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Coupled Up: All-Star Weekend version

Posted by Media Outrage on February 16, 2009


Saturday night which was the day for lovers popped off in a major way out in Phoenix as Jay-Z and Lebron James got together and threw their 3rd Annual “Two Kings” dinner and after party for everybody and they momma’s momma. Kobe, Vanessa, Beyonce and Jay posed for a few pictures during the gala. Everyone from Gayle King, Spike Lee, Gabrielle Union, Jesse Jackson, Michael Strahan, Chris Tucker, Tamia & Grant Hill, Jeezy, Chris Paul, Moses Malone, Shaq, Steve Stoute, Lebron’s woman Savanna Brinson and more all attended the event and had a great time.


More All-Star pics when you








9 Responses to “Coupled Up: All-Star Weekend version”

  1. 2thick4u said

    I see he went from Coke bottle shades to Dark & Ugly shades. Jay please stop. Your shade picks are not flattering :(!!!

    Beyonce dress is nice.

    Kobe wife face gives me the shivers…she looks arrogant :(!!!

  2. Atlanta said

    Kobe’s wife actually looks pretty and this is the very first time that I have ever said that.

  3. Atlanta said

    @2thick4u…I feel what you are saying but, she CAN’T be any more arrogant than Beyonce.

  4. OMG…Lebron Sexier than all outdoors James….Yum!!!! His girlfriend is really cute…never seen her before….

  5. Thats whats up…Its good to see positive brothas out there doing the damn thing and representing the NBA in it’s true fashion…


  6. MissTX85 said

    Everybody’s looking pretty decent for a change. But Michael, stop smiling because the gap is so not it. And Jay, get a fucking haircut or perm that shit or something. And stop wearing those ugly ass glasses, you already look like a damn fool without them.

  7. Lacy said

    Kobe wife is always sucking on a lemon . Her face is f*** up and why is she about to slap the shit out of Kobe for putting up that rock SIGN? She probably went home and said” don’t be embarrassing me out in public acting all URBAN.I can see Lebron and Kobe becoming good friends ..

  8. ucanb2 said

    Yeah I agree Vanessa Bryant actually looks nice today… I don’t think she’s arrogant/ just worried what Kobie-Dog will do next.. keep that leash tight.
    Bey looks nice as usual.

  9. Yea I Said It said

    My guess would be Kobe wife keeps an eye out for any signs of him wanting to take off his clothes and go running across the room, looking for a forest. After all he use to be a deer before she brushed him off and cleaned him up. He is throwing his huffs up in hopes of finding people from his deer family. Anybody.

    As for bey and trout mouth, who knows what the hell made her drag this disgrace out for people to smell his head when he walks pass. Knowing jayz head smell like unwashed pubic hair all day errrday

    I wonder did gayle get permission from her man Oprah to scout out men, otherwise I’m need to know what the hell she out and about for.

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