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President Obama Does us Proud

Posted by Media Outrage on February 4, 2009


In the wake of the huge billion dollar bailouts that are taking place at America’s largest companies, President Barack Obama is showing true compassion and character by placing a limit on the pay for the executives of those companies. The limit? $500,000. Beautiful.

Via Yahoo:

President Barack Obama on Wednesday imposed $500,000 caps on senior executive pay for the most distressed financial institutions receiving federal bailout money, saying Americans are upset with “executives being rewarded for failure.”

Obama announced the dramatic new government intervention into corporate America at the White House, with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner at his side. The president said the executive-pay limits are a first step, to be followed by the unveiling next week of a sweeping new framework for spending what remains of the $700 billion financial industry bailout that Congress created last year.

The executive-pay move comes amid a national outcry over huge bonuses to executives heading companies seeking taxpayer dollars to remain afloat. The demand for limits was reinforced by revelations that Wall Street firms paid more than $18 billion in bonuses in 2008 even amid the economic downturn and the massive infusion of taxpayer dollars.

“This is America. We don’t disparage wealth. We don’t begrudge anybody for achieving success,” Obama said. “But what gets people upset — and rightfully so — are executives being rewarded for failure. Especially when those rewards are subsidized by U.S. taxpayers.”

The pay cap would apply to institutions that negotiate agreements with the Treasury Department for “exceptional assistance” in the future. The restriction would not apply to such firms as American International Group Inc., Bank of America Corp., and Citigroup Inc., that already have received such help.

“There is a deep sense across the country that those who were not … responsible for this crisis are bearing a greater burden than those who were,” Geithner said.

Firms that want to pay executives above the $500,000 threshold would have to use stock that could not be sold or liquidated until they pay back the government funds.

Generally healthy institutions would have more leeway. They also face the $500,000 limit if they’re getting government help, but the cap can be waived with full public disclosure and a nonbinding shareholder vote.

Obama said that massive severance packages for executives who leave failing firms are also going to be eliminated. “We’re taking the air out of golden parachutes,” he said.

Other new requirements on “exceptional assistance” will include:

_The expansion to 20, from five, the number of executives who would face reduced bonuses and incentives if they are found to have knowingly provided inaccurate information related to company financial statements or performance measurements.

_An increase in the ban on golden parachutes from a firm’s top five senior executives to its top 10. The next 25 would be prohibited from golden parachutes that exceed one year’s compensation.

_A requirement that boards of directors adopt policies on spending such as corporate jets, renovations and entertainment.

The administration also will propose long-term compensation restrictions even for companies that don’t receive government assistance, Obama said.

Those proposals include:

• Requiring top executives at financial institutions to hold stock for several years before they can cash out.

• Requiring nonbinding “say on pay” resolutions — that is, giving shareholders more say on executive compensation.

• A Treasury-sponsored conference on a long-term overhaul of executive compensation.

Top officials at companies that have received money from the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program already face some compensation limits.

And compensation experts in the private sector have warned that such an intrusion into the internal decisions of financial institutions could discourage participation in the rescue program and slow down the financial sector’s recovery. They also argue that it could set a precedent for government regulation that undermines performance-based pay.

“It’s not a government takeover,” Obama stressed in an interview Tuesday with CNN. “Private enterprise will still be taking place. But people will be accountable and responsible.”

Still, some elected officials were pushing for the stricter caps.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., has proposed that no employee of an institution that receives money under the $700 billion federal bailout can receive more than $400,000 in total compensation until it pays the money back. Her figure is equivalent to the salary of the president of the United States.

Even some Republicans, angered by company decisions to pay bonuses and buy airplanes while receiving government help, have few qualms about restrictions.

“In ordinary situations where the taxpayers’ money is not involved, we shouldn’t set executive pay,” said Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, the top Republican on the Senate Banking Committee.

“But where you’ve got federal money involved, taxpayers’ money involved, TARP money involved, and the way they have spent it, with no accountability, is getting close to being criminal.”

Mediaoutrage– Somebody give President Obama a standing ovation! Yes, right now along with us! This man is showing true character amidst this financial crisis. Yep, F*ck the Lobbyist!

63 Responses to “President Obama Does us Proud”

  1. Yasmine T. said

    That’s right Barack take a stand.

