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My crib’s about to belong to someone else vol. 2

Posted by Media Outrage on December 11, 2008


Yo this recession is real. T-Boz from TLC, the highest selling female group of all time, probably wishes she could get her Madonna on right about now and channel up some of those long gone stacks, because she’s like the 100th public figure that’s about to lose their crib to foreclosure. Daddy “foreclosure” is really whipping some major ass right now. T-Boz’s $530,000 Georgia crib is scheduled to hit the auction block on Jan. 9th. The 38 year old singer has defaulted on the principle of her mortgage, and the 5 bedroom house is now being claimed by the state.

16 Responses to “My crib’s about to belong to someone else vol. 2”

  1. Miss E said

    Hey when I saw the pic I thought it was Toni Braxton…dam that is messed up!

    I wonder if Dame Dasher, NeNe, Wacko Michael, Holyfield and Fanta Burrito will submit a proposal to the government to bail them out of their ish!

  2. Media Outrage said


  3. DAMN, She went chasin those waterfalls instead of stacking that bread!

    She better get back on some type of stage and get money!! The concert stage, comedy stage, The Magic City stage,….DO SOMETHING!

  4. Yea I Said It said

    I always though when you in the game like TLC was at the time they paid cash for their homes. Same as with some of these other people losing their homes…. Michael Vicks has to sell his mothers home cause he can no longer afford the monthly payment on it.

    How do you make enough money to show out,but not have enough money to keep it? Who in the hell buys a home worth 2 to 5,000,000,000 and cannot pay for it right out!!!!…. this some bullllllll!

  5. Miss E said

    Yeah, I don’t get it either!

    I guess they are busy buying expensive clothing, furniture, and cars….they weren’t thinking of paying cash for their houses.

  6. Jack said

    damm she should have just paid cash for the house and just would have been left with paying the taxes…see what happens when u let some dumb ass people give u wrong advice. I bet the rich don’t walk around with a stupid ass mortage…NO THEY BUY THAT HOUSE RIGHT OUT!…Take notes!

  7. This is crazy? Seriously some people should just take a money managing class when they get money…especially if they are living in Atlanta,and(saying this only because these were the victims) if they are black.

  8. Atlanta said

    Damn, I feel sorry for her. I like T-Boz. I see her a lot in Lenox Mall. That is a beautiful pic of her. Hopefully she will come up with some money before its auctioned on the courthouse steps.

  9. beach chick said

    They need to get up and get back out there. They be killing me how they sit around and not do anything for years like that money was going to last forever. They always had money problems and I guess it is just because they do not know hoe to manage it! SMDH!

  10. 1coolazzchic said

    wow. i feel bad for her. did mack 10 take all her money or something. she just seemed way smarter than to let this happen. miss e i thought it was toni braxton too. that’s a beautiful picture of her. i hope she has that framed somewhere.

  11. cupcakestl said

    I only feel sorry for the ones that or hard working blue and white collar cuz shit happens

    but when you sing dance rap act you need to be a little bit smarter

    invest learn how to manage money and live between your means.

    Why would you go so far from where you come from without a back up plan??

  12. Atlanta said

    @ Beachchick…she actually has a couple of stores or had a couple of children clothing stores here in Atlanta. As far as anything else I don’t know but I’m sure she had other means of getting money.

    It’s easy for people to sit back and criticize other people until the shit happens to them. It’s really sad for anyone to loose thier home. Who knows if these people have anywhere else to go. There are smart people out here that knows how to mangae money but shit gets fucked up sometimes. I am a Foreclosure Real Estate Paralegal and I see this shit happen everyday.

    I saw this one lady who had a 30 year mortgage and her husband died. After 25 years of paying for her house she was Foreclosed on and had no where to go. That was fucked up.

  13. Everyone keeps saying why wasn’t cash paid for these houses. Simple answer. Nobody uses their own money to pay for anything no matter if they can or not…

    (even though we may think it’s stupid it’s all a big gamble)

    Even Don Trump doesn’t own what his name is on.. So for heads with less experience in real estate it is easier for real estate brokers to tell them to get a mortgage you can afford it..

    The house will appreciate and then you can sell it for 2 to 3 times more when your ready to be out…

    Also if you can get into ya dream house a low payments that you can afford even if your rich… and sell the same property later on sometimes you can get 5 to 6 times what you paid if you do the math right… AND THE BANKS WOULD LOVE YOU FOR ALL THAT INTEREST YOUR PAYING THEM!!!!

    Then nobody saw this real estate bubble blowin, or if they did they never told them…
    (in this case withholding info isn’t a crime)

    Just like when they asked for that 7 Bill nobody was talking about the auto industry or listening.. CNBC has been reporting on the autos industry since last year, I was watching but wasn’t listening..

    2 weeks before the 7 bill bailout loan to nowhere our government already gave the auto industry 25 mill..

    It’s all a joke and were gettin played and at the end of the day it will all be Baracks fault…

    I feel bad for Tboz.. I got a crib she can rent in Camden NJ… $875.00 a month..


  14. Miss E said

    LMAO @ BeatBanga77 You a trip!

  15. Atlanta said

    Preach BeatBanga

  16. Jazzy P said

    Looks like Toni or Janet in that pic

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