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Alicia In A Bikini

Posted by Media Outrage on December 22, 2008

Alicia Keys Relaxing By Pool In A Bikini (USA ONLY)

Alicia Keys was spotted at a beach in Perth Australia soaking up some rays in a nice bikini. Now that the body has been revealed she’s still hot but what do you think about her body? Not that it matters just a question. To see more of Alicia in a bikini

Alicia Keys Relaxing By Pool In A Bikini (USA ONLY)Alicia Keys Relaxing By Pool In A Bikini (USA ONLY)Alicia Keys Relaxing By Pool In A Bikini (USA ONLY)Alicia Keys Relaxing By Pool In A Bikini (USA ONLY)Alicia Keys Relaxing By Pool In A Bikini (USA ONLY)

17 Responses to “Alicia In A Bikini”

  1. Random said

    Alicia is Shapely but she lacks the actual Assets (Ass/Tits) she has neither..she’s all thighs..petite up top..thick thighs/legs..Her bod is ok..she’s fit but it’s not something to go crazy over..

  2. Hovy's Home said

    Random you need to get paid because you read my mind. She’s not all that with the clothes off MO. The body is aaaiiiiight. So now MO in those questions about Beyonce, Ashanti, and Alicia, Ms. Keys is completely X’ed out.

  3. Random said my opinion both Beyonce and Ashanti are on the same boat as Alicia…although Beyonce does look a bit ‘fuller’ up top..and she’s very shapely but some pics of her I’ve seen…her ass is pretty much pancake’ish…Ashanti USED to have a better bod when she was slim…now she’s just butch looking..too much “thickness” if you ask me..again with her..she’s all tits or ass…

  4. Miss E said

    She is okay!

  5. Hovy's Home said

    I feel you Random. Nah to me Beyonce is way more shapely than either of the other 2. Ashanti has a little bit up top lately. Beyonce period has the best body oout of them. Her stomach is just as flat as this desk I’m typing on. Alicia in the kini though, not so good. She’s all thighs.

  6. Marathon_Man said

    yea looking at these pics she definitely looks better in clothes. big let down. *holding my head down in shame* I didn’t even cuss in this post you know im in shock…

  7. JJ Evans said

    I was expecting to see a melted butter pool next to her. her bod is alright. no comparison to beyonce.

  8. maria said

    Wow i am so jealous of her lovely tanned skin!!! I think her body is amazing!!!! Beautiful

  9. BitterSweetBelizean said

    I think her bikini doesn’t do her body n e justice. However, its so strange that we think these celebrities have the perfect bodies. But when it comes down to it, they’re normal just like the rest of us. Smh.

  10. 2020VIZN said

    Thank you BitterSweetBelizean?!? So what if she does not have a mountain of this or that. I think it all about how you carry what you have. If you are confident with it, then its gonna be appealing. Shit look at how smooth and silky that skin is. I would much rather look at and rub on Alicia more Deelishis and she has a bunch of this and that. Tits amd ass dont always equal nice body or beauty.

  11. ucanb2 said

    After all they are just regular people like us…flaws and all. LOL

  12. DMaxx said

    I think she has a nice body! She’s being natural in the photos, and it says a lot when your body looks that good when not posing and playing to the camera. Alicia Keys video clips and headlines

  13. Cut Up said

    “F” that. I still love that girl. It isn’t just how she looks on the beach. She is a Overall Stunna fa sho.

  14. joneblaze said

    Need some backshots!!!!!!!!

  15. Atlanta said

    Preach Random!

  16. Atlanta said

    That’s what Ive been saying about Ashanti and Rihanna. All Thighs!!!

  17. jersey said

    RANDOM YOU ARE A BITCH.. get that hate out your blood.

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