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Night & Day

Posted by Media Outrage on February 12, 2009


Fat Joe and The Dark Night were on location in NYC yesterday for the video shoot of “One.” Whenever you see these two together you do realize America is truly a melting pot because what you have standing before you is Puertorican and Mbutu’s proudest warrior. How many still like Fat Joe’s music? How many switch stations whenever it comes on? Treach from Naughty By Nature was on set also.


A few more pics of Night & Day when you



36 Responses to “Night & Day”

  1. Akon should pose for more pictures in the sun….he needs to quit being photographed at night…it’s a waste of film…..Fat Joe is sexy though…

  2. I feel that Joe had a couple of hits but for the most part i would have to rate his music negative ASS (-ASS) . Akon’s voice is highly annoying and sounds like he swallowed a ocean full of helium. Treach still looks like a bottle drinkin, Phillie Blunt smoking B-boy from the 90’s who just won’t retire and get into a new job….

    ……… has taken a horrible fuckin turn!

  3. Lai'Lani said

    Lol @ DT.

    No don’t listen to Fat Joe’s music. Liked Lean Back and that’s it. Akon needs to give it a rest and throw some bleach on his skin.

  4. malia said

    lol@comments!!! akon is hot lol

  5. @ malia,

    Akon is hot…he looks like he flew in off his asteroid. I think he is the Emperor of the planet mercury with his burnt ass. The temp there is around 1200 F…..

  6. CrystalShine said

    @ lailani u know tha outcome when u bleach ya skin! Look at Michael Jackson!

  7. Miss E said

    LMAO @ DT

    Akon is busted (never reallly cared for him) and Joe is ok but we all know hiphop and rap today is WACK!!

  8. ucanb2 said

    Don’t like either’s music.

  9. MissTX85 said

    Fat Joe is sexy. But yeah his music ain’t the same anymore. Akon….no comment. And DT you just don’t quit, lol. I’m gon’ have to quit reading your comments, lol.

  10. MissTX85 said

    Oh yeah LMAO M.O. at that title!

  11. @ MissTX85

    I can only call it how i see it…lol

  12. beach chick said

    LMAO at the title!

  13. Smurfette said

    Where did they dig Treach up from? And I wouldn’t buy a Fat Joe album if it cost $12.99 and FYE had a 99% sale off every CD in the store.

  14. London said

    You are all ignorant idiots.

    Teasing a man because of his skin when you are all african american.

    Ghetto ignorant fools!

    read a book and get some culture

  15. @London…please shut up(I mean that in the most loving of ways)…OMG these sensitive folks have been bombarding this site lately….see what Crazo and Rihanna done did!!!!

  16. 2020VIZN said

    I aint teased him yet because you have to pick on a person in their presance to tease them, but if I ever see him Im gonna call him High Yellow or Redbone, because If he is from Mercury Like DT said, where its 1200 degrees, then this crispy critter was prolly a white person!

  17. lol @2020!!!

  18. We shouldnt make fun of his skin color and I for one do apologize for the comment. It’s wrong and I will ask Media Outrage to remove my comment because thats division amoung my own race.

    As a matter of fact I want to apologize to any woman that I offened with my vulgarity and crude humor. Is there any woman or man out there that I offended…please respond so I can apologize?

  19. No DT…you didn’t offend me…I love the way you gets me all hot an d bother and ready to explode like a can of soda that has been in the freezer for too long….put me in the freezer DT!!!!! MAKE ME EXPLODE!!!!!

    …I really need some dick….

  20. GIRL, u nasty as fuck…I LOVE IT!! too bad im in this computer world. Bu ti know that I may offend some women out there and I may need to tone down ranchiness…..So If I offended any woman out there, please I want to apologize to you sweetheart.

  21. 2020VIZN said

    I saw Akon a few minutes ago and he wanted yall to know that he is planing to remake some hits fron the past, He said:

    Well I am excited to let yall know theat my next few projects will be remakes of some of my favorite songs. The first will be off of the sound track of the movie CB4. It was the hit called “Im black Yall” followed up by the remake of the early 2 Live crew son called “I aint bullshitin” Ended by a tribute to the the late great James Brown “Im Balck as fuck and proud as a motherfucker” Look for me in stores……but only during the daytime.

  22. Smurfette said

    @ DT, you don’t offend me or most of the ppl on here. Some ppl are overly sensitive and need to log off that library computer if the comments on here get to them! My comment was not directed at anyone in particular.

    *pointing at London wit my toe lol

    @ Claudette, calm down. You will get some dick soon enough. Good dick is hard to cum by so it will be worth the wait! Be patient Chile! Lol

  23. @Smurfette…it’s not that…I could get some, but I’ve decided to not have sex until marriage/true love…which ever comes first,I think I’m starting to have second thoughts though…

  24. Yea I Said It said

    @ DT If I say I am offended would you come in person to apologize?

  25. Smurfette said

    I know you are a virgin, and that’s why I said be patient. If you waited this long, I don’t want u to regret giving it up to some fool u thought was gonna marry you and he don’t. You will be proud of yourself if you wait. But before you marry whoever u gone marry, u better get your feel on and make sure he hung like a horse or you will regret marryin his toddler penis ass! Im just sayin

  26. @ Yea I Said It….yes I will. I will cum to Chi and apologize. Only thing is my friend (3rd leg Willie) dosent speak..but spits a real fluent language that you may like…..

    Claudette needs some lumber in her life and who are we to stop her natural God given urges?……lol

  27. lol…I’ll be sure to do that…thanx!

  28. Smurfette said

    Be quiet DT! Lol I know she has urges but she will be glad she waited! How do I know? I wish I would have waited.

  29. Sex is more addictive than coke and heroin smoked in a blunt full of cush. Once you get penetrated its over. I took my first hit of puss 19 years ago and been turned out ever since.

  30. Smurfette said

    @ DT, you are so right! I know after that first time, I couldn’t get enough! But if I had never started I couldn’t miss what I never had! Lol but damn, when that shit good, and I squirt its feels greeeeeeat! (In my tony the tiger voice)

    *can’t believe I just wrote that

  31. I believe it and you BETTER keep writing like that girl!!!!!…lol

  32. Smurfette said


  33. Yea I Said It said

    @ DT… in that case Hell To the Yes I am so mad, I want to my apology next weekend, from friday to monday….

  34. 2020VIZN said

    I always miss the good shit………..Im a stop fuckin with yall…I feel like Akon Butt naked at a P-Diddy White Party. Gotdayum misfit……SMDH!!!!

  35. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ 2020

  36. Marathon_Man said

    damn i never miss the good shit! Yo Claudette don;t listen to Smurfette boo! She’s telling you lies baby gurl. You need to get in the whip and drive up to Jerz or meet ol Marathon_Mania half way and I can help satisfy some of them urges there girl.

    I’m talking beatin that thang up like and Ike and Tina flick.

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