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T.I.- “I Ain’t No Snitch”

Posted by Media Outrage on March 6, 2009


T.I. will begin serving his 1 year and a day jail sentence on March 27th. But in the latest issue of VIBE magazine which he covers, he explains that he didn’t snitch to get a reduced sentence.

Via ContactMusic:

