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This is why people hate cops

Posted by Media Outrage on February 4, 2009


This is why young black people really hate cops. Most of them abuse their authority and just wild the f**k out and get away with it. Just watch the video very closely. Smh. He definitely needs his ass dropped off in an all black neighborhood and brutally beat.

21 Responses to “This is why people hate cops”

  1. beach chick said

    Just SMDH!

  2. CrystalShine said

    They feel they could do whatever they want when they got that badge and uniform on! Crooked cops!

  3. malia said

    that is so sick, stupid tight ass cop!!!! My heart goes out to that lady!!

  4. Gina said

    I can’t see the video. What happened?

  5. Truly23 said

    How IN THE HELL he get cleared???
    Did they not present this video
    to his chief??? I tell you one
    thing-they should’ve given her
    the pepper spray so she could do
    a payback…

  6. terrance said

    That stupid@$$ hillbilly with a badge! He probably used his fingers to calculate the change she gave him. He definitely deserved to be at least suspended without pay.

  7. Chris said

    To the poster of this video. The next time some black person puts a gun in your face, spits on you and call you a MF honky, call me and I tell the cops to not come save your sorry ass. In fact, i’ll suggest that the black dude blow your stupid MF head off and we can then get rid of another stupid liberal.

    That women had an attitude and should be and deserved to be treated the way she was. These idiots have no respect for law enforcement. They mouth off, argue and do everything to aggitate any officer…white or black. They bring it on themselves by simply not co-operating.

    So…shut the hell up…you do not know what you are talking about.

    • Tyler Mrnak said

      The German Nazis and the Italian Fascists also demanded cooperation. Did their citizens “bring it on themselves?” Our founding fathers and framers never wanted us to have a police state, asshole. Just because an officer wears a badge doesn’t make him right. If I had been in her shoes and was wrongfully accused of a crime, I would be pissed off too. I am a right wing conservative who happens to appreciate constitutional rights. Just because I believe this cop is an ass doesn’t make me a liberal. I am the furthest thing from a liberal and I believe this cop was out of line and was proven to be just that by the video. Must be a post from one arrogant officer defending another arrogant officer. So I guess its alright for a cop to have an attitude but no one else can? Great argument dip shit.

  8. ucanb2 said

    WOW!!! Chris.I can see you are just as narrow-minded as that fool!!
    Attitude or not doesn’t mean she should have been sprayed with pepper spray, if that’s the case then someone should be spraying your stupid ass.
    Open Mouth insert foot… how is yours tasting?

  9. Chris said

    Anyone with an attitude towards law enforcement is always asking for treatment out of the ordinary. Sorry to disagree, but when anyone talks trash and who talks down to those trying to enforce the law and determine what happened in situations (regardless if they are determined to be in the right) DON”T deserve respectful treatment. Pepper Spray was called for.

    Cops jobs are difficult enough. I suppose you support the scum that shot the three Oakland Police Officers as well???? Is he a HERO to you?

    • Tyler Mrnak said

      You argumentation is asinine. Her rights were violated which is why she received a settlement out of it. This lady didn’t shoot 3 cops in Oakland. Two totally different scenerios. She was just working at a fast food restaurant to earn some money and was wrongfully accused of a crime. This gestapo cop was out of line. Might you be this cop perhaps? Jackass.

  10. 2020VIZN said

    I dont know If he is a hero to ucanb2 but he is a hero to a lot of people in the California Bay area, especially after they shot Oscar Grant in the back at that Bart Station.

    Good Evening!!!!

  11. Josh Bran said

    dont get smart with the police

    • Tyler Mrnak said

      Oh lordy, lordy, don’t get smart whit da poh-lice. Naw, naw, dey always right!

      Thank God the majority of police try to do their job to the best of their ability. This one just happens to be insecure about his manhood, particularly the size of his vital anatomy…Insolent prick….

