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Archive for February 9th, 2009

Doublemint Gum Suspends Chris Brown Endorsement

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2009


It seems that the Corporate world has begun cutting sh*t off for Mr. Take You Down, I really Wanna Take You Down. They’ve said hell to the naw, to his Doublemint Gum Endorsement. As of now the ish is suspended until further notice.

Via MTV:

In the wake of Chris Brown’s arrest on Sunday for making criminal threats, the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company — makers of Doublemint chewing gum — have announced that they are suspending a current ad campaign that features the singer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rihanna was the woman assaulted

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2009


For those who doubted it has come to the light, Rihanna is the woman who was allegedly assaulted by Chris Brown.

Via TMZ:

TMZ has confirmed Rihanna is the named alleged victim in the Chris Brown case and the allegation is that she was assaulted with a deadly weapon.

Law enforcement sources tell us the crime report calls the incident assault with a deadly weapon — we do not yet know the nature of the weapon.

The crime report gives the victim’s name as Robyn Fenty — that’s Rihanna’s real name.

Mediaoutrage– Awe shucks. Damn a deadly weapon? As more details unfold we will post them.

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Tatyana Turns 30

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2009


Tatyana Ali celebrated her 30th birthday at Zune in LA on Saturday night with her sister Anastasia, Alfonso Ribeiro, Dawn Richard, Katerina Graham and Twista. Little “Ashley” grew up to be a very good looking woman. Alfonso Ribeiro looks like he needs help with his busted ass.


More birthday pics when you Read the rest of this entry »

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Jamie Foxx & Daughter

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2009


Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corrine attended the Grammy’s last night. Good to see Jamie introducing his daughter to the entertainment world. Jamie definitely looks like he’s a pretty good father. How many of you feel that Jamie can sing his ass off? Oh and shout out to Shamara from Power99 radio station in Philly! Midday Princess holds M.O. down on a regular and we definitely want to make it known that we appreciate the constant LOVE. Philly Stand Up!


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My Stylist Needs A Stylist…Like Yesterday!

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2009


M.I.A. hit the Grammy red carpet looking like a fashion misfit. Who out there in M.O. reader land has enough ballz to say their feeling this outfit? We dare you lol…..


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Gabrielle Union

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2009


Gabrielle Union was in the Virgin Islands this weekend for the opening of Tantra nightclub & Sanctuary in St. Maarten. Gabby seemed to be really enjoying herself. We’d like to see her hop her ass back to work and jump in a movie.


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Chris Brown Turns Himself In

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2009


After disappearing for a second, Chris Brown has turned himself into the police following an alleged assault on a woman that is believed to be Rihanna.

Via Yahoo:

Following Brown’s arrest late Sunday night on suspicion of making a criminal threat and subsequent release, plenty of questions remained: Was there a physical attack, and if so, against whom was it committed?

Los Angeles Police Sgt. Bridget Pickett said authorities continued to investigate what took place early Sunday in the ritzy Hancock Park neighborhood shortly after Brown and longtime girlfriend, pop superstar Rihanna, were seen happily sitting together at the annual pre-Grammy party hosted by Clive Davis.

Officers received a 911 call about an incident in which a woman accused Brown of hurting her. Authorities have not identified who that woman was, citing confidentiality for victims of domestic abuse. Read the rest of this entry »

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Trying Her Damndest To Stay Relevant

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2009


Mya who needs a hit worst than your neighborhood “Pookie” hit up the Aeropostale store in the Pentagon Mall in Arlington, VA to donate some jeans to That’s nice and all but she might just want to hit a studio somewhere and pump out a hit, it would be way easier than doing all these nice things to maintain relevancy. Would you buy a Mya album? Yes, we’re talking to you….


More Mya when you Read the rest of this entry »

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The Rock

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2009


Dwayne Johnson attended the 51st Annual Grammy’s last night at the Staples Center looking his regular buff built self. Ladies, could the Rock get the digits if he was Joe Smoe from around the corner?


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Jennifer Hudson’s Amazing Grammy Performance

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2009


Jennifer Hudson sang her heart out in an emotional Grammy performance last night. Keep doing the thing Jennifer!

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