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Out and About

Posted by Media Outrage on December 11, 2008


Dave Chappelle was spotted getting some coffee while shopping at Fred Segal out in Hollywood. Dave has managed to stay under the radar despite having had one of the funniest shows to ever grace a TV screen. Yall got to admit the Chappelle show set the standard for comedy. What would you like to see Dave do next? Acting, stand-up, or bring back the Chappell show?


21 Responses to “Out and About”

  1. cupcakestl said

    This is who need Rehab

  2. ucanb2 said

    Not really a comedy fan..

  3. CrystalShine said

    How can u not like this comedian, Dave has me lmfao everytime I use 2 watch the Chappelle Show. I would like 2 see him bring out Half Baked part 2, or bring back tha Chappelle Show.

  4. CrystalShine said

    How can u not like this comedian, Dave has me lmfao everytime I use 2 watch the Chappelle Show. I would like 2 see him bring out Half Baked part 2, or bring back tha Chappelle Show. If u don’t know about the movie Half Baked, please take the time out 2 watch it. I promise u, u won’t be disappointed!

  5. Yea I Said it said

    I want him to bring back the Chappelle Show. My favorite was him being a blind klan,not knowing he was black.

    Also has anyone had the chance to check out Chocolate News, with David Allen Grier. Its on comedy central also and it’s funny as hell.

  6. Brenda said

    @ Yea I Said It. lol yes that was hilarious. He hated black folk and didnt know h e was black. Most of his skits were hilarious. Would love it if they brought the Chappelle show back but oh well.

  7. I want my Chappelle Show!!!!

  8. Chappelle was the shit but now we got Chocolate news…that show is hilarious…but Dave is a legend.

  9. I can’t stand chocolate news!!! Shows like that are the reason why I stopped watching BET. I know it’s not on BET but still…that show has the ability to become somewhat hypocritical in a few months/years…I hope I used the right word…hypocritical…it’s too early for me to be typing…

  10. Yea I Said It said

    @ Claudette4heisman.. Come on! tell me you did not find one thing funny about the show, Chocolate News? By the way I to stopped watching BET, a long time ago.

    But Chocolate News for me is pure entertainment>

  11. I mean there were some things that were funny, but I just didn’t care for the show. It’s no Chappelle Show. But I can’t stand BET’s hypocritical ass, not after that Hip Hop v. America thing….

  12. Cut Up said

    I don’t want to see Dave do shit. Go on with ya life dog. You said “F” it one time and I want you to stick with that decision. Don’t be like Mike. Anyone Jordan, Jackson, Tyson.

    I will just keep watching the first 2 seasons over and over if I get bored. Thanks Homey.

  13. Miss E said

    I still watch them on DVD and we still laugh at Ashy Larry, Prince, and all those other skits…Chocolate News is funny but it is not the same as Dave’s show!

  14. Lio said

    HBO should hire him.

  15. beach chick said

    I love Chapelle!

  16. 2020VIZN said

    I watch my Chappelle show DVD’s atleast once a week, if I go any longer that that I start to experience symptoms of withdrawl. I even have a prescription from the doctor that says I have to watch it. The last time I went without it I blacked out. When I woke up they said that I went to a strip mall, threw a manachin on top of this lil pimp named mike, whooped a dude named Moly and tore his Donut shop up, went and terrorized all the people in a check cashing store and they say I told some old church ladies to stop trying to sell p@$$y at the strip mall. And I dont remember none of that shit!

  17. 1coolazzchic said

    I’m Rick James bitch!!

  18. Yea I Said It said

    LMAO @ 2020… All that for Chappelle?

  19. Atlanta said

    @DT…yeah that Chocalate News had me crying. I liked the very first episode where he was the rapper named Fat man or something. I was laughing for two days off of that one.

    I would like to see the Chapelle Show come back.

  20. 2020VIZN said

    @ Yeah It said it: I guess Im a real Junkie……. LOL, Could You Imagine if I was addicted to crack. I would make DMX look like an alter boy!!!!

  21. Yea I Said it said

    @ 2020, I will be in Miami tomorrow. And on to Dallas where my crew will overnight. I think you are in Miami can you manage to loose your mind in the airport,so I can be interviewed by ABC news and tell them its the Chapelle sydrome.

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