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Returning For Season Two

Posted by Media Outrage on December 17, 2008


The Real Housewives of Atlanta are returning for season two on the Bravo network.

Via Eurweb:

In a no-brainer move for Bravo, the Atlanta-based incarnation of its “Real Housewives” franchise – and the first with a predominantly-black cast – has been renewed for a second season.


The reality show, which followed the lives of five (supposedly) wealthy women in Atlanta, averaged 1.3 million adults 18-49 in its first season, and nearly 1.5 million total viewers, according to Variety.


The Atlanta season received higher ratings than any of Bravo’s “Orange County” seasons or the lone “New York” run.       

The ATL reunion special, which featured fireworks between cast members Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leaks, also produced the biggest single-episode numbers of all three franchises, garnering 2.1 million adults 18-49 and 2.8 million total viewers.

Mediaoutrage– TV loves drama.

14 Responses to “Returning For Season Two”

  1. sweetthang said

    womp womp womp…

  2. ucanb2 said

    Never seen the show… I am almost Reality Show-ed” out…I would like to see something original!!!!

  3. 1coolazzchic said

    I can’t wait!!! Maybe we will see what really happened wit NeNe. Hopefully they will get Kim a better wig though.

  4. ClassyChick said

    I cant wait!

  5. sweetthang said

    wait yall, did yall see the reunion show when Kim started crying about her wig saying she had cancer, but then said it wasn’t cancer, and the host was like, SO IT’S NOT CANCER????? and she was like NO, I don’t get it, and she said it was three years ago, so your hair didn’t grow back in three years???? now if black chicks can get a decent weave on a $30k a year salary, why can’t this chick get a weave that don’t look glossy and light pink if she can write a check for an Escalade for $67k, things that make you go hhhmmmmmmm?

  6. Atlanta said

    @1 coolazzchic…For real…that wig was a hot ass mess.

    #Ucanb…Nene and her husband are still in that house. They came up with some kind of “Agreement” to stay there. The agreement did not involve paying the past due rent.

  7. Miss E said

    Which one is Kim..Oh gosh I missed season 1! I have to play catch up and check it out online!

  8. 1coolazzchic said

    lmao@sweetthang, shit the sisters will get their weave tightened with no income. I remember Mo’Nique talkin bout durin Hurricane Katrina, we still had our wig tight in the shelters. She has gots to do better. And her cryin and sayin she thought it was cancer but it wasnt but it couldve been but they dont know what it was. i was like huh? damn we tell way better lies than that. then she was tellin nene and lisa, dont laugh about my cancer. ummm what bitch?

  9. lio said

    WHY are they coming back with a 2nd season ?

  10. Yvonne said

    Ok, let’s be honest. Who was really surprised by this news. We all knew they would have a second season.

    If RHOA was Bravo’s highest rating show of all the RH’s franchises Bravo would be a fool not to renew it.

  11. Miss E said

    @ Lio – I think it’s because of the ratings..this version received more viewers than the other housewives shows on that same network.

  12. cupcakestl said

    Yeah i cant wait cuz that was the best entertainment i had in a while.

  13. Honestly…I wasn’t even into the show until the reunion show. I guess America just love Blacks who start drama….that’s why Maury is still on the air…hmmm topic for a blog entry.

    Anyway, NeNe is still going to be on the show? Are they changing the name of the show to The Real Broke Housewives Who Front Like They Not of Atlanta?

  14. sweet_tea said

    Why doens’t anyone ever bring up NeNe’s f-ed up dome? She & Kim were shopping at the same swap meet plus, wearing the same shade wig all the time doesn’t convince anyone that it’s your real hair color…

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