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Archive for January 18th, 2009

Mariah & her man slave

Posted by Media Outrage on January 18, 2009


Mariah and Nick attended AXE Fix Nightclub in Utah on Saturday looking pretty spiffy. Are you feeling Nick’s get-up??


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Take You Down

Posted by Media Outrage on January 18, 2009


Chris Brown performed in Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall on Friday. Chris really enjoys grabbing his package while performing. Then again most rappers seem to have a habbit of grabbing their love tools while performing. Is Chris Breezy here to stay or will he fade in a few years?


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Tear your eyes away from her cleavage

Posted by Media Outrage on January 18, 2009


Sherri Shepherd from The View threw on the tightest blouse she could find in her closet and attended the 10th Annual BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Luncheon at Rocketown in Nashville. Look at Sherri getting her gospel on although we do know that she is saved. Their were plenty of Gospel greats in the building. CeCe Winans who really needs to land in our prettiest smile of the day category performed as did her brother BeBe Winans, Israel Houghton, Donald Lawrence, Kirk Franklin and Kim Burrell who could sing your socks off any day. Pastor Marvin Sapp who broke records with his intensely popular song “Never Would Have Made It” was among the honorees.


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To Our Readers

Posted by Media Outrage on January 18, 2009


We here at wanted to take the time to address something to you our readers. First off we thank everyone who rides with us every single day. It is and will always be very much appreciated. Now too get into our reason for writing. As we have stated many times before we read ALL of the COMMENTS left on M.O.. We have to in order to get a feel and understanding of our readers. We also read the comments because we thoroughly enjoy the feedback. So we encourage MORE and MORE  readers to let your voice be heard.

Now as always when their are different personalities and opinions in one room their are going to be disagreements. Disagreeing is fine but everyone try and disagree peacefully and in a respectable manner. Always remember just because someone doesn’t share your point of view doesn’t make them a bad person. Even if they never agree it doesn’t make them a bad person that’s just how they see things. When we post up articles sometimes we get thrown under the bus by some of the readers LOL! but it doesn’t bother us for a number of reasons. 1. That person or persons still took the time to type in when they didn’t have to being that their are a million other great sites out there to enjoy and peruse. 2. They don’t have to agree with every or anything we post. We’re not trying to win a popularity contest or brainwash and indoctrinate anyone. This thing of ours (M.O.) is to be shared with as many people that will hear about it and come visit and stay. You are the reason our traffic has continued to grow and increase every month which we are grateful for. 3. You don’t have to agree with us because that’s what this is about, you being you. You doing you. The world would be so BLAND if everyone dressed, acted, and thought alike. Each reader brings their own sense of humor which is cool. Some focus on sexual jokes (Marathon_Man) not saying any names LOL! (Joking with you homie) But all bring their “flavor”, “swagger” to the site and user experience which helps make up M.O.’s personality.

So our thing is this we have to learn to disagree without letting it affect us. Now when people attack RACE we’re all over it but who’s the better singer or what’s considered over or under weight and pretty and ugly? Y’all it’s not that serious. That’s something that we’re all never going to see eye to eye on anyway so just post and keep it moving. Yes you can SHAKE YOUR HEAD at the comments that make you SHAKE YOUR HEAD LOL but just realize that that reader is voicing their opinion that’s all. Everyone keep it cool and continue enjoying your weekend and the Inauguration for those that are down in D.C. as we speak! History in the making! YES WE DID!

M.O. over and out but before we go we want to shout out a few of our most loyal readers Monique Mosee!, Monae Mosee!, Big Wes!, Kiaira!, Victoria!, Seth!, Terrence!, Carnell!, Krystal Miranda!, Shefik!, Toiya Thompson!, Rick the Ruler!, Shawn repping the ATLScoey Pott we see you dawg!. We just had to shout out those names for a reason. They really ride with us all day everyday and didn’t mind having their government and alias shouted out.

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