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Is Jay-Z apart of a secret society??

Posted by Media Outrage on December 12, 2008



Jay attended the annual Rocawear Christmas Party in NYC last night. His best friend in the whole world, Tata was also spotted. In other hip-hop news that relates to Jay-Z and his possible involvement with a secret society click here. And for news on his wife click here.


21 Responses to “Is Jay-Z apart of a secret society??”

  1. Miss E said

    Tata look high as Sh*t in these pics…anyway nothing surprises me anymore if this stuff is true about Jigga’s connections!

  2. Jan said

    I haven’t stopped in here in a long time. Just wanted to say hi and share a link to something hilarious. Spoiled rich kid talking about life. lol.

  3. I believe so.. almost all that are in power are…If he is then its no big deal because he’d never show any rings or affiliation with it.

  4. This is a deep subject…. The all seeing Eye watches..

  5. Its funny you say that DT… He shows affiliation with it in the open every day.. In fact we all wear it or listen to it everytime we buy his shirts and listen to his music..

    It’s in the open for sure!!!

  6. CrystalShine said

    What’s up with the newlyweds not attending events together. Trouble in paradise or they just doin their own thing seperately.

  7. @ beatbanga77

    true he does but people who dont understand the society wouldnt guess it…If you study the lessons then yes, you can catch the stance and the hand gestures…. but an outsider wouldnt understand.

  8. Marathon_Man said

    yea he’s apart of that shit. That’s what the diamond is all about. so much stuff in his music points to his affiliation with the masons. thats why you never hear this dude say he believes in GOD.I just hope he hasn’t pulled BEy into this nonsense. I mean i respect his hustle but let’s be honest, how do you think this man climbed from being just a “rapper” to a mega pop star respected in the business world? He’s rubbing shoulders with the powerful and elite.

  9. Miss E said

    Crystalshine – I thought I was the only one that noticed the newly weds never seem to be together!

  10. ucanb2 said

    A lot of men are Masons… to each his own.
    I think that they are apart so much now, because she’s doing a lot of promoting her cd/movies. They have to keep moving to get back on that Forbes list for next year..

  11. beach chick said

    I’m an Eastern Star and the association is not a SECRET SOCIETY…it is a highly respectable organization. Most people are ignorant about the fraternity and form opinions based on hearsay!


  12. Miss E said

    @ Ucanb2 – Shh..I’d just kick back and have babies if I was married to Camel’s a$$…then again ain’t no way in hell I could be with Jigga!

    He is cool and all but I couldn’t never kiss that!

  13. Miss E said

    @ Beach Chick – My God Bro is a Mason..but he keeps on the low! I saw them perform one time at a funeral those are some bad mutha-f%c#ers!!!

  14. Cut Up said

    @ M.O. it is TyTy not tata lol. Yall wildin

  15. CrystalShine said

    Lol @ cut up trippin on M.o.

  16. ucanb2 said

    I have seen them also Miss E, they keep it on the down-low but they have each other’s back!!! But for real they do believe in God also!!!

  17. Miss E said

    You are soo right!

  18. Atlanta said

    Fuck Jay-Z.

  19. lilkunta said

    1st: who is Tata?

    2nd:@crystal shine
    bk is promoting her cd. they do do lots of stuff 2gether

    3rd: u r all gullible. He isnt a Mason.

  20. lio said

    Perhaps Jay-Z and Bey apart of a secret society…..I won;t be surprise.

  21. Yea I Said It said

    My father and uncles are Masons. None of this crap this guy is spittin is true. I am not a Mason however I called and asked questions although it is not something they would share with me, same as the Eastern Stars, they don’t share either but I was told this man has no knowledge of anything and not only that I was told there is no one that would disrespect their affiliation with the Masons by putting any signs, signal or otherwise out there to send codes or messages….. I notice I did’nt hear him say anything about the Shriners…….

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