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8th Annual Jordan Celebrity Golf Tournament

Posted by Media Outrage on January 22, 2009


Boris Kodjoe and Idris Elba hit up Michael Jordan’s 8th Annual Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament down in the Bahamas. Samuel Jackson, Anthony Hamilton, ESPN’s Stuart Scott, Chris Tucker, Lawrence Taylor, Charles Oakley, Terry Crews, Shanice and Flex Alexander were all down there for the good time. Ladies we must ask, between Boris and Idris which one would you take and why?


More pics when you Read the rest of this entry »

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I know you hear my footsteps…

Posted by Media Outrage on January 22, 2009


Jay-Z is letting the world know that the Blueprint III is still on it’s way but he’s taking his time to cook up that real musical cocaine for the fans.

Via MTV:

“For me, the process of making an album is difficult with so many things going on,” Jay told MTV News backstage at his “Eve of Change” show. “And me, I wanna make it beyond and above. I’m gonna take my time with it. I don’t have any quotas, and that’s a good thing. It may be too freeing. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. You know, I think I need some restrictions. ‘Cause if I had restrictions, I would have done it in three weeks. I would have made what I believe to be a great piece of art.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Fix your wig volume 1,2,3,4,5 and 29

Posted by Media Outrage on January 22, 2009


Loretha, the woman in the above photo posed with acting giant Samuel L. Jackson over the weekend at Pre-Inauguration bash forgetting to remove that black mink coat off of her dome piece. SMH @ that being the biggest, curliest wig we’ve ever laid our naked eyes on. It totally removes the thought that Sam Jackson looks a good 86 in this pic. Gabrielle Union was making it rain in that dress in the thumbnails. Peep Magic Johnson posed with his wife Cookie, mother Christine and Debra Lee.


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Magic & Cookie

Posted by Media Outrage on January 22, 2009


Magic and Cookie Johnson looked every part of the bangin’ couple that they are when they attended The Creative Coalition’s Inaugural Ball Presented by Pepsi at the Harmen Center for The Arts in D.C. on Tuesday night. Magic and Cookie have been showing young couples how to do this thing for a while now. Yes he slept with over a 1,000 women while he was with her but she forgave him and they have moved on and are enjoying life to the fullest. Check out Kerry Washington, Jalen Rose and Star Jones when you Read the rest of this entry »

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Beyonce speaks about singing for the President

Posted by Media Outrage on January 22, 2009


Beyonce spoke about the emotion she felt while singing for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s first dance at the Neighborhood Ball.

 Via MTV:

“I can’t even describe to you how I felt,” she told “Good Morning America” correspondent Robin Roberts after her performance. “I’m actually right now fighting back tears because it’s just so emotional. I’m just so proud of my country. There are just certain people in the world that God touches, and this man was born for this. And he was born to lead us, and I just feel so inspired and so proud.” Read the rest of this entry »

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50 Explains why he didn’t attend the Inauguration

Posted by Media Outrage on January 22, 2009


50 who is never at a loss for words on any topic explained why he didn’t hit up D.C. for the Inauguration.

Via MTV:

While he says he’s pleased with Obama’s victory, 50 said he never thought to attend the festivities, unlike Diddy, Jay-Z, Nas, Young Jeezy and others. He even poked fun at Obama-mania, saying that since the president didn’t invite him to party, he’d stay home.

“I [might have] watched it from a really nice hotel room in D.C.,” the rapper told at the Sundance festival before Tuesday’s inauguration. “Because there’s gonna be a whole lot of people out there, for no reason, doing different things. If Obama didn’t invite you, you really shouldn’t be there. You really shouldn’t. That’s the way I feel about it. Because when I go places that people didn’t invite me [to], they look at me crazy, like, ‘Why is he out there?’ ” Read the rest of this entry »

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Akon claims he doesn’t know his age

Posted by Media Outrage on January 22, 2009


Akon is claiming that he doesn’t really know how old he is. Whatever…

Via Yahoo:

Even though Akon has a birth certificate, he says his age is still a mystery — and he’d rather keep it that way.

“All it’s going to do is depress me,” he told The Associated Press in a recent interview. “I don’t want to know I’m getting older. Then I’ll start to think about getting checkups and insurance. I don’t want that.” Read the rest of this entry »

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President Barack Obama gets sworn in again

Posted by Media Outrage on January 22, 2009


President Barack Obama decided to get sworn in again yesterday just to MAKE SURE these shysty folk can’t pull one over on himself and the American people. You know since Chief Justice John G. Roberts decided to mess ish up on Tuesday and tried to have President Obama qouting the words in the wrong order. The thumbnails below are President Barack Obama on his first day on the job. What a relief to see someone else in that chair Lol.


Via Yahoo:

After the flub heard around the world, President Barack Obama has taken the oath of office. Again. Chief Justice John Roberts delivered the oath to Obama on Wednesday night at the White House — a rare do-over. The surprise moment came in response to Tuesday’s much-noticed stumble, when Roberts got the words of the oath a little off, which prompted Obama to do so, too.

Don’t worry, the White House says: Obama has still been president since noon on Inauguration Day.

Nevertheless, Obama and Roberts went through the drill again out of what White House counsel Greg Craig called “an abundance of caution.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Don’t Ask Us Why…

Posted by Media Outrage on January 22, 2009


Kanye West decided to perform at the MTV Inauguration Ball rockin’ a shag thicker than the bullet proof doors on the vehicle President Obama was being chauffeured around in, a black leather glove and matching tuxedo suit looking like a 1960′ pall bearer. SMH @ him thinking it’s cool to rock the Afro Shag and still be cool.


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Condoleeza Rice signs with William Morris Agency

Posted by Media Outrage on January 22, 2009


Condoleeza Rice is focused on life after George Dubya. The former Secretary of State has signed with talent agency William Morris to represent her in future business endeavors. Get it Condi.

Via Reuters:

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has made a key step in her post-Bush administration career: The William Morris Agency announced Wednesday that it has signed her as a client.

The former professor and Stanford University provost has been in the Bush administration since its beginning, first as national security adviser and then as secretary of state. Her appointment ended Tuesday afternoon, after Barack Obama was sworn in as president.

Although most other members of the Bush administration, save Karl Rove, might have trouble finding such a wide-ranging deal, Rice found a strong market among talent agencies. Read the rest of this entry »

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