  12. Rafiq14 said

    Well the video clearly showed that the sista received the officers money,put it straight in the register and gave him change.That’s what the video show,now he may have given her a ten dollar bill thinking it was the twenty he had earlier.But what ever the situation maybe HE WAS WRONG,and the camera will show just that.She need to SUE THE SHYT OUT OF THAT DEPARTMENT.PEACE

  13. hate police said

    fuck the police abusing there power although the best advice when dealing with police is to just not say anything don’t get mad or upset there always looking for a reason to arrest you and arguing gets you no where. you go to court pay alot of money in legal fee;s and the judge,cops and prosecutor all get payed.

    and most people dislike police your walking down the street and you see a cop your demeanor changes and feel a certain level of fear and hatred towards them When was the last time you ever had a happy experience associated with a cop?

  14. Taylor said

    This is so not right. that cop pisses me off too but you all have to understand that not all cops are this way. my dad is a cop and he is the fairest and kindest man i know. I completely disagree with this cop getting off with nothing but you shouldn’t judge all cops because this one in particular acted like an ass. 4 cops were innocently shot recently by a black man. They were kind people and were only shot because he hated cops and when he saw their uniforms, decided that they should be killed. Now there are 9 fatherless children left because of the man’s poor judgement.

  15. Karen said

    Chris, You are so wrong. You think you are so different from that girl, that the cop wouldn’t do exactly the same thing to YOU. That is your big mistake, and it’s the same one millions of Americans make, to their detriment and to the detriment of the freedoms my ancestors fought for in every war since the creation of this great Nation. Without protections, without the rule of law, cops’ behavior has gone WAY overboard. I’m a white, 53-year-old upper middle class professional woman (worked at the White House — I worked at a senior level for a Republican Administration, Chris, not some Democrat liberal), and yet the cops even lied about ME and charged me with something that I had to hire a $5000 attorney to respond to. And it was all total fabrication. The prosecutor threw it out but we had to go all the way to court for that to happen. You want to hear what law I had allegedly broken! I said the F$$* you, to a public school bureaucrat who kicked me out of the high school where my husband and I had gone to file a complaint about a male teacher who verbally abused our brilliant, beautiful daughter, saying he “didn’t care” about her disability, in front of the whole class. No one raised their voice, no on threatened anything, and yet that bureaucrat called the school cop who escorted me from the school building, and then later had me ARRESTED. This happened in Fairfax County Virginia, the wealthiest county in the US. If it could happen here, and happen to me, believe me, Chris, it can and one day will happen to you or someone you care about, in one way or another. Your mother. Your brother. One of your kids. If you cannot see how what he did was exploiting the authority he holds, and how if he could violate her rights then yours and mine are next, then you are being either deliberately obtuse or you’re blind. Wake up, my fellow citizens. The cops have gone overboard, and it’s no longer just young black men who have reason to fear them. No one stood up for them, and now the cops feel free to go after people like me. And I didn’t DO ANYTHING WRONG but ask a teacher why he was picking on my daughter in front of her whole class, and in so doing, was actually breaking the law himself (ADA). But it became US versus THEM, the 2 cops who taunted us as we were escorted out the building (Have a nice day! they mocked us, and then later they claimed that it was a “hostile” environment with lots of kids around, when almost no one was there because it was after school. Anyone who thinks for a moment that what he did was proper, professional and appropriate, I’d like to check your pulse because you are lying — or your values are so perverted that you think that behavior is okay. Man, I’ve got no time for people like you who just don’t get it.

    • chique said

      The abuse of power goes both ways. I heard that Sarah Palin went after a teacher that said her child was retarded. If I am not mistaken her child is and so with the political power Palin has, she could destroy an ordinary teacher for a comment. Whether the comment was appropriate or not, just the thought of having the wrath of a person with her political clout coming after you is a terrifying thought

  16. Tyler Mrnak said

    That bastard cop should have spent a few days in jail to cool his arrogance. It’s sad that such a gestapo officer can get away with this in America. I watch this clip and feel like we are living in a police state. What a prick. Glad she got $60,000 out of it at least.

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