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Grammy Parties…

Posted by Media Outrage on February 8, 2009


It’s on and poppin’ out in LA right now in preparation for the 51st Grammys. On Friday night Timabaland threw his own Grammy party which was presented by Verizon and Blackberry and everyone and they momma’s momma was there. Diddy, Keri, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Lauren London, Keyshia Cole, Wesley Snipes, Elise Neal, Tatyana Ali, Jay-Z, Soulja Boy, T.I., Tiny were all in the building.


Plenty more pics when you







14 Responses to “Grammy Parties…”

  1. Lio said

    Damn ! now that’s a A list party…Question for everybody here, Who Darker? Snipe or Will.I.AM ?

    pic from M.O. here

  2. Smurfette said

    Wesley snipes is darker! And gorgeous! On another note, are those Tiny’s stomachs in the pic wit TI? Ugh!

    *throwin up in my mouth

  3. Media Outrage said

    Lmao!!! @ Smurfette.

  4. Nesley Snipes is much darker. Like Human Solar System dark!!!

    Keri Hilson is definetely looking like a goddess!

  5. 2020VIZN said

    Lol @ Smufette, I don’tknow what it is about Tiny but she aint the most beautifulest broad in the world, and I know it aint all about looks but gotdayum its hard to look at this chick. She is a certified Booger-Rat….She will put a hurtin on a brotha eyes. She has got to have some bomb ass coochie. It’s got to be like crack to make you overlook that mugg it has to be some powerful stuff. I wouldnt go near that stuff for fear of being addicted to something like this. Thats like some on saying that they eat goat nuts and chittlins everyday, I mean chittlins taste good but can you imagine the look that you will get if you tell people you eat that everyday, how do you explain that shit? Hey TI treat it like chittlins, indulge once or twice a year and keep it movin because it realy ain that good for you.

    Im just joking, I had to say that so that I dont get the lecture about. It aint about what you like and all the other yada, yada, yada, yada, yada. Im just getting a lil laugh. To all of the TI and Tiny fans, please dont shoot.

  6. Yea I Said It said

    @ 2020(laughting til I cry) What in the sand hell is Bogger-rat? *just damn*

  7. Smurfette said

    Okay, im back from my investigation. I have viewed additional pics from other sites and concluded that bit of skin is Tiny’s fat ass arm. Tats and all. Sorry Tiny. I still threw up in my mouth when I thought it was yo abdomen. Please accept my apologies. Im sure you are an avid reader of this and every gossip site that mentions you or yo baby daddy and I don’t want to diminish your view of this blog as its a great site!!! Im here all week!!

  8. Yea I Said It said

    Come on MO, you slow on your job…. I got this off CNN site. somebody will not be attending the Grammies peep this

    LOS ANGELES (CNN) — Los Angeles police were looking for R&B singer Chris Brown, who was slated to perform Sunday night at the Grammy Awards, after receiving an early-morning domestic violence report.

    Chris Brown attends a party saluting music producer Clive Davis in Beverly Hills, California, on Saturday.

    Brown and a woman were involved in an argument in a vehicle, authorities say. After Brown stopped his car, the argument escalated and the woman got out, the Los Angeles Police Department said, citing the woman’s account.

    The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker, police said. After receiving a 911 call at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, officers found the woman at the scene of the alleged fight, but Brown had left, the department said.

    Investigators were treating the incident as a possible felony battery case, police said.

    A representative for Brown at the ICM agency in Los Angeles could not immediately be reached for comment.

    Police did not identify the woman. Brown has been romantically linked with fellow singer Rihanna, who did not attend the Grammys on Sunday night.

    Brown and Rihanna were photographed together Saturday night at a party saluting music producer Clive Davis.

    Don’t Miss
    Grammys hoping to hit some high notes Sunday
    Officer Karen Smith told CNN that LAPD officers were looking for Brown, but wouldn’t confirm whether they were at the Grammys.

  9. MoneAlicia said

    Rihanna’s HAWT! So are Keri & Lauren London.

    Tiny just can’t take a good picture for shyt! Can’t believe she was the cute one in the group back in the day. See, yall??? Being light~skinned is a plus!

  10. Lacy said

    TI is soo high off of some type of DRUG. That prison term is finally getting to him…

  11. CrystalShine said

    Okay what’s up with riri hat with the knife sticking downward in front of tha hat. No wonder her a Chris aren’t in any pics together. He doesn’t want to be stab by Mrs. Rehab!

  12. 2thick4u said

    That was a celeb filled party. Everyone came out and had a blast 🙂 !!!

    Damn where they giving away free Blackberry Storms :)!!!

  13. ucanb2 said

    Pretty good!

  14. sinovia said

    oggggggggg. Stop hatin kon poor tiny, tho i stil think he could most def do better,lol.! oh and you guys see omarion? i just lost all of it for that nigger, but oh well he still richer than me.;-). How could he like only light skinned women? Just stupidddddddd!!!!!!!!!

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