  2. Jan said

    Things that make you go hmmm……

    $150 million on an inauguration……

    a trillion dollar stimulus plan that won’t stimulate shit……

    ……but hey as long as we take a stand on a few guys making grabbing a few million because that news is in the public eye, then we’ll look good.

    “Barack Obama is showing true compassion and character ”

    lol. you bet! *rolls eyes*

  3. Marathon_Man said

    Hey Jan I’d much rather see him start locking down these greedy bastards that were partly to blame for this economic crisis than just look the other way.

    Why not stop these executives from receiving salaries like $30million while the company and its share holders go straight to the poor house? It’s a step in the right direction. None of these problems are going to be fixed over night but it sends a message to the THEIVES on Wall Street that the jig is up.

  4. Yea I Said It said

    @ Jan the $150 mill did not come out of the unwilling tax payers pockets. That money came from his supporters.

    How much did George spend on his inauguration? How do you know it won’t stimulate shit. It’s not in affect yet. he needs more than that to undo the damage George did to the economy.

    It’s more than a few money grabbing bastards he is talking about. I don’t know about you but I am unwilling to pay for those few money grabbing bastards to enjoy themselves at my expense. he did promise transparancy.

    I know we can count on you Jan to look for the negative no matter how small it is.

  5. beach chick said

    Go Barack!

  6. Jan said

    Look guys, the point of my post wasn’t that what he’s doing isn’t right (that in itself can be argued but…) My point was that this is just jumping on the bandwagon of a witch hunt. It’s irrelevant in the grand sceheme of things.

    The general public likes having a shiny object in front of them that they can either praise or bring down rather than look at themselves. It’s always easier to blame others. It’s human nature to blame others. The media thus uses these type of stories to drum up hype and that in itself causes a snowball effect.

    You say they are overpaid? That they are greedy? Listen, at the end of the day it is a business. If you were in their shoes and could take $10 mil legally, you wouldn’t?

    You may say that they don’t deserve the money because their companies went bankrupt basically BUT that is business my friends. What about athletes who make millions and are on losing teams? Are the overpaid too? Maybe, but them getting their money isn’t some evil agenda. It’s just business.

    Regarding the inauguration. Where the money came from is irrelevant. To any logical person, spending $150 mil on a weekend party WHILE on the other hand talking about how someone is wrong for spending $1 mil to decorate an office is just hypocrisy at it’s finest. To spend $150 mil on a weekend party while people are losing their jobs and their homes WHILE on the other hand talking to the public about how hard times are. Gimmie a break, don’t you see the tomfoolery in that?

    Whatever Bush spent is irrelevant to the argument too since the country wasn’t going through the shit it is now when George was prez. For the record I think he spent like less then $50 mil.

    The stimulus plan is funny. Look into the meat of it and tell me where the “stiumli” really is. Please. ALSO how much did we spend on the war in Iraq? A trillion dollars? Over the coruse of how many years? Now we’re going to give a trillion in a matter of weeks EVEN after we gave 700 bill a few months back.

    Call me a fool but I think this is all just nonsense. Obama isn’t a savior nor is he any different than any other politician. A puppet in the grand scheme of things.

    But hey, he’s “cool” and can give one hell of a speech. Let’s jump on the bandwagon!

  7. ginger said

    Jan shut your bloody ass!!what you are saying is “dumb shit”!SHUT UP!!!

  8. Lio said

    I agree with Jan on that one…1 trillions won’t stimulate shit. The only thing it’s going to do is increase inflation, and diminish the value of the dollar. I agree with the fact that if you get taxpayer money to help you company , the HELL YA, should get only 500k a year.

    But again that money won’t do shit. Obama need to do the right thing, and the right thing is to let all those badly managed companies go bankrupt. Yes, markets around the world will take a hit ..but this will be short-term (2 years)…

    I don’t see how he going to create 3 millions new “green” jobs either. Yes, it good to help the environment, but do you really want to pay 30 % more for a hybrid ? Oil prices nose dive from $150 to below $40.

    Anyways, let give him a chance to prove himself , he’s been in office for 3 weeks , so let’s be patient.

  9. Yea I Said It said

    @ Jan Help me to understand how George is irrelevant? How as you stated “the country wasn’t going through the shit it is now when George was prez? …. Dude we are going throug this shit now because of George.

