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The Stack Diminisher

Posted by Media Outrage on February 10, 2009


Tracey Edmonds was all smiles this weekend as she attended the New Era & 944 Magazine Pre-Grammy party in Westwood, CA. Every time Tracey and her pretty ass steps out of the house, some poor unsuspecting weak ass n*gga’sstacks are in real f*cking jeopardy, believe that. Tracey seems to have a special skill at levitating those stacks from his account and magically transferring them to hers.


Your girl Kim Kardashian when you


13 Responses to “The Stack Diminisher”

  1. ..and I have special skills to levitate that dress from those big casaba mellons she posesses…God, she my be trouble but she still looks good!!

  2. Marathon_Man said


    you said it my n*gga. oh shux i keep forgetting that their are kids reading this. you said it my BRO-HAM.

    Tracey has some beautiful eyes but she would sure need lasex laser surgery after i squirted GO-NAD juice all in her corneas.

  3. All they both look nice…but wifey hair lookin a lil flat…is it suppose to be like that? Is Tracy Edmound Hispanic? She looks hispanic….

  4. Bob Sagget said

    Tracey & kim are beautiful.

  5. Smurfette said

    Tracey is gorgeous!

  6. Cstyle said

    BOTH LOOKIN ON POINT<<< why does klohe even travel with other kardashians she dont fit son!!!

  7. 2thick4u said

    She has aged gracefully :)!!!!

    She is a beautiful looking woman!!!

  8. Hovy's Home said

    Tracey’s still hot.

  9. CrystalShine said

    Tracey looks adorable!

  10. Miss E said

    Both look good..but Kim needs to trim her bangs you can barely see her eyes.

  11. krazy said

    Tracy is still looking for a man. She looks okay. All that BabyFace money would make you look georgous too. Still don’t care for her, since that deal with Eddie Murphy. She’s tooo prizzy.

  12. ucanb2 said

    Tracey is gorgeous… Kim is pretty and Kourtney

  13. Damn…I didn’t even see Khloe…she looks so awkward when she’s with her sister…she gotta crouch down some to pose with them. And it’s not that she’s super tall either, it’s just that Kim and Kourt are hella short…5’2 and 5’0…Khloe’s 5’10…I’m their publicist…I should know…lol

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