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Question of the day???

Posted by Media Outrage on December 26, 2008


We hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and is still enjoying their Holiday. We want to know what everyone did! So what did you do? How did you spend your Holiday? Cut Up you only have a few more days homie, keep your head high.

44 Responses to “Question of the day???”

  1. Marathon_Man said

    Yesterday me and my lady friend went to my mom’s for Christmas dinner. A family day with cousins brothers my 3 sisters and my nephews and neices. i ate ate ate and ate. my holiday was good.

  2. Miss E said

    Happy Ho Ho day to everyone!

    I spent Christmas eve night with my maternal side of the family (those are the Jamaicans) we ate American food and got drunk from black cake (a strong rum flavored cake.)I didn’t make it back home until 4 am Christmas morning.

    Christmas morn – I spent with my man (half drunk from that rum!)

    Christmas afternoon – I had brunch with my father and evil step mother from hell!

    Christmas eve – I spent with my man’s family!

  3. CrystalShine said

    Me and my boyfriend went to each other family gatherings, and got our grub on. Had me some Chardonay(Wine), and we opened gifts. I enjoyed seeing my 8yr old opening up his gifts, and my mom’s b-day was yesterday, so I was glad 2 have her here 2 celebrate another b-day with her.

    Shout to Cut Up!

  4. Yasmine T. said

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

    I had my first Christmas family gathering at my place. It was fun but also a lot of work and stress because I wanted to make sure the house was spic and span clean. I did a lot of the cooking and my mom and aunt did some too. I watched as my nieces and little cousins completely stained up my white carpet. But it’s cool. We had a lot of fun. Played board games all night.

  5. Well, I watched my 2 year old daughter open up about 1000.00 worth of presents and will probably never remember this day in her life..but she had fun.

    My 9 year old son played his 2000.00 worth of presents all day and night. He got every fucking video gaming system there is and complains he needs more shit!!

    My 6 year old daughter cried because she didnt get Super Mario cart for her New Pink Nintendo DS. Of course she didnt tell me that bullshit even existed until Christmas Morning around 11 am. I spent over 1000.00 on her ungrateful ass!

    I watched My Fiance Get about 1500.00 in dresses and Gift Cards and of!!

    What did I get?….A fucking heart attack when I seen My Capital One Visa Statement and a Middle Finger Sign when I checked My Bank Of America online Statement

    …..yeah, now that shit is real PRICELESS!!!

  6. Miss E said

    LMAO @ DT!

  7. Yea I Said It said

    I had xmas breakfast with my boyfriend and his family, We had xmas dinner with my family. We had xmas sex with each other……. Beautiful way to end the day!

  8. Miss E said

    LMAO @ Yea I Said It!!!

  9. Cut Up said

    “You already know M.O.” Thanks for the love for real. Wish I was there, but at least I am somewhere, so I am indeed grateful for another day. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and continue into 2009. “Time flies”

    Somebody get a few shots of Henny ready for me. ONE

  10. Cut Up said

    @ CrystalShine, What up ma.

  11. Paul said

    Christmas was great. I surprised my girlfriend of 6 years with an engagement ring. She said yes lol thank god! Because I would have hated to leave and return back to her parents house wearing a black trench coat. Dinner was good her mom can really cook. Her family was overjoyed that we got engaged infront of them. My Christmas was great!

  12. JUICEE said

    i spoiled my moms, made sure she was surrounded with presents and love, and watched her tear open her gifts, with a smile in my heart!!!!! she is my pride and joy, my soul.

