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Tyrese Turns 30

Posted by Media Outrage on January 5, 2009


Tyrese celebrated his 30th birthday at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood on Saturday night. In the above picture he is posed with Bishop Kenneth Ulmer and Kenny Lattimore. Tiffany Pollard (New York), Heavy D, Akon, Tank, Vida Guerra, Derek and Candace Fisher, Anita Baker, and John Singleton all came out to help Tyrese celebrate his special day. His mother Pricsilla and sister Shonta were also in the building.


More birthday pictures when you




13 Responses to “Tyrese Turns 30”

  1. ucanb2 said

    Of all the people in the ‘whole wide world’ why was Tiffany Pollard there??? Ugh!!! SMH

  2. Miss E said

    I thought Ty was older than 30!

  3. Yeah, shit looks real Z list….

    note to Heavy D: Big men cant wear the Kojack, neo-soul fag hat so please take that silly shit off!

  4. Gina said

    why is that drag queen there?? ewww

  5. CrystalShine said

    Tyrese looks dam good. Why is new york there with all that clown make-up, and that do it yourself synthetic weave style. She is always takin pics blown kisses, like she cute. So this is how she looks after having 2 shows lookin 4 love. Them guys dunn ran through that man lookin broad.

  6. 2thick4u said

    Tyrese looks very cute!!

    His cake is so pretty (I think that’s a cake).

    Loving Vida shoes, Anita looks drunk, Tiffany looks like she doesn’t belong.

    I hope he enjoyed himself!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  7. cupcakestl said

    Tyrese is always looking nice with that big smile.

    Did not see the wife??

  8. 1coolazzchic said

    i love tyrese’s “always coca cola” dipped in chocolate sexy ass. but damn he couldnt get some real names to come to his shin dig? is this like the starter party? is he having another one later?
    and dt look at how hev’s hat is leanin right alone wit his eye…(goin straight to hell) and who the hell wears the damn two tone weave? did she get that from the chinese sto? (ghetto accent) i saw her up on first sunday, did she not get her check? she dead wrong for that. and anita always looks drunk.

  9. Marathon_Man said

    LOL @ 1coolazzchic yea boo get them gasoline draws ready lol.

  10. Lol @ 1coolazzchic…but i got to say Tyrese outfit is looking kinda hot, the party is wack, and Anita needs to cover up those old Yoda lookin titties, but his suit is on point!

  11. Bob Sagget said

    The suit is definitely on point.

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