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Oscar Nomination Party

Posted by Media Outrage on January 30, 2009


The girl Taraji P. Henson is doing her damn thing in Hollywood and everyone’s taking notice even the Oscar nomination board. Yes, she’s been nominated for an Oscar for her role in Benjamin Button. Get it girl! Well her peeps threw her an Oscar nomination party at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills yesterday. Sanna Lathan, Nia Long, John Singleton and Tyrese all came out to celebrate.


12 Responses to “Oscar Nomination Party”

  1. CrystalShine said

    Awww how cute 2 see Jodi and Evette 2gether takin a pic. The true Baby Boy couple!

    Congrats 2 her, cause she is doin her thing. Maybe Bey could take lessons from Taraji, if she wanna Oscar!

  2. sweet_tea said

    How cute!! She looks great & deserves all the press she’s getting. Her talent speaks for itself & I’ll be cheering for her to win!

  3. Miss E said

    I finally saw her movie Benjamin Button and it was very good! I love this chic..she has come a long way from Baby Boy, LOL…”I hate you Jody, I hate you!”

  4. Lacy said

    Finally her hair looks nice!

  5. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Miss E

  6. Miss E said

    @ Lacy – She left the wig at home.

  7. BitterSweetBelizean said

    Baby boy was absolutely horrid and dreadful. Its good to see a deserving black woman in the spotlight. Yayy to Taraji.

    I didnt see Benjamin Button, however that is on my 2 do list(of movies) I heard Benjamin Button was a reincarnation of Forest Gump. Is that True???

  8. MoneAlicia said

    Awwww….it’s good to see Jody & Yvette together again! Luv her hair!

    Do ur thing Taraji!

  9. joneblaze said

    Im proud of her plus she’s so friggin sexy

  10. Smurfette said

    @ Crystalshine, that’s so wierd! When I saw these pics all I could think of was Baby Boy!! “He don’t love me no mo!” Lol

  11. ucanb2 said


  12. CrystalShine said

    Lol @Smurfette!

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