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One of Hip-Hop’s most underrated

Posted by Media Outrage on January 30, 2009


Jadakiss was at the Chung King Studios in NYC last night for an album listening session for his next album The Last Kiss if that ish ever makes it out in the stores. We have to say that Jada never really got the promotion and attention his skills truly deserved. How many of you like kiss?


19 Responses to “One of Hip-Hop’s most underrated”

  1. Random said

    I’ve always liked him!!

  2. I really like Jadakiss’ music….it sucks that he isn’t getting as much mainstream play as he should….his musc is good…but I doubt that with rappers like Lil Wayne ans Soulja Boy, people just don’t want to listen to real lyricist now…

  3. CrystalShine said

    I agree M.O. He hant got tha recognition he deserve! I love his style, lyrics, and besides he’s cute (with dem dipple smile.)

    Jada I wanna Kiss!

  4. Atlanta said

    Jada is a wonderful rapper but if you don’t make hit songs then you will not blow up like you deserve. Look at all the lames that blow up becuase they make catchy songs.

  5. Marathon_Man said

    You not kidding Atlanta. Jada is the f*cking truth. He should be way bigger and more mainstream than he is. Lyrically he always brings fire.

  6. Miss E said

    He and Jigga are the only rappers whose music I buy consistently..everyone else (except TI) will not see my 15 dollars and 99 cents in their bank accounts!

  7. Lacy said

    Yes very underrated!

  8. jack said


  9. Miss E said

    @ Jack – Do you think if he hooked up with Lil Wayne’s producers it would help?

  10. Shamara said

    I so concur…this dude is the truth…great personality to go along with his swag….I really gets down with dude!!!!!

  11. Lisa said

    I dig him…wish he could get more shine.

  12. RubHer said

    Yeah Jada ill. But do he even want to be mainstream?

  13. MoneAlicia said

    Bad ass scarf, but your boy looks startled in every pic!

  14. lio said

    he’s better than Jay Z for sure

  15. Smurfette said

    Yea, I always enjoy his music! He should get more play, but like someone said, he need to pick better beats! But as we all know, u gotta pay for a good beat. Maybe they don’t wanna invest in him?

  16. Shamara said

    Hey friend (Smurfette) I remember that on Saturday mornings….is it the beats? perhaps he isn’t that “commercial” get me? Not a bad thing either….

  17. Hovy's Home said

    Jada definitely spits that piff on the mic. I think it’s just a case of the public really not completely embracing him as a cross-over artist. I also think that he nor the rest of the Lox ever really got the promotion that their talents warranted. But in this fickle era of music unless he delivers a real “hit” that makes everyone dance a jig in the clubs it’s a wrap for his career honestly.

  18. Shamara said

    Hovy’s Home Says….u said it best…I CONCUR!!!!!!!! Do I count thought? Naw….night

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