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Fantasia saves her home

Posted by Media Outrage on January 12, 2009


A source tells us that Fantasia avoided having her crib sold at an auction by working out a last minute deal with Broward Energy Partners. Fantasia borrowed more than $68,000 from Broward Energy Partners to pay her the taxes on her house back a few years ago. She failed to keep up with the agreement to pay the company back so her house was put up for foreclosure to pay Broward Energy Partners back. Well Fantasia gets to hold on to her crib. That’s good news.

9 Responses to “Fantasia saves her home”

  1. Random said

    Who gives a flying hoot…she’s in serious need of a bath/shower..or Both!

  2. You would think coming from nothing she would do it different than those that have been in the game longer than she has. Glad you saved your house but do you really need two houses?

  3. ucanb2 said

    Hopefully she will do better on her finances!!!! If I ever get some money “I ain’t never gonna be broke again”!! SMDH

  4. Miss E said

    No indeedy she don’t need no two houses unless you are living like Jigga or Oprah! But this heifer has only had two hits right…IDK!?

  5. Smurfette said

    Good for u, Tasia! Now, try to hang on to it this time! Cuz they may take alotta things from me, but where I lay my head aint one of em!!

  6. 2020VIZN said

    Smurfette, I agree. Im glad she has bought some time to get this situation straightened out. Im happy for most people who gets out of a tight squeeze as lond as that bastard has not wronged me. Maybe she learned a lesson or two, Lets hope so!!

  7. Atlanta said

    I am happy that she saved her home……Hoooooooooooold up….I just looked to the left of my screen and I see an ad for Gay Ebony Dating…..WTF???? What has this world come to??? I hope that thier are not any curios young boys that visit this website.

  8. Ariel said

    Yall need ta leave Tasia alon cause yall make me sick cause yall haters need ta go pick on sombody yall own size cause yall know dat she is always gonna be bigger then you so now what cha got ta say bout dat

  9. Truly23 said

    Isaiah should’ve had Fantasia’s advisor…@ Ariel, not trying to
    down you or start an internet brawl, buttttttt I hope you’re not
    as ignorant as you sound speaking out here…We need less drama
    than what you’re trying to spew here and I know I just played right
    into what you wanted to start, but whatever you come back with-I
    will not respond back to it. I repeat THIS WILL BE THE ONLY THING I
    FORTH WITH YOU ON THE BOARD!!! But, what you’re saying really doesn’t
    make too much sense from what I seen posted no one is picking on Fantasia
    but stating what is obvious- why the hell do you need two homes for one body??? Especially, if you’re having trouble making payments on one home– how about putting one on the market and saving what profit you make for a rainy day. But as stated by Ucanb and Smurfette, if I gain a lil change I’ll be dayum if I’m ever broke again or I’ll be dayum if the repo man going to take where I lay my head…

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