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A Birthday Bash For Juelz Santana

Posted by Media Outrage on February 26, 2009


Juelz Santana and Tim Thomas threw a b-day bash in NYC last night. Juelz posed for a pic with New York’s own former radio personality Egypt. Toccara, Ron Browz, Vince Carter, Bobby Valentino, Angie Martinez, and a few more came out to support and party.


More photos when you





11 Responses to “A Birthday Bash For Juelz Santana”

  1. CrystalShine said

    Wtf! Im not feeling this rasberry berra suit, its looks fruity. Looks like he had fun!

  2. cutiewitbigbooty said

    Juelz looks cute. I like the suit. Egypt looks nice in that picture.

    Bobby V is so damn short.

  3. Miss E said

    I like Juelz..where is the rest of the dipset crew..they didn’t get invitations 😦

  4. ucanb2 said

    Egypt looks nice… this wasn’t Tocarra’s A-Game this time.

  5. MissTX85 said

    Both Juelz and Egypt look nice. Not feeling Juelz jacket though.

  6. Marathon_Man said

    Egypt could get the business all night long.

  7. g555 said

    Egypt got some big ass tits. Excuse the vulgarity.

  8. Egypt is fine as red wine. I’d get so lost in those titties I’d need a GPS Navigational system just to find my way back on my feet.

  9. Cut Up said

    Tim Thomas look like he can stuff Juelz is his back pocket and you wouldn’t even notice him.

  10. Smurfette said

    I hope he had a good party but who even listen to Juelz Wack Ass Santana!?

  11. Marathon_Man said

    Yea her pretty face would most certainly win starring role in Skeet Fest 2009

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