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T.I. on Shade 45 Pt.1

Posted by Media Outrage on December 9, 2008


T.I. addresses the Shawty Lo beef and other ish.

3 Responses to “T.I. on Shade 45 Pt.1”

  1. Atlanta said

    This was 7 minutes and 51 seconds worth of bullshit. MO why did you even waste your time posting this. TI is lame and the whole Atlanta knows it. Check out how that nigga is trying to be so cool and shit but when he gets on Ellen and Jimmy Kimble he trys to sound all intellectual and shit. Fake ass nigga.

  2. cynthia said

    i love him, but i hate his laugh. i stopped watching just so i didn’t have to hear it anymore

  3. Atlanta said

    @ Cynthia…cause that laugh is fake. That’s why you hate it…LOL

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