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This is what happens when you elect SATAN

Posted by Media Outrage on December 13, 2008


George Bush is giving us ALL one last middle FINGER before he hops out the window of the White House. In a last sneaky effort to say F**K you, Bush is implementing some disgusting “midnight regulations” before he makes his exit with his crooked co-horts, with more money than you can even imagine. Yes, we’re talking hundreds of millions while the rest of the US working population struggles to make ends meet. Basically this guy is saying F_ck the constitution.

Via Rollingstone:

BIG COAL In early December, the administration finalized a rule that allows the industry to dump waste from mountaintop mining into neighboring streams and valleys, a practice opposed by the governors of both Tennessee and Kentucky. “This makes it legal to use the most harmful coal-mining technology available,” says Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council. A separate rule also relaxes air-pollution standards near national parks, allowing Big Coal to build plants next to some of America’s most spectacular vistas — even though nine of 10 EPA regional administrators dissented from the rule or criticized it in writing. “They’re willing to sacrifice the laws that protect our national parks in order to build as many new coal plants as possible,” says Mark Wenzler, director of clean-air programs for the National Parks Conservation Association. “This is the last gasp of Bush and Cheney’s disastrous policy, and they’ve proven there’s no line they won’t cross.”

BIG OIL In a rule that becomes effective just three days before Obama takes office, the administration has opened up nearly 2 million acres of mountainous lands in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming for the mining of oil shale — an energy-intensive process that also drains precious water resources. “The administration has admitted that it has no idea how much of Colorado’s water supply would be required to develop oil shale, no idea where the power would come from and no idea whether the technology is even viable,” says Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado. What’s more, Bush is slashing the royalties that Big Oil pays for oil-shale mining from 12.5 percent to five percent. “A pittance,” says Salazar.

Mediaoutrage– Wait it’s not over yet, to read the complete deal on what Bush and his sneaky, dirty ass is doing click here. People don’t believe that there’s an elite ruling class behind the curtain pulling the strings on everything. Ha! This entire economic crisis was manipulated and created for the benefit of their agenda. Trust and believe that this crap is not something that was not forseen or contrived. Just like 9/11. But this is what happens when you elect a man that says he believes in GOD and is Saved, but does nothing but contradict that with his dispicable actions. These people think of no one except themselves. Isn’t it funny how in a democracy, so many laws can be passed under the radar of the people that it is designed to serve? Laws that do not benefit the people, at that.

10 Responses to “This is what happens when you elect SATAN”

  1. Atlanta said

    Nothing this man does surprise me.

  2. Anon said

    I really wished I cared but sadly I’m all out of give a damns. I expect to get screwed by my government. There is really no point in being surprised anymore. It has been clear from day one that the only person that is looking after my well being is my damn self.

  3. du66s said

    george bush used the president seat for corporate favors drilling and mining on home land is always a environment concern, within the year it’ll be interesting to see where bush spends time and money at and on…

  4. Yea I Said It said

    I am so over it! The best thing that could happen is if someone drives a stake thru his heart.

    And douse his wife and daughters with gasoline throw a match and keep it moving

  5. ucanb2 said

    I am so sick of them!!! Just go already, and check his pockets before he leaves.

  6. CrystalShine said

    Worthless piece of sh*t.

  7. Smurfette said

    Its funny how most of the ones condemning this man, VOTED for him! I knew he wasn’t shit just from the way his DAD ran the country. Fucked up. Get the fuck on, BUSH!

  8. Miss E said

    I ain’t vote for his sorry a$$..cause I am a Democrat!

    But he has truly proven that his administration was the worst in our nation’s history…I hope his balls falls off and he dies on an island alone!

  9. Miss E said

    I ain’t vote for his sorry a$$..cause I am a Democrat!

    But he has truly proven that his administration was the worst in our nation’s history…I hope his balls falls off and he dies on an island alone!

  10. dodger said

    history will rember bush the same way it remembers adolf hitler! yeah that right i said it.
    in years to come the world will wonder how a great nation like America could possibly be taken in by a man if idiotic stature and evil thinking.
    he has proved to be the shame and embarassment to america.

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