    Help me to understand how you talk about the amount spent in Iraq, yet you say Whatever Bush spent is IRRELEVANT?? We need help now and you want think now is the time to pick apart the stiumlus package? Get this part str8 at least,we gave Bush 700 bill a few months ago. I forgot you said it’s IRRELEVANT, because now President Obama is in office all of what three weeks, and of course according to you he is a puppet in the grand scheme of things….

    You are right on one point… You are a fool!

  10. Yea I Said It said

    When the other presidents came into office, they were given a chance to set their agenda. Give President Obama the same consideration. Fall back and evualuate him a year from now.

    He did say he is not perfect, and there will be false starts. I stand behind this President good or bad, and I for one have faith in him turning it around…. We have been with corrupt politican for so long we look for the worst in anybody sitting in the oval office.

  11. 2020VIZN said

    I guess I was not supposed to get into this one, I just lost my second long ass debate for this post. Well Im gonna sit tight and let baby sis handle this one

    Yea I said it: Do yo thaing, Do it to em.

    What’s up Jan? I see you been sitting back waiting for a chance to pull out that big ass spoon you got, up in this peace stiring the pot. Well, you know, that I know, that this is just fun for you so its all love playa. I come to know that you mean no harm this just stimulates you and thats all good.

  12. Lio said

    Bush, greedy CEOs, and demanding shareholder,investors,speculators are to blame for this mess !! Bush with his ridiculous spending on the “war on terror” and greedy CEO ‘s who want big asses bonuses and are under pressure by investors to increase shareholders value..therefore they take more risk to make more money and BOOM !! everything falls down.

    This shit is not even done yet ! the left foot is about to drop. Here’ a hint, with more the 80,000 jobs loss every week now, more and more americans are using their credit card for their daily expenses. Not only they take skip payments and take longer to pay the balances, but 90% of them pay only the mininum.

    Credit card debt has increase by 800 millions dollars so far THIS WEEK !….

  13. Lio said

    I type too fast, sorry about the typos and spelling errors …

  14. Jan said

    @Yeah I said it
    My reference to how much Bush spent being irrelevant was in regards to the inauguration.

  15. Yea I Said It said

    @ Jan…. so is how much President Obama spent. That too is irrelevant

  16. Smurfette said

    Jan may not be feelin Obama as a lot of other Americans probably don’t agree wit him either. And they all have a right to their opinions! I respect everyones view, so please respect mine! With that being said, I also wanna announce, “I love my president!!”

  17. Jan said

    “Bush, greedy CEOs, and demanding shareholder,investors,speculators are to blame for this mess !! ”

    I disagree with every single one of those points.

    Listen, everybody wants to blame Bush. Bush this and Bush that. Bush was just as much of a puppet as any. Once again, the general public likes to pin point the blame on one person, the shiny object. There are strings being pulled behind the scenes that nether you, nor I will ever know.

    Re: Greedy CEO’s, Investors, Speculators…..
    If you believe in a free market, capitalist system then you cannot blame business leaders for being greedy. You cannot blame people for putting the short-term gain or their personal gain (if done legally) ahead of some socialist daydream. This is the system we have, it’s not perfect but it’s much better than the flip side (socialism).

    So who should take the blame for all this?
    Nobody was complaining about the economy two years ago. People were living the high life, drawing their home equity to buy flat screen tv’s, cellphones and the latest iPod’s. Life was good in America. People were living over their means for a long time. It’s the way of this generation.

    Guess what? This goes in cycles. We go through recessions all the time, it happens.

    Now a great depression type cleansing isn’t the worst thing that could happen. A nice reset button that puts people back on track and teaches people not to live above their means is not a bad thing. This was inevitable no matter WHO OR WHAT WAS IN PLACE.

    Our grandparents, those that lived through the depression, are dying off now. What’s left are over indulgent individuals who are too materialistic for their own good. Clearly, some rough times would do everbody some good and get everybody back on track to realize what’s important.

    But then again, I’m just a “fool”…hehehe

  18. Jan said

    @Yea I Said It

    “@ Jan…. so is how much President Obama spent. That too is irrelevant”

    Ok you obviously do not get what I’m trying to get across so I will spell it out.


    Do you not see how hypocritical that is?

    Do you not see how that is just plain wrong?

    Do you not feel a leader should be judged by his ACTIONS not by his words?

