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Im not about to lose my crib yall

Posted by Media Outrage on December 9, 2008


A relative of Fantasia’s says that reports of her about to lose her crib are not true. Relative says its a misunderstanding and that Fantasia couldn’t make a court hearing to address the issue. Well we shall  see won’t we.

10 Responses to “Im not about to lose my crib yall”

  1. Miss E said

    Whatever…who cares!?

  2. cupcakestl said

    Now how her none working ass did not have to time to go to court???

  3. 1coolazzchic said

    Misunderstanding? If it made it to court, they were about to foreclose on that house.

  4. Yea I Said It said

    In order for a home to go into foreclosure, it is a prcess that requires more than one missed court appearance and more than one missed mortgage payment. Who she bull-shittin? The only misunderstanding is Fantasia not paying her mortgage. Why is it people with that much money don’t know how to manage it. I may not have that much money, however with what I do have, I did invest in flipping houses, and some stock options.. So when DT marry me with his and my money we will be the next powerful freak couple in the U.S of A.

  5. Damn straight Yea I Said It! Just as soon as ML gives me back my pool stock money and e-trade stops sucking money from me we can do that shit!

  6. Miss E said

    LMAO @ Yea I Said a trip girl!

  7. It’s too late to cover it now honey, we all know you broke, just admit it…

  8. ucanb2 said

    Mis-management strikes again…. SMDH

  9. Atlanta said

    Well, in Georgia you don’t have to go to court to get Forclosed on and I don’t know the procedure in North Carolina. Here, you get letters from whatever Attorney is representing your mortgage company. The letter is to notify you of the date they are gonna sell your house on the courthouse steps and you basically have until that morning to pay. They may be what she is going to do. She has until January 12th.

  10. lio said

    She’ll be broke in 2 years time..I promise you that

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