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The Ladies of The View

Posted by Media Outrage on January 9, 2009


The wonderful ladies of The View were at the Times Center in NYC yesterday. How many of you tune in everyday to hear these women argue? Fellas, if you were tied up to a chair with a gun to your head and you had to make the choice to knock down one of these beauties, which one would you choose???


12 Responses to “The Ladies of The View”

  1. Marathon_Man said

    Give me Elisabeth, then Sherri, then Whoopi, then you can just pull the trigger if you think i’m hitting old ass bedrock bah-bwa and the other chick. ILL!

  2. I wouldn’t waste a bullet on Barbara (she has one foot in the grave as is). I’m not violent and wouldn’t actually want to hurt anyone. However, I’d take out EH and then JB.

  3. Random said

    If you’d hit Whoopi then you might as well change your sexual preference because that’s a MAN my friend!

  4. g555 said


    only elisabeth notta after her

  5. 1coolazzchic said

    lol@random. i use to think that too. but trust, whoopi is a big ole hoe. lol i watch the hot topics but i dont really watch the celeb interviews. if someone tied ur ass up, dont knock elisabeth, that bitch is so annoying she would make the gunman shoot himself.

  6. Miss E said

    LMAO @ MO, MM and Urban

    No I don’t watch that wack a$$ show because I work when that mess is on tv!

    But why are these broods on here…REALLY WHY?!

  7. Random said

    @1coolazzchic..EW!! Who in their right mind would hit THAT..Just looking at Him gives me the creeps!!

  8. ucanb2 said

    Who cares…if you guys hit-it you are crazy!
    Any of these funny looking Hoes!!

  9. Udamnright said

    Udamnright to Gunman: Give me Elisabeth let me stroke and piss in her face and then just pop 56 shots in me cause i aint touching the rest of them heffas

  10. I don’t watch tha show cause Im at work, but dam M.O. Yall didn’t tha fellas much 2 choose from.

  11. Cut Up said

    Go head and kill me!!

    None of these chicks can get “Cut Up” They might just get Cut!!

  12. joneblaze said

    Sherri at least she has big breasts i would have to stick a sock in her mouth though

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