  13. JUICEE said

    although its not about how much you spend on gifts, its not about the material things on xmas, its love, family, the most important things in life, that really means something, how much you spend on xmas doesnt define love at all, all that defines is DEBT,

    however, i read something that got my attention, we celebrate xmas each year, although we took it to another level, xmas now a days is so materialistic, but no where in the bible does it say jesus birthday is dec 25th, however, a warrior who was greatly admired and worshiped before christ was born, well his birthday was actually on dec 25th, and was celebrated each year before christ was even born, so when that warrior passed away, they decided to continue to celebrate that day, and place it in jesus name, so that all will think also dec 25th is jesus birthday, to continue celebrating this day, do anyone really know what they are celebrating,??? no its not jesus actual birthday, we need to read up on history and get the facts before following some holiday the white man put out, just like valentine day, Thanksgiving ? what the pilgrims and indians and whoever sat down and ate a dinner together, so that is now thanksgiving, so each year we cook the same shit, on xmas, thanksgiving, and just about every other sunday, collard greens, and baked macaroni, and whatever else you chose to have, sickening!! and halloween, <<< is celebrating what? dead people day? amongst all others so called holidays, they put out , mothers day, and fathers day, IS EVERYDAY OF THE DAMN YEAR!!! but we fall victim to that white man policy every time, im not puttin anyone down, nor am I lecturing, because i have also fallen into that crap, trust me!!

    now here is the question i want to ask, WHEN IS JESUS ACTUAL BIRTHDAY?

  14. Lai'Lani said

    Spent it with my boyfriend. We went to his family’s house and chilled out. IT was fun.

  15. JUICEE said

    when is jesus actual birthday?
    and who is the warrior who died , who’s birthday was actually on DECEMBER 25th?

  16. Miss E said

    @ JUICEE – This is some interesting info. This is the first time I have ever heard about a warrior whose birthday is on December 25th!

    As far as Jesus’s birthday is concerned I don’t even think the biblical scholars can answer that question…unless they trace Roman and Jewish history closely. Since Israel (the country of Jesus’s birth)was under the governmental and political control of Rome, when did Rome take over Israel and the governor’s that were in charge of Israel at that time! Maybe we can trace the historical info with the information presented within the books of the bible that explain the birth of Jesus.

    I am not an expert of biblical history nor Rome’ I would have to conduct a thorough research of this topic.

  17. Truly23 said

    Hubby had to work the night before, so we just chilled home
    with the kiddies. They pretty much enjoyed tearing paper up
    and leave ish all over the place leaving me to clean it up.

  18. Truly23 said

    Oh to answer your question Juicee, I had a professor
    once doing that study of Christ’s original birth. He’s
    a minister of course, so it must’ve been an assignment
    for him. He stated that Jesus was actually born in Oct.,
    but along the way the Romans added 2 more months giving
    us Nov. and Dec. so they went with Dec. 25th to celebrate
    the birth of our Saviour. For what reasons unknown did
    they decide to do that, who knows–I guess as a way to
    keep Christ’s birth in the last month since Oct. was originally
    the last month of the calendar yr.

  19. Yea I Said It said

    @ JUICEE… Believe it or not two days ago my boyfriend and I had the exact conversation. When is Jesuss bday? Where in the bible does it state the date he was born?

    My pastor said 10yrs ago to our church family, there is no reason to celebrate halloween, its in honor of satan. Also he question why we consider the less fortunate only during the holiday. Add in he wanted us to answer how did we as people turn easter into egg hunting and candy buying with dress up for church… In other words why have we made all of these holidays but none of it for God, or Jesus?

    JUICEE, the only disagreement I have with your statement is::::”get the facts before following some holiday the white man put out”

    I believe we as people choose to celebrate what we want, cause it’s what we want. and not someones else saying this is what is to be a holiday.

    You do not have to celebrate Christmas, New Years,Thanksgiving,Easter,the Fourth, Memorial Day, nor Labor day. You do not have to acknowledge them the same way, make it a God day, as everday should be. It’s his day everyday…. JUICEE.. I too want to know who is the warrior?