    ANYBODY can say something. Al Gore can make documentaries, trying to tell people to conserve and save the planet YET he lives in a giant house and spends more on electricity in a week than we do in a year. Same type of deal.

    ACTIONS are what make a person, not words. Leaders are those that do, not speak.

    So once again, is it not funny that somebody spends $150 mil on a party and then proceeds to lash out at a CEO for spending 1 mil on an office?

    Is it not funny for somebody that spends $150 mil on a party, to go on camera the next day and say how bad the ecnomy is and how we should all fight through it?

    What Bush spent IS irrelevant. Bush is probably the worst president in the history of America so what he did is irreleveant in this conversation. For you to say that it’s OK for Obama to spend $$ because Bush did it. Well, that’s just silly, no?

  19. Yea I Said It said

    Jan said:…..Listen, everybody wants to blame Bush. Bush this and Bush that. Bush was just as much of a puppet as any. Once again, the general public likes to pin point the blame on one person, the shiny object. There are strings being pulled behind the scenes that nether you, nor I will ever know.

    If neither you nor I will ever know… How do you know there are strings being pulled behind the scenes? Jan do you really believe Bush is not to blame for the way the economy is? how bout the way gas prices shot up? Name one thing he has done as president on this countries behalf to garner our respect?

    Jan Said:…..Nobody was complaining about the economy two years ago.. Actually we were complaining Jan, Bush choose to ignore our cry of foul play on the silent slide this ecomony was headed in.

    Jan Said:….People were living the high life, drawing their home equity to buy flat screen tv’s, cellphones and the latest iPod’s. Life was good in America. People were living over their means for a long time. It’s the way of this generation.

    Guess what? This goes in cycles. We go through recessions all the time, it happens……… Our grandparents, those that lived through the depression, are dying off now. What’s left are over indulgent individuals who are too materialistic for their own good. Clearly, some rough times would do everbody some good and get everybody back on track to realize what’s important…… Jan with this I agree.

  20. Jan said

    @Yea I Said It
    Listen, Bush is one person. One person does not have absolute power. Bush cannot pull the strings on all these diabolical plans. Simply impossible. Is Bush to blame for our problems? Of course he is, but do you honestly think he is the mastermind behind all this? Really?

    I’m not here defending Bush or saying you should respect him. All I’m saying is that Obama is just part of the same damn system with a few ideological differences here and there.

    It’s all nonsense. Nobody is to be believes nor should anybody be seen as a savior. They are all crooked politicians, for the most part.

    But re: your gas prices shooting up comment. That goes in cycles too, it’s all a roller coaster and we’re just on the ride wheter we like it or not. Commodity markets go through their bull and bear cycles and there’s not much that can ever be done to stop that. The market eventually gets back to the mean.

  21. First off let’s get something straight here…Barack Obama didnt spend 150 million on a “party”. The promotors and event coordinators and sponsors did that for him.HBO/Time Warner spent over 20 million for their event alone! Second, these Republicans are crying over the fact that these CEO’s went and fucked up the ecomony with their greed and stupidity.

    Watching them is like watching a teenager who crashed their parents car and wants their parents to butt out of their business when they are trying to buy a new one…..WITH THE PARENTS MONEY!!!

    Look, if you want to have govenrment and Obama not put limits on the private sector dont take the bailout money! These republican queers want to privatize the profit and socialize the debt….dosent work in a democratic gov’t!!!!

  22. Yea I Said It said

    @ Jan… So in your opinion President Obama should have foregone the parties to celebrate his victory and the historic moment it met, because what? We are suffering and in need of help that only that 150 mill can solve?

    Look call it what you want, if that’s the worst you can find about the president roll with it. wollow in it. Score a point for yourself. To many of us it was not a stupid party and it was a celebration, whether he paid for it or we his supporters paid for it, it is IRREVANT to where this country and the economy was before he came to office. Let’s hold him accountable for his what he does while he is in office within the next year.

    His actions are on point.There will be no bonues and larger than life salaries while the gov is bailing the wall street pimps.

  23. And arguing over a party is not even relevant. arguing over this mess that country moron put us in is more important!

