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Ciara Remixes Beyonce’s Diva

Posted by Media Outrage on December 29, 2008


CiCi decided to add her vocals to Beyonce’s Diva track. Are you feeling it compared to this one?

15 Responses to “Ciara Remixes Beyonce’s Diva”

  1. Miss E said

    Why did she do this…I didn’t really care for Bey’s version much less this one?!

  2. Yea I said It said

    Ditto that Miss E!

  3. cupcakestl said

    I like it i think it was pretty hot.

  4. Lacy said

    I actually like this version better then Beyonce . Ciara’s voice is much better ..

  5. beach chick said

    Ciara’s point is ?????

  6. keke said

    the beyonce was ok …. and ciara made it even worse

  7. 1coolazzchic said

    wtf is ciara thinking? she cant get her own shit? i love “diva” its my ringtone. but is shit that bad, wit her album never coming out? she gotta do better

  8. Miss E said

    Times must be hard…can’t she write her own stuff!

    Hey Ciara I got plenty of songs you can cop give my a$$ a call! I got songs about dirty a$$ socks to messed up weave jobs! LOL..that is original!

  9. Atlanta said

    Whatever. She is just paying her back for stealing her If I were a boy. Oh, Miss E. I saw Cadillac Records and all this talk about Beyonce winning an oscar. I THINK NOT. THE CHICK CAN’T ACT. She can sing her ass off though.

  10. Yasmine T. said

    Didn’t see cadillac Records yet but thank you Atlanta! She cannot act!

  11. Atlanta said

    Well, the songs (If I were and boy and Like a boy) were simular to me and if I were an artist I would have taken a different approach…HELLO!

  12. Beach Chick said

    Okay…maybe it's just me but Beyonce's if i were a boy and ciara's like a boy are nothing alike. The songs both send a similar message but what is the big deal! Beyonce's song is slow tempo and Ciara's song is upbeat. I just don't get it…The titles are not even the same…HELLO! If I were a boy…Like A Boy! I am a fan of both women and I see no similarities except the fact that the titles both have the word BOY in them!

  13. ClassyChick said

    @ Beach Chick…I agree with you. I dont think the songs sound the same either. Their titles are similar but that is about it!

  14. Miss E said

    @ Atlanta – We went to see it too and I fell asleep I woke up when it was over! My man told me it was ok.

    @ beach chick – I agree Bey’s and Ciara’s songs were different tempos but the concept was the same.

  15. ucanb2 said

    The movie was pretty good but it wasn’t featuring Bey, it was about the record label..
    The song that is weak, a similar title yeah… my song just out barely a month old…. Times are hard out there.

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