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Christian Bale goes the F**K Off!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on February 4, 2009


Christian Bale went on a cussin’ tirade on the set of Terminator at one of the producers. To hear the hilarious rant



This guy was going the F**K OFF! LOL!

29 Responses to “Christian Bale goes the F**K Off!!!”

  1. colleen33 said

    what a spoil brat, cursing out the producer and disrespecting the guy like that, all the producer was doing was apoligizing and Christain didnt care, all these celebrities with their millions and zillions think they are better than anyone else. I hope the movie tanks. Christain is just a spoil abusive person, who have no respect for other people, he didnt have to behave like that towards the guy. What an asshole he is

  2. colleen33 said

    he’s not all that good in movies either, hope his career tanks like a dead dog, christain you are just a spoil stuipid brat ass man who needs to grow up.

  3. Miss E said

    I remember when he was in Samuel Jackson’s movie the remake of Shaft…he played the part of a spoiled-rich-bratty-boy who acted aggressive REALLY GOOD!

    Now I know why he played this part SOO GOOD because that is his true character!!! Warner Brothers should find another Batman.

  4. Yea I Said It said

    I just know he was not talkin to no body black, othewise we would have breaking news of his death.

  5. Yvonne said

    He might have had a legitimate gripe, but the way he spoke to the other person was way over the line. Christian needs to get help and soon.

    One day he’s going to talk to the wrong person that way and we’ll be reading about his beat down.

  6. If he was talking like that to me, the new location of this shoot would be in his pancreas!! Cause i whip his ass and shove all my equipment up in it!

  7. 2thick4u said

    Damn…that shit made me just wanna jump all over his body 🙂 !!!

    I know I am sad but I am used to this kind of attitude from Christian. I have followed his career and the only nice guy he has played has been “Batman”!!!

    He plays a damn good one at that :)!!!

    In American Psycho…he was psycho!!!

    In Harsh Times…he was psycho!!!!

    He crossed a professional line but I really wish this was video recorded. Just to see that producers face…priceless :)!!!

  8. sweetthang said

    wow!!! this dude is off the hook!

  9. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ DT “If he was talking like that to me, the new location of this shoot would be in his pancreas!! Cause i whip his ass and shove all my equipment up in it!”


  10. 2020VIZN said

    Whoop his ass like Peoples did. Waza mattar? ju gat sozing in ju eea? I con ba later an pu dees in ju aasss!!!!!

  11. Yea I Said It said

    LMDAO @ 2020. Dude you make me laugh errrrrday

  12. Yasmine T. said

    wow he was really going off lol.

    dt you are crazy funny lol.

  13. I heard this the other day…it’s crazy!!! He’s crazy! Note to self:When on set make sure you have lamictal,prozac,and adderall in your system….don’t wanna end up like Bale…lol…..

  14. Lio said

    geeeeeeeeez…who pissed in his fucking corn flakes this morning….chill dude have a joint… damn

  15. whatyouwantnikka said

    ok. so ppl are saying bale’s mean, unprofessional,this, that etc. WTF. ppl act liek the 4th or 5th time this fool screwed up that bale cant put it to him. ya’ll b’s don’t know the whole story so don’t act like you do. and for the record dt word on the street is that that ish was slightly homosexual sounding. @ yeaisaidit: so wtf are yoy trying to say exactly? any black person will murder someone over an argument? you don’t have to be white to be racist, and ive sure as hecks met a lot of fellow black ppl that are. so leave comments like that to the ignorant ppl plz. @ miss e: your sayign a major movie studio should totally change the main star of a franchise of movies just bc he told an idiot nobody producer to f off? um.. yea. @ collen33: hes not all that good in movies either? what and you are? wtf was th elast movie you put out that made a million or 500? ppl get real im out this b

  16. whatyouwantnikka said

    wasn’t it 2pac that said “only God can judge me”?

  17. New Comer said


    Whatyouwantnikka really took this shit personal lmao!

    Love this line: “@ collen33: hes not all that good in movies either? what and you are? wtf was th elast movie you put out that made a million or 500? ppl get real im out this b”

    This is why I love MO. Ya’ll keep me the hell entertained with the constant arguing.

  18. Whatyouwantnikka,


  19. Yea I Said It said

    @ Whatyouwantnikka….ummmmmm yes tha’t what the fuck I am saying. Had the person on the end of his rants been a black person,his ass would have been put down! What you don’t know? There is no way he would have stepped to a black person and said how he wants t kick his/her ass and walked away. With some not all black people if you take it there. Go all the way, So breakin news would have been HIS ASS DIED!

    P.S. he is a piss poor actor.

  20. Lai'Lani said

    lol @ dt and yea i said it

  21. 2020VIZN said

    What the hell happend in here?!?!

  22. whatyouwantnikka said

    what happened in here is that sometimes ppl take shit too far. all he did was tell this dude to fuck off and ppl are saying hes a piss poor actor bc of it? they never mentioned that when they were saying how good the dark knight was. @ dt: this isn’t prison or morehouse, so chill with the references like sugar booty man i ain’t like that.. I don’t need perfect english on some internet site that your going to what.. murk me out over the interwebz? cmon man seriously- comedy target? sleeping giant? @ yeaisaidit: fine. your entitled to your opinion. idrc @ this point.

  23. Im sorry if I offended you dude but only a brotha who had Clay Aiken in his system would go off on a rant on eveyone in the room on an actor. I see that you are new to this so I’ll apologize if I offended you. I got you confused defending a Australian actor that you never met, so i thought from your post your were sweeter than Boy George in a butterscotch factory.

    So please, I apologize, I’ll let you go back to being the president of the EL Debarge fan club and once again I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  24. beach chick said


  25. Yea I Said It said

    For the record, this is an ENTERTAINMENT SITE PERIOD. His actions dictate, a reaction. If you take it personal anything we say about so called “celebrities” you must be that person or a family member of that person or his/her number one fan. In that case you might want to stick to the(Do no wrong I truly worship you site) cause on this site.. This is how we do it!!

    P.S. I did not see the black Knight. I don’t like Batman.

  26. ucanb2 said

    All that wasn’t called for, and lucky for Christian he spoke to the right one… with that ish!!!!

  27. Truly23 said

    LMAO @ DT and Yea I Said It

    All I know he would’ve heard Donald Trump’s infamous
    phrase YO A$$ FIRRRRRRRED!!!

  28. Zeke said

    This guy is a complete DIKKKK. I am going to have to miss this Terminator and I will discourage as many of my friends since all I have to do is play the audio he provided.

  29. All I have to say is an actor’s job is to pretend that they are the people that are truely important in life. It’s just too bad that they get paid the big bucks instead of the people who are trying to cure cancer, keep our streets safe, or assist people in need.

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