  24. Lio said

    by Shareholders, investors, speculators, I include myself, you, and everybody that has some kind of investment, whether in a IRA, or a trading account. We’re all directly and indirectly responsible for this mess, cause at the end of the day we all want MONEY, I don’t care who you are. And the recession is part of an economic cycle, next will see a trough follow by a early expansion. But How long will have to wait ? not 3 years probably longer than that…and fuck the recession, we’re in a depression, 80,000 jobs cut every week ? that’s a depression

    As for Bush being a puppet, yeah you’re right, the presidents are puppet for lobbyist, corporations, the Illuminati, the international jewish bankers, all those secret societies, And Obama won’t be an exception.

    What people are saying here is that give Obama to prove himself, whether he control the situation or not …

  25. Yea I Said It said

    @ DT… Thank you so much. Next time I will research the itemized bill myself before reading and rollin with what Jan says.

    Jan we will agree to disagree. I stated before I believe in President Obama and wil give him a fair chance the same as the republicans believed in Bush. Bush/Cheney are the sole people responsible for all this big ass fuck up! alone with their inner cirle of friends from Bin Laddins family to Haliburton…

  26. Yea I Said It said

    Sorry typing to fast, and sleepy

  27. Jan said

    @Yea I Said It

    I guess we just disagree on the significance of spending $150 mil on an inauguration party (3 times more than any president ever in what could turn out to be the worst economic climate since the depression).

    Would it not be a very strong “on point” action for Obama to cancel all the celebrations, donate the money to a chairty and in his first speech as President to say “This is not a time to spend money on a celebration. This is not a time to indulge. In two years we shall throw the biggest party Washington has ever seen. It will be called the “we have a surplus celebration”.

    Naive, I know. But one can only dream.

  28. Jan, once again how can he donate money he never had? A president dosent pay for the balls….they are throw by the sponsors and networks…he cant donate some thing he dosent have……

  29. Lio said


  30. Lio said


  31. Jan said


    Where are you getting your facts from?

    $150-170 million — Estimated cost of entire inauguration activities, from the parades and galas to the port-a-potties and streamers.

    $45 million (or more) — Budget of Presidential Inaugural Committee. The committee is a bipartisan team created in November to organize the inaugural festivities.

    All of this money comes from private donations. The committee does not accept money from corporations or lobbyists and individual donors cannot give more than $50,000. (In past inaugurations, contributions could run as high as $250,000.)

    The Presidential Inaugural Committee is responsible for Tuesday’s inaugural parade, the 10 official inaugural balls and Sunday’s concert at the Lincoln Memorial. The committee also paid the Smithsonian $700,000 to stay open longer during the activities.

    $49 million — Total cost of inauguration to the federal government (according to the Office of Management and Budget.) This includes a $15 million appropriation to the District of Columbia to help pay for the inauguration expenses and to pay for Secret Service during the inaugural ceremony and military personnel for the parade following the swearing-in.

    $75 million — Estimated cost in a letter to the federal government from the governors of Virginia and Maryland and the mayor of the District of Columbia for transportation and law enforcement. D.C. figures it’s share will be $47 million. This number would be addition to the $49 million the federal government is spending.

    Last Tuesday, President Bush declared a state of emergency for the District of Columbia, making more funding available for “emergency protective measures that are undertaken to save lives and protect public health and safety.”

    $3.5 million — Construction of platform in front of the Capitol for Tuesday’s ceremony and rental of chairs. This comes from the Department of the Architect of the Capitol.

    $1.2 million — Cost of Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony and luncheon. This was budged by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

  32. and where are your facts from the Barack had control over any of those budgets to give away?!?!? As I stated its not HIS money….sponsors and donors..he wasnt officially president when all of those parties were going on!

  33. Smurfette said


  34. Yea I Said It said

    Well Jan i guess you can say President Obama created jobs and he did’nt do it from the oval office….. he did it from the parade route

  35. Jan said

    Sorry dude but you are very misguided in your belief that the government didn’t dish out any tax payer dollars for the party.

  36. my point is BARACK ISNT THE GOD DAMN GOV’T!!! This is pointless…the post was about the president hammering down on CEO’s and I agree…nuff said

  37. Jan said

    Sponsors paid for some of the crap and he raised $49 mil from donations. BUT the rest of it was kicked in by the tax payers. $100 million. hmmm I guess that’s fine and it’s all good. You certainly can take him seriously as he talks about “how rough Americans have it and how we all have to pull ourselves up by our boot straps”.


    @Yea I Said It
    Bush created lots of jobs too in Iraq. lol. All good.

