy photos of Ms. Kardashian frolicking at the beach.

Kim KardashianKim KardashianKim Kardashian

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Jockin’ Jay-Z

Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2008


Damon Dash seems to be showing signs of a broke desperate man by now taking some unprovoked shots at Hov. SMH. Dame, never resort to this type of B*tchassness.

Via Nydailynews:

Damon Dash, is telling more tales about his estranged business partner, Jay-Z. His latest: that Jigga set off a feud with Kanye West by refusing to bestow his bling on Kanye.Dash claims the simmering beef dates back to a 2003 Chicago concert, where the then-up-and-coming Kanye expected ruling Roc-A-Fella artist Jay to “knight” him by presenting him with a gleaming chain.

But, according to Dash, Jay didn’t want to fork over the chain.

“This n- [Kanye ] was like, ‘Wow. [Jay-Z] ain’t going to give me the chain,'” Dash alleges in December’s Complex magazine. “I had to take off my chain and give it to him, and I was heated. I had the real canary diamonds. That s- cost $40,000! I told Kanye, ‘Yo, you got to give that back when we get off this stage!'” Read the rest of this entry »

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Seven Pounds

Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2008


Will Smith and Rosario Dawson hopped out on the campaign trail in Miami for the premiere of “Seven Pounds.” Will once again had that look in his eye that he gets when promoting one of his gigantic flicks with a leading lady. Will you be going to check out Seven Pounds? Sophia Vergara and her sexy @ss was also at the premiere and we’re just wondering why the casting director didn’t pick her to play Rosario’s part being that she’s like 29 times better looking.


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Mystery Illness

Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2008

Michael Jackson

It seems like Mike and his attorney are pulling out all of the shysty plays in the book to prevent Mr. Take them Stacks and run, from having to travel to London and appear in court. Now Michael’s lawyer is claiming he has some sh*t and would be best for him to testify via video link from the USA. LOL! We knew OJ picked the wrong d@mn lawyers this time.

Via Yahoo:

Michael Jackson might be too sick to travel to London to testify in a suit claiming he owes an Arab sheikh $7 million, the pop star’s attorney said Tuesday.

Jackon is seeking to give his testimony by video link from the United States.

“It would be unwise for him to travel, given what’s he’s got now,” lawyer Robert Englehart said, declining to elaborate “for the obvious reasons.”

Al Khalifa’s lawyer, Bankim Thanki, said the medical evidence presented by Jackson’s legal team was “very unsatisfactory” and Jackson’s illness could be treated with a bandage “if the diagnosis is positive.”

“It’s not the first time a sick note has been presented by Mr. Jackson,” Thanki said, also without elaborating.

Mediaoutrage– LOL! that they said it could be treated with a bandage. SMH @ Mike trying to dodge this after he took more than $7million and made it rain and now doesn’t want to face up to it. We really feel a strong Sheik “Long Name” variation of the A Town Stomp coming.

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Some Morning Beauty

Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2008


Sanaa Lathan carried her beautiful tail to the 8th annual 24hour Plays on Broadway after party at the China Club in NYC last night. We hope Sanna NEVER goes under the knife, seeing how there’s nothing that needs improving.


To see Rosie Perez looking a HOT MESS Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2008


The James Bond like Paps were able to score these pictures of Mariah and Nick on vacation in Mexico. Mariah seems to be holding her stomach and not wearing her usually skimpy outfits. Hmmm? Many have been speculating for months now whether Mrs. Canon was pregnant or not. These pictures that were probably taken from Utah (we know its not possible) by one of these secret agent like photographers that will do anything to get that pic, even get tied to the bottom of a plane just to get that pic, show a covered up MiMi. Oh well. We’ll let you be the judge.


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Homeless Man Ordered to Pay $101million

Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2008


A homeless man has been hit with 4 years in prison and ordered to pay $101million for setting 2 fires in California back in 2002 and 2006.

Via AP:

A homeless man has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison and ordered to pay more than $101 million for starting two fires, including one that burned more than 163,000 acres in California two years ago.

Fifty-year-old Steven Emory Butcher was convicted in February of starting blazes in the Los Padres National Forest in 2002 and 2006.

The 2006 fire raged for more than a month and cost more than $78 million to suppress. It injured 18 people, destroyed 11 structures and was the fifth-largest fire in California history, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The 2002 blaze burned 70 acres.

Mediaoutrage– Wonder what he was thinking and what his motive for setting mad stuff ablaze was.

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