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Celebrity Read Aloud Tour

Posted by Media Outrage on December 19, 2008


Actors Ricky Harris, Lamman Rucker, and Kel Mitchell volunteered their time for the Stephanie Starks (pictured above) HOPE Foundation Celebrity Read Aloud Tour at the Woodcrest Elementary School in Los Angeles. That is commendable of all of them. It’s great to see celebrities getting involved in the lives of our young people that look up to them anyway.


More pictures when you




5 Responses to “Celebrity Read Aloud Tour”

  1. Miss E said

    I am glad they are promoting the importance of reading. Books is what I bought my neices and nephews for Christmas!

    I love Laaman Rucker (he use to play on As the World Turns, then he was in Why did I get married) he is sexy!

  2. Vanessa said

    Love Lamman Rucker. He is so good looking. That is great that they care about the children are reaching out.

  3. crystalshine said

    I love positive stories.

  4. ucanb2 said

    Love it, seeing the celeb’s doing something positive for the kids….

  5. Cut Up said

    That is outstanding. We gotta get these kids out from in front of the TV and the video games and CPU and fill there brain with knowledge.

    Jadakiss said, “You wanna hide something from a ni%%a, put it in a book”

    Read more, Learn more!

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