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Chillin’ At The Game

Posted by Media Outrage on December 28, 2008


Prince and some pretty thang were spotted conversing it up front row during the Lakers Vs Celtics game on Christmas. Prince’s diamond earring is off the chain. Ice Cube, Denzel, Pauletta, Snoop, Shante, Sam Jackson and Michael Clarke Duncan were all spotted at the game. Oh by the way as you know the Lakers did their thing and beat Boston. We definitely see a rematch of last year’s finals coming up. All you B-Ball fans what do you think? Can the Lakers come out of the West again and make it to the finals? Can Boston beat Cleveland and come out of the East or will LeBron dethrone Boston and create one of the highest rated finals’ in NBA history putting him against Kobe?


More game pics when you


9 Responses to “Chillin’ At The Game”

  1. Cleveland is a good team and Lebron is probably the best basketball player on the court right now but against the 3 party called Boston, not a chance. They can take it to 7 games, but that defense and 3 point assassins that the 3 party possesses will destroy them.

    The LA games was cute but we all know when it comes back to the beantown destruction will reign on the Lakers. Boston still has the best record in all of basketball and may be sending 4 players to the All-Star game……


  2. ucanb2 said

    My money is on Boston!!! Can’t stand Kobe’s Lakers!!!

  3. Atlanta said

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Prince does not have on heels!

    As far as who will win the championship. Time will tell. We have not gotten to the All-Star break yet. The Celtics are off tha chain though.

  4. Hovy's Home said

    I think Lebron and them have a chance at dethroning Boston. Now that LA has Bynum back they might be able to give it to Boston.

  5. Truly23 said

    @Atlanta his dogs were barking too hard for the heels…
    Yes, only time can tell who will be where…

  6. 2thick4u said

    Um…he look like he is wearing heels to me!!!

    Check out the second picture. It is darker than the first. It looks as if he has a clear wedge heel on the back of his Nikes!!!

    Am I tripping or does he have on a customized pair of Nikes.

  7. Miss E said

    I don’t like I love the bg 3 in Boston and Lebron is hot right now..we will have to wait and see!

    Lebron is only one man but I think he has a chance against Boston!

    @ 2 thick 4 u – Prince can not leave the house without having on a pair of heels..his a$$ is short as hell! I’d like to know where is his wife, cause I know that chic is not her unless he has already moved on and why in the hell does he have on shades (he wears tons of makeup to hide his bags!)LOL, maybe he is a vampire or something!

  8. Lacy said

    Ok lil cube in the Soulja Boy hoodie .LMAO

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