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D.C. Gala

Posted by Media Outrage on December 8, 2008


Beyonce was all gowned up as she attended the 31st Annual Kennedy Center Honors. Babyface showed up with his lady friend. Taye Diggs posed with singer Idina Menzel. Quincy Jones aka King of the young jawns was also in the building. Morgan Freeman was dapper, despite the fact that his wife’s lawyers are probably sitting at a round table right now, figuring out a way to play paper shreader with his stacks.


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16 Responses to “D.C. Gala”

  1. Atlanta said

    Beyonce needs a new stylist.

  2. Lacy said

    This is the only time I said something nice about beyonce-SHE LOOKS NICE

  3. That up do looks pretty on her…very elegant…

  4. Random said

    She does look the fits her…

  5. Miss E said

    I like the look on her!

    LMAO @ MO “Morgan Freeman was dapper, despite the fact that his wife’s lawyers are probably sitting at a round table right now, figuring out a way to play paper shreader with his stacks.”

  6. 1coolazzchic said


  7. ucanb2 said

    Bey looks very elegant…I like the look.

  8. Miss E said

    @ 1coolazzchic – that is a good question…are you sure that is a date! Because Q was snorting white woman harder than a crackhead snorting crack.

  9. Atlanta said

    @ Miss E. You know you my girl…are you feeling good today? Please take another look at that pic. Beyonce’s hair looks a hot ass mess and what’s with the country ass two piece gown? She looked sooooo much more elegant at the premiere of Cadillac Records. Compared to that this shit here looks like trash.

    LOL…maybe I aint feeling good today but, I just don’t see it.

  10. Yea I Said It said

    I love this look on her, I am happy she decided to wear her hair up, puts the dress in the spotlight… she does look elegant! But than again I always think she brings it music,and style.

  11. Look, I love lookin at this woman but even I have to say that this coverage is outrageous….There is not a day that goes by when this chick isnt on here and I love her but its time for Hiatus because this album she has now is the square root of ASS… She looks good though…

    Morgan Freeman got that look in his eye that he hungry for some white women tonight and there aint SHIT stoppin him….

  12. Miss E said

    @ Atlanta – I think I am in the holiday spirit! So I am not hating on anyone at all! Wait till Christmas is over and the new year rolls in..I’ll be back to cutting up on folks!

  13. CrystalShine said

    She has been looking very elegant lately, but ummmmm where is Jigga? He didn’t even escort her 2 her movie premier. Oh well I guess he had better things 2 do.

  14. Miss E said

    @ CrystalShine – I always wonder about that too…newly weds usually like to be all in each others face I guess they are different!

  15. horsetrapmouth said

    Quincy Jones daughter Martina Jones has a sorta fat horse mouth that keeps yappin and yappin.

  16. Lynette said

    Quincy Jones seems like a pervert dating 17 year old middle eastern girls. Yuck! But Bey is beautiful in that gown.

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