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The Beginning of the End…

Posted by Media Outrage on January 14, 2009


This is obviously the fight between Antonio Tarver and Roy Jones Jr. in which he cut out Roy’s lights. We want to know from the boxing fans, where do you believe Roy went wrong at? Not particularly in this fight but the latter part of his career. Before this fight Roy’s record was 49-1. He then went on to get knocked out 2 times in a row, one by Tarver and the other by a bum named Glenn Johnson. Where do you think Roy should rank in boxing history?

6 Responses to “The Beginning of the End…”

  1. Cut Up said

    You can be the best or at least considered by the masses to be the best at whatever your craft may be. However, somewhere along the line someone who is better is going to come along and steal your shine or you just will lose your luster that you once possessed. In which case, I think it is very necessary that one evaluates themself and paint an accurate picture of their performance compared that in the early stages or as we say (prime) Roy, ladies and gentlemen did not do this. He allowed his ego to grow the size of elephant nuts which led him to the Roy we see today. I admire Lennox and Floyd for sitting down while they were in their prime, they went out on a good note. Roy should take notes.

    “Relax and take notes” LOL.

  2. Hovy's Home said

    Cut Up kind of summed it up. My take on it is that Roy was a tremendously gifted athlete who cut a lot of corners by refusing to develop the “basics” like a “jab.” He was able to throw tripple left hooks like no one before him and he used that as his jab so to say. When i look back at past Roy footage he did so many things wrong like hold his chin up in the air and fight with hands down by his waste. He was so talented and quick that he got away with it early on in his career.

    I also think part of Roy’s demise was the fact that he really didn’t fight top notch competition. He beat Bernard Hopkins and early in his career and then really refused to fight him once he was on top even though that’s what the fans wanted to see. He fought janitors, teachers, garbage men, and police officers to maintain his belts and top status and emaculate winning record. His ego was out of control and those who read the bible know it says “pride goeth before a fall.” In the end though, I believe Roy lacked the most important thing of all, which is HEART.

    How will he rank in the record books? He’ll still be remembered as a great fighter but one that couldn’t take a punch and was afraid to get hit and ducked the competition his entire career.

  3. JJ Evans said

    Both these brothers answered the question in its entirety.

    Roy was gifted but met his match in Antonio Tarver and then got his bell rung again by Glenn Johnson. I think his heart was gone after he got floored by Tarver. You shouldn’t get in the ring if you’re not going to fight for dear life. He needed to retire like 4 years ago and now is just tarnishing his legacy.

  4. rvictoty said

    Glenn Johnson is NO BUM!

  5. lio said

    People need to know when to retire..Roy Jones is great he could of retire at the top of his game but nooooo, nigga need to make a come back..the same goes to Micheal Jordan, and Jay-Z….

  6. ucanb2 said

    Sometimes when you come-back, it ain’t a good thang!!!! LOL

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