  20. Miss E said

    @ Truly 23 – So you are saying the original Roman calendar only consisted of 10 months instead of 12 as I was originally taught? So technically Jesus’s birthday is in October..therefore we should be celebrating in October instead…

  21. lio said

    I spent the holiday Alone :(, my parents went to Mexico, my girlfriend went to see her parents, and I had to work today, since the Stock market is yeah….a lonely Xmas, wasn’tthat bad, gave me time to think a little

  22. 1coolazzchic said

    i spent the day at home wit my kids who opened up what seemed like a million presents. they got so much shit they havent evened opened them all up. they are in the closet and i hope they forget about em so i can get a walmart gift card….jk, but i did do that once. anyway, we ate, and jumped on their new trampoline, damn near broke my ass but the kids laughed they ass off.

  23. The bible dosent technically say the date but time as we know it started one week after the circumcision…

    Luke 2:21 — 21On the eighth day when it was time to circumcise Him, He was named Jesus, the name the angel had given Him before He had been conceived.

    But the Ango-Saxton basically raped time itself and conformed it to whatever it wanted to be. Before the Romans a week was 8 days. So I guess it was January, but Who knows because the Gregorian Calender is all fucked up!

  24. 1coolazzchic said

    dt i feel u on the ungrateful shit. my boys got a big ass wrestling ring that was like 100 dollars…these lil bastards were like we wanted the smackdown ring not he raw ring….hmmm so now i put it up so they dont have a ring at all. bet they’ll think twice before they open they mouth to complain

  25. 1coolazzchic said


  26. JUICEE said

    Yes i said it… my apologies for saying that comment i made, im not a disrespectful person at all, and yes it was uncalled for, saying that about the white man, for all I know blacks could of made up some of those holidays also, I actually had no idea his birthday was not on xmas, and a part of me got a lil upset that we are singing these songs, saying christ our saviour is born, and all this, and actually dont know, i also want to know? and trust me i will find out, and reveal it, when i learned of that, i didnt pay close attention to the name, i will ask my fiancee he will know.

    and TRuly 23, that is interesting, he was actually born on oct, see this is what i like, bring the knowledge, lets dig in and learn from each other, good topic!!!!!! keep it coming, lets do some research and get back with each other, I LOVE YOU ALL MY BLACK PEOPLE,

  27. lio said

    Xmas,Kwanzaa, All those celebrate one thing, the Solstice. The Solstice is the shortest day of the year.So the people before Christ ( 1000’s of years beore he was born) celebrate thisday because the knew that the days after the soltice will be longer. The Mayan, ancient egyptians celebrate that day, which fall between dec 19 and dec 21. This year it was on the 21st. The catholic church took those old tradtion mixed it up with some stor and voila…Xmas is born…

    Xmas is so commercial makes me sick to my stomach, that why for the pst 10 years now I stop accepting gifts from family and friends…

  28. lio said

    **sorry for the spelling mistakes

  29. Atlanta said

    I caught a cold from a nasty bish at work and I felt really bad. But, other than that I watched my daughter open up all her gifts.

  30. Yvonne said

    Me and my honey spent a nice quiet Xmas day with his stepmother. I bought a honeybaked ham and yams and his stepmom brought over a pasta salad, wine and pumpkin pie.

    My honey had to work the next day so we called it a night about 10:30 PM.

    It was a very, very nice day all around. We had good conversation and his stepmom is really nice.

  31. ucanb2 said

    I spent Christmas Eve with husband’s family @ Midnight Mass, then went to his Grandma’s house they have ” Meat Pies/Crown Royal” went to bed around 3:30.
    Christmas day went to my inlaws house, by my Big Momma’s, my Dad’s and ended my day at my sister’s with my family. We had a great time… no extra guests just family.
    We are truly blessed!!!

  32. Helen said

    My husband and I watched the kids open up their gifts with excitement. How about my kids were up at 6 am lol. He and I didn’t get out of bed until 7am. We put a lot of gifts under the tree but always keep a stash of them in our bedroom so they won’t open everything without us seeing.

    No one came over thank GOD! I’mm sorry but I dont like my husband’s family too much. (No Class) too many of his brothers get drunk and start cussing and I don’t allow my children to use profanity. His mother is very warm. So my Christmas was good for the kids.