  38. Jan said

    What the hell are you talking about? Obama is not the government? He is the fucking PRESIDENT.

    He spent tax dollars on an excessive celebration. The governemnts money.

    The same money he blasted other politicians for spending and wasting.


    Really? It’s no wonder this shit goes on because people are just blind to it.

  39. Jan said


    “the post was about the president hammering down on CEO’s and I agree”

    Yes, good for him. Now if he only practiced what he preached.

    But then again, maybe I’m just naive to expect that from a leader…..oh my!

  40. Lio said

    ok ok….all 43 presidents before him had inauguration parties, whether the times were good or bad..why not him, especially for the first African-American president…

  41. Jan said

    A inaguration party is not a problem. Take the $50 mil you got in donations and spend that money as you please if you want to throw a party.

    No need to spend $150 mil (3 times more than any other president).

    No? Is that not rational on my part to think like that?

  42. Yea I Said It said

    @ Lios. that what I want to know…

  43. Yea I Said It said

    DT was right with all that’s wrong with the economy why focus on his inaguration to find ‘wastful spending’ Hell there has been wasteful spending for the past eight years. Jan should have been up in arms way back when….

    I digress and go to bed.

  44. Jan said

    @Yea I Said It
    My point is that Obama is just like the rest. No different.

    Says one thing, does another.

  45. Yea I Said It said

    Ok Jan…. Goodnite 🙂

  46. Jan said

    @Yea I Said It
    Goodnight! 🙂

  47. Marathon_Man said

    It was a historical moment. First Black President. They did it up just right for the Obamas. The man is a genius at raising money. But like Lio said every other President had inaugural balls that cost millions so why not Barack? That has nothing to do with the fucked up economic position that this country is now in. He is doing the right thing by going after these crooked ass greedy CEO’s that take bail out money and party like it’s Dec 31’st 11:59 in 1999. Shut that crap down. So great move President Obama.

  48. Lio said


    you have some very good points and I’m not against you here..I don’t know why 150 millions was spent on this inauguration.. I suspect most of it was spent on security. Jesus, I was there …CIA, ARMY, FBI, Secret service, you name it, they were all there…. plus 2 millions people were present for this event, I don’t know how many were there for Bush’s inauguration, but i suspect it was less than that. Anyways, there ‘s a lot of people who don’t like the idea of a black president in the white house, and that was and still is a concern for secret service. So perhaps someone decide to spent more money than usual on security… Perhaps

  49. Jan said

    @Marathon Man
    This is just a pointless gesture that means nothing and will achieve nothing. Those that caused the problems, already got the money. Read this:

    “The compensation cap covers distressed companies seeking special bailouts but would not apply retroactively to those that already have received them. What’s more, consultants on executive pay say the cap will probably apply only to a few executives – not big-time traders, brokers and salespeople who routinely earn whopping pay packages. And there are sure to be efforts to exploit loopholes as the new rules start to take hold.”

  50. Lio said

    great debate everybody !! good night

  51. Jan said

    The train ride was kind of pointless too and probably added quite a bit to security detail. But hey 🙂

  52. Lio said

    yeah.. I know Lincoln was his Idol and stuff , but for fuck sakes take a plane or something…but hey what is done is done

  53. Jan said

    I am off to sleep as well.

    My whole point posting here was to let you know that this whole thing is good publicity and will earn Obama popularity points with the general public. The media will play this up, it will make for good talk radio. In reality, however, this will have no impact whatsoever. Such is the life of bullshit.

  54. 2020VIZN said

    @ Jan: From what you say, it seems as though you are emplying that no matter who is Commander and Chief, they are nothing more than a pawn being played by the cogs that make this big machine go. Which, if is correct makes the President no more than a figurehead. If that is the case then why are we sitting her talking about Barack Obama who is only a figurehead? If you look at the big picture through the glasses that you look through, Obama has no real power. So its not Obama that you have a problem with its the machine……..right?

    Now GWB was that same figurehead for the last 8 years. And you say that, the shit we are in is GWB’s fault but how is it his fault if he was a figurehead and had no real power? Is the President just a scapegoat, and the shit we are is realy the machines fault…….. right?

    The way you explain your points about the President, If….. say your best friend or a family member were the President, they would be no more that a pathetic, powerless pawn that was put here for all the dumb people to worship and the smart people to blame while providing cover for the ones who make the decisionsas to we go through on this roller coaster…..right?

