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Posted by Media Outrage on December 4, 2008


Tuesday night December 2, Oprah Winfrey set Manhattan ablaze with her powerful prescence. Susan L. Taylor and more than 300 of friends, family, and supporters all gathered together at New York’s City’s ESPACE for an evening of celebration and fundraising, and guess what, yep the staff of was invited to cover the festivities.

The event honored the spiritual guidance and community leadership Susan provided to millions of readers during her 37-year career as Editor-in-Chief of Essence Magazine, and raised funds for her National CARES Mentoring Movement (NCMM).

During the evening Oprah Winfrey donated the first $500,000 and then said “Susan I believe you are going to need to hire more than 2 employees, so I’m giving  you another $500,000.” Yep, you can guess how that sent the crowd into a well deserved standing ovation. Everyone’s jaw in the place dropped. Everyone from Oprah, Gayle King, Malik Yoba, Common, Roland Martin (CNN), legendary actress Ruby Dee, Salt of Salt and Peppa (who was looking good as hell in person lol) and more were in the building. We will have more coverage in a minute but for now enjoy a few of our exclusive pics. A major thanks to The Terrie Williams Agency for throwing such a splendid affair. Thanks Michelle!


12 Responses to “ *Exclusive* Coverage”

  1. Yea I Said it said

    I use to prance pass Harpo studios in Chicago hoping to catch Oprah so I can beg…. I wish she would tell me she is giving me 1,000,000. I would go into oscar mode so fast,you would give me a standing ovation…. And if Susan don’t stop with the braids to tight, her hairline will start by the back of her neck soon.

  2. CrystalShine said

    That’s what’s up!

  3. Miss E said

    @ Yeah I Said It – I was about to say something too about her hairline…but you said it for me!

  4. Her head is a state aquarium!!! She needs some weave or extentions or something else because she is starting to look like Stevie!!

  5. ExecutiveMuscle said

    Dear Ms Winfrey,

    You don’t know me yet, but I’m hoping we can change that fact in the very near future. I hear ancient ass Steadman has been acting aloof lately and it’s probably time for you to replace him with a new and improved version.

    If you’re looking for a much younger man to inflict pelvic punishment until you feel it in one of your stomachs or you’re simply seeking someone to kiss and caress those droopy breast as we watch re-runs of the Gayle King Show, then I’m probably your guy. I won’t even get upset when I walk in on you and your BFF Gayle during one of your infamous taco tasting, I meant wine tasting parties (you see, I too can keep a secret for the right price). And yes, I’m willing to overlook the fact that you resemble Danny Glover’s twin brother when you’re not wearing your make up.

    I don’t mean to rush you into making a rash decision, however I need an answer soon because a brotha has a car payment coming up at the end of the month. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

    Love Always,
    Executive Muscle

  6. Yea I Said it said

    LMAO @ ExecutiveMuscle…. That is sooooo funny, you made my day!!!!

  7. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ EM you are out of control!!!!! Good job Oprah

  8. Helen said

    Oprah looks wonderful.

  9. 1coolazzchic said

    lmao@em. and omg i have been prayin for a new hairstyle for susan taylor for years. i mean wtf. she could at least get creative and get some designs or something lol. anything.

  10. Smurfette said

    EM, u is crazy as hell! Lmao!

  11. Yea I Said It said

    I have been to this post 10 times today showing EM’s comment to my classmates. This is the funniest shit today. I promise I don’t care what day of the week it is when I want to laugh my ass off, I will reread post #5… We laugh so hard today it made the stress of finals easy. I had tears in my eyes and my stomach hurt from laughing….. Really! thank you EM.

  12. ExecutiveMuscle said

    I appreciate the love everyone

    Im happy that I can make some of you smile 🙂

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