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Tichina Arnold & Kimberly Elise

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2009


Tichina Arnold & Kimberly Elise attended the “Stuff You Must…” event at the Sofitel hotel in Los Angeles on Friday night. Even though we haven’t really had a chance to see Tichina on the big screen we still feel her acting ability. Kimberly Elise is someone we deem an excellent actress. Her skills have been proven time and time again.


More pictures of these two beautiful ladies when you



6 Responses to “Tichina Arnold & Kimberly Elise”

  1. Smurfette said

    I love these two. Always classy

  2. Gina said

    I will always remember tichina as pam with the beedy beeds. Lol
    And I will always remember kimberly in set it off always scared

    But both women are very pretty. I wish tichina would act in movies.

  3. Brenda said

    Wow I forgot Kimberly Elise played in Set It Off. Yes, Tichina will always be Pam in my eyes. I feel the test for a person’s acting ability is when they jump in movies. Both ladies look beautiful.

  4. 2thick4u said

    Kimberly acting skills a very underrated 😦 .

    Tichina may never overcome her Martin shadow.

    They both are beautiful!!

  5. Miss E said

    Kim also was in that weird Oprah flick: Beloved!

    @ 2thick4u – I agree she is soooo underrated..but I think she has played in two films with Denzel.

  6. ucanb2 said

    I love Kimberly Elise.. would love to see Tichina on the big-screen.

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