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A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Posted by Media Outrage on March 5, 2009


Dennis Rodman hit up Feelgood’s Rock Bar in South Beach in all of his tatoo splendor. Dennis still seems to be the life of whatever party he’s apart of. Ladies do keep it real, if Dennis approached you could he get the digits, dinner, a movie and the drawers? Or no digits, a stiff middle finger and the whole shaken-ed up can of Mace?


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12 Responses to “A Face Only A Mother Could Love”

  1. Gina said

    Who said his mom loved the face? Lol

    And hellll 2 the naw!!! *in my whitney voice* u must be out yo gat damn mind!

  2. Yeah I Said It said

    His face is just cryin out for help. As much as he tries to hide it by all the piercings it keeps comin back.

    Poor big throat DR,his face texture is turnin into alligator skin.

    MO I could kill you everytime you ask that damn Q. You know damn well he could’nt get no attention,not even mace. He is just not there.

  3. Terrance said

    Wow Yeah I Said It, if I was Dennis and read your comment I would cry. Everytime I see Dennis he’s partying like it’s 1999. I think he got white folk beat when it comes to partying, and white people go hard when they party.

  4. Yasmine T. said

    Man he loves some white women lol. No MO he couldn’t get my number. I would love to talk to him about Michael Jordan lol but that’s it. My uncle used to watch every Jordan game so I saw a lot of Dennis Rodman on TV years ago. Poor thang.

  5. Yeah I Said It said

    LOL @ Terrance

  6. CrystalShine said

    Aww hell no, his face looks like a deform alien.

    No digits,can get tha middle finger, mace, and a baseball beating.

  7. Miss E said

    Ain’t no way..this nucca belongs on!

    I was hoping his weak a$$ got voted off of Celebrity Apprentice the other night!

  8. C Freak said

    he would get the latter and the dust off my shoes as I run away.

  9. C Freak said

    Madonna did that? Extra UUgghhh!

  10. jolie said

    HELL NO!!! He was on Oprah some years ago talking some crap about how he only dates white women because they are not after him for his money. All right Negro, believe that these white females are with you for your looks and not what they can get out of your funny looking self. Whereas a white female will not care & use your butt to get what they want, I don’t know if a black female can do that. I don’t know how they can be with someone when they know they are disgusted by his looks, attitude and skin color. Shoot, I will continue to work for my money.

  11. MissTX85 said

    Hell naw!! Not even if he was the only man on earth. That fool literally has a look that could kill. And his mama don’t love that face. She might like it but she don’t love it, lol. Ugh!! I’m getting sick just thinking of how ugly he is.

  12. ucanb2 said

    He is so damn nasty looking to me…..UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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