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A Race Against Time…

Posted by Media Outrage on December 4, 2008


With time running out before she officially takes over the position of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is racing to raise millions of dollars in order to pay back massive campaign debt. The Hatch act restricts involvment by federal employees in that sort of thing. This is a long read folks.

Via Yahoo:

With just weeks before President-elect Barack Obama is sworn in, his choice for secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is scrambling to reduce massive campaign debt before federal ethics rules prohibit her from doing so.

Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, will headline a major debt retirement event in New York Dec. 15 with “Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera as master of ceremonies. Tickets range from $50 to $1,000, with top donors earning a premium seat and a backstage photo with the former first lady.

Clinton also plans to sell a children’s book, titled “Dreams Taking Flight” by author Kathleen Krull, about her pioneering candidacy. Clinton’s mother, Dorothy Rodham, planned to send an e-mail to supporters later this week asking them to purchase the book to help raise funds to pay down Clinton’s debt.

On Tuesday, a day after Obama announced she would serve as his top diplomat, Bill Clinton signed an e-mail to supporters asking them to send a note of congratulations to his wife and including a link for contributing to her debt retirement.

The urgency is rooted in the size of the New York senator‘s unpaid bills and the fundraising restrictions she will face once she joins Obama’s cabinet.

At the beginning of November, Clinton owed $7.5 million to vendors from her failed presidential bid, according to campaign finance records. The largest share of the debt — about $5.3 million — is owed to the polling firm of Mark Penn, the Clintons’ longtime political strategist. She owes hundreds of thousands of dollars for printing, equipment rental, phone banks and other services.

Clinton has slowly been trimming the debt since suspending her campaign last June, partly with Obama’s help. But her fundraising efforts will be curtailed if she is confirmed as secretary of state and becomes covered by the Hatch Act, which regulates political involvement by federal employees.

A 2001 advisory opinion by the federal Office of Special Counsel said a federal employee with a campaign debt would be prohibited from “personally soliciting, accepting or receiving political contributions.” That means Clinton’s political committee could keep raising money to pay off her creditors, but without her direct involvement.

The lack of access to Clinton could pose a disincentive for donors, said Sheila Krumholz, director of the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks political donations.

“People write a check to get into the room with a candidate or government official. If she’s legally barred from fundraising, the No. 1 reason for giving has been removed,” Krumholz said. “It’s like attending a wedding and the bride isn’t there.”

The advisory opinion does allow the former candidate to appear briefly at fundraising events and thank donors. That restriction could suit Clinton well, according to some of her top bundlers who say neither she nor her husband has ever been good at asking for donations.

But none of the Hatch Act rules apply until Clinton is confirmed, so there’s an opportunity for people eager to get some face time with the incoming secretary of state. Aides said she will try to avoid doing anything that suggests she is leveraging her new post for fundraising advantage.

Brad Smith, a former Federal Election Commission chairman, said Clinton would be wise to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest.

“If nothing else, there’s the embarrassment element,” Smith said. “A secretary of state trying to raise campaign money is kind of ugly.”

Clinton’s new job will help her avoid some pitfalls that loom when political access linked to campaign donations. For example, foreign citizens, who might be interested in forging a relationship with an incoming secretary of state, are legally barred from contributing to U.S. political campaigns.

Still, Krumholz said, there are plenty of U.S. citizens with strong ties to other countries who would welcome the chance to write Clinton a check.

“Wealthy people who have family overseas and are tied to issues in the country — human rights issues, for example — have more incentive to give,” Krumholz said.

Analysts said that fundraising to retire a politician’s debt — never easy — is more difficult during the recession. Also, Clinton is trying to pay off debts from the Democratic primaries, where many of her supporters already gave the maximum $2,300 per person. They cannot be solicited again.

The large share of her debt owed to Penn, a controversial figure and harsh Obama critic, also complicates matters for Clinton. Many Democrats blamed him for her strategic failings.

Clinton also has about $6 million in her Senate re-election account; some of that could be used under strict restrictions to help pay these debts. Under FEC rules, she would need to ask each contributor’s permission to move the donation to her debt retirement account — and none could come from people who already contributed the maximum to her presidential bid.

Mediaoutrage– We know that was a long ass novel to read. Hillary and Bill are both millionaires, why not just pay off your own debt?

6 Responses to “A Race Against Time…”

  1. I know I can help Hillary get that money back…….

    meet me on the corner of Pine and Boulevard and wear something black,sexy and low-cut…………..

  2. Yea I Said It said

    MO you know damn well I hate the Clintons, I don’t care about this rag mouth rabbit face frog. F**K THEM….. F**K THEM F**K THEM…. I hope she can’t get help paying this bill off. I hope they have to go into their private funds to pay the remainder bill..grimy ass hillbillies!

  3. Cyndy said

    lol @ dt. yea why don’t they just use their own cream?

  4. Because Billy blew it at Magic City…I should know I was his secretary of single dollar bills when he was down here….

  5. 2020VIZN said

    All those years people talking about Clinton was the first Black President…………….yall, know exactly what Im thinking!!……..When that Penn Muahfuggah calls have Chelsea answer the phone and say, my mamma and daddy said they aint here…..and they say they dont know when they coming back.. huh daddy….hold on mister…….OK daddy….My daddy say he aint paying you shit cause you the reason my mamma lost to that Boy, and you lucky he dont send his boys over there to fuck you up!! Oh yeah, and daddy said that if you call back you can cancel Christmas, wit yo punk ass!! Now try us if you think its a game!!

  6. Miss E said

    LMAO @ DT..I was thinking the same thing about Hilary!

    But what about Bill..seriously I know some women that are in love with his ol’ a$$ (I don’t know why) I am sure they would pay couple of G’s to spend the night with (exuse me I am getting sick just picturing this) with Pimp Billy!

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