  33. Yea I Said It said

    @ JUICEE, I dig you….now that’s whats up, much love back!

  34. Truly23 said

    Yes Miss E. he mentioned that yrs back, but I can’t say
    if he’s right or wrong–as Juicee stated it’s an interesting
    topic and one worth looking into.

  35. Mine was boring for the most part. Opened presents, dressed up the dog,went to my dad’s house,ate, watched a Mythbusters marathon….went to sleep….

  36. Cyndy said

    Hey Paul congrats! Way to do it right on Christmas.

    Mine was good but nothing special happened but still good.

  37. JUICEE said

    In Rome December 25 was made popular by Pope Liberius in 354 and became the rule in the West in 435 when the first “Christ mass” was officiated by Pope Sixtus III. This coincided with the date of a celebration by the Romans to their primary god, the Sun, and to Mithras, a popular Persian sun god supposedly born on the same day. The Roman Catholic writer Mario Righetti candidly admits that, “to facilitate the acceptance of the faith by the pagan masses, the Church of Rome found it convenient to institute the 25th of December as the feast of the birth of Christ to divert them from the pagan feast, celebrated on the same day in honor of the ‘Invincible Sun’ Mithras, the conqueror of darkness” (Manual of Liturgical History, 1955, Vol. 2, p. 67).

  38. JUICEE said

    i guess that person that was born on dec 25th, the conqueror was Mithras, the conqueror of darkness, its so much to learn,

  39. Miss E said

    Thanks JUICEE! I was curious about whose birthday was on Decemeber 25th. I will definetly check out my history books about this warrior.

  40. Truly23 said

    It was 10 months in a yr, but the months were March thru December..
    Here it is…The Romans borrowed parts of their earliest known calendar from the Greeks. The calendar consisted of 10 months in a year of 304 days. The Romans seem to have ignored the remaining 61 days, which fell in the middle of winter. The 10 months were named Martius, Aprilis, Maius, Junius, Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November, and December. The last six names were taken from the words for five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. Romulus, the legendary first ruler of Rome, is supposed to have introduced this calendar in the 700s B.C.E.

  41. Yea I said It said

    Thanks to both JUICEE and Truly23…… guess i won’t celebrate xmas the same next year… will continue the research you both shared. Good look!

  42. Yvonne said

    To all on here who posted regarding December 25th being the true birthday of Jesus. Thanks.

    I have heard more and more about this not being Jesus’s birthday but never really looked into it.

    I have read there is no way the shepard’s could have been out in the hills watching their sheep when it would be too cold at that time of the year for sheep to be out, which led some to believe Jesus was born in more milder weather.

    Also, I have read that December 25th is really the celebration of Solstice(I think that’s way you spell it) which is the beginning of Winter and for some reason they celebrated it.

    I am really going to look into this. My curiosity is really up now.

  43. JUICEE said

    truly 23, thanks for that post, i never knew that, see we learn things every day, you never stop learning in life, and you can learn from each other, if we can stop bashing each other long enough, LOL (kiddinnnnn) but that is good stuff, i love to learn and teach those who dont know, what knowledge I do have, hey if someone doesnt know, i am all for teaching them, if I dont know it, I will look it up and enlighten them. especially my people!!! regardless of what they do, how they are, where they come from, gotta love my black people first!

  44. Truly23 said

    Here’s some more facts about Christmas–
    The Puritans of New England followed a strict interpretation of the Bible, and since the Good Book doesn’t mention the exact date of Christ’s birth, they believed it was inappropriate to observe it on December 25. They also frowned on the drinking, feasting and other carousing associated with the holiday. In 1659 a law was passed making it a criminal offense, punishable by a five-shilling fine, to publicly observe Christmas in Massachusetts. The law was revoked in 1681, but it wasn’t until the mid-1800s that Christmas celebrations came back into favor.

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