    So why waste the time bashing the man? Is it because he is cool as a motherfucker or is it because 75% of the women in the world want to break him off. If he does no more than repair our image around the world and have other countries see us as a friend rather than a tyrant then the man has accomplished a great deal. He has been President for just over 2 weeks and all of this criticism. I have never see a President bashed like this, I have a Newsflash for everyone who has not come to grips with it and is bellyaching about this shit. BARACK OBAMA IS YOUR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!! Can you picture me rollin? Am I clear to you???

  55. Smurfette said

    I was so over this post last night, but I just HAD to come back in here and give 2020 a high five for that last post!!!!!! Am I clear to you?


  56. 2020VIZN said

    @ Smufette: Im done now, so im falling back just like you are.

  57. Jan said


    Listen, in theory the President does have power. Tons of power. BUT he cannot go against the grain. He cannot step out of bounds. There are rules in place and there are people to appease. In this age you will never see a renegade President that is for the people. By his action, not by his words.

    Listen there are tons of things that can be changed. Tons of govt spending that can be spent on health care, research to cure diseases and other pressing problems. But we chose to spend the vast majority of money on waste. On irrelevant things.

    All a dog and pony show. No real change will really come out of this President like no real change has come out of the vast majority of Presidents in the last 5 decades.

    Now two other points you made that I want to address:

    POINT #1

    You said: “I have never see a President bashed like this”

    Are you serious? Are you FUCKING SERIOUS? You’ve never seen a President bashed like this? Or maybe this is the first time you’ve followed a president?

    POINT #2 “So why waste the time bashing the man? Is it because he is cool as a motherfucker or is it because 75% of the women in the world want to break him off.”

    lol, yes you are right. I am jealous that the president is “cool as a mohterfucker”. Because, yes, in the world all that matters is being “cool as a motherfucker” and that’s what separates great man from evil doers; being cool as a motherfucker……and having the majority of women wanting to break you off.


  58. CrystalShine said

    The man hasn’t been in office that long and ppl already downgrading him!

    I stand behind him 100%. Someone need 2 put these greedy companies in their place.

  59. Jan said

    This, however, does not put anybody in place. It is good for a few news stories and to get a pat on the back from those that don’t know what they are talkinga bout. Again, I reffer you to to this:

    “The compensation cap covers distressed companies seeking special bailouts but would not apply retroactively to those that already have received them. What’s more, consultants on executive pay say the cap will probably apply only to a few executives – not big-time traders, brokers and salespeople who routinely earn whopping pay packages. And there are sure to be efforts to exploit loopholes as the new rules start to take hold.”

  60. 2thick4u said

    Damn I totally missed this whole post yesterday…damn :(!!!

  61. Miss E said

    I missed it too..but it looks like it was a good debate!

    I love Barack Obama…I have nothing bad to say about him! He is going after those crooked CEO’s that is good enough for me!

  62. Truly23 said

    I’m going to add a lil something something as well. The man is
    preaching his word “change”–he’s changing things up by getting
    right back into the crooks’ pockets. All I read from majority of
    bloggers now are negative this and that about our current Pres.
    who haven’t had his 100 days chance YET. Why so much negativity??
    No need to answer because I’m about to spell it out for you right
    now; R-A-C-I-S-M!!! Would this man be catching so much heat if he
    was not of color?? Don’t answer that either here’s the answer a
    big HELL TO THE NAW!!! Racism is deep up in this country, but yet
    you’d catch the blogger saying it’s not about race- yes the f*&k
    it is stop lying to yourself and others who you’re trying to convince…
    I mean dayum we gave George W. benefit of the doubt for 8 too dayum
    long years. Look how far we have come in the neverending years!! At least
    Obama is changing things right out the gate instead of sitting on is
    assets waiting for a couple of yrs to past then trying to do something.
    his first 100 days stated it’ll be a couple of yrs before AMERICA actually
    experience “the change”. And as stating the cost of the inauguration, didn’t the workers have to get paid?? As stated over and over by so many
    other posters here-donations paid for the events. AND I don’t blame Barack
    I would’ve partied like it was 1999 as Prince says…

  63. maliamalia said

    awesome he is lefted handed!! woohoo!!!

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