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LL In Concert

Posted by Media Outrage on February 20, 2009


LL broke out his huge biceps for his performance last night at the Nokia Theater in NYC. Despite the fact that LL’s last few albums have sucked Gorilla nutz, women still melt in his prescence. Ladies we have to ask does LL still do it for you? If he was a regular joe could he get the digits or the stiff middle finger?


More LL when you



5 Responses to “LL In Concert”

  1. CrystalShine said

    L.L. Could get the middle finger of me pointing at him telling him 2 come 2 me. He also can get tha digits, and also he can get it whenever wherever!

    Juicy lips muthaf**ka ummmmm!

    Shoutout 2 M.O. Making me all moist on this good friday!

  2. Yeah I Said It said

    Hell to the no, when LL get thru likcing the shit out of his lips, then what? Cause he on swole don’t mean he got it like that,lookin at his fingers may mean he kinda bent downstairs or crooket or something!!!

  3. MissTX85 said

    Man LL still and has always done it for me. From when he was skinny, to when he put on weight. And don’t get me started on now! Even if he wasn’t a rapper, he’d still be sexy as hell to me! Also, to Yeah I Said It, my cousin has a pic of him in concert. He’s got a nice package. She was front and center, claimed she touched him/it but hey that pic speaks for itself.

  4. ucanb2 said

    Hmm!!! Go LL

  5. Cyndy said

    he’s never EVER done anything for my sweat glands. he’s too big to me. im not into buff men. plus he has had a ton of “work” done to his body and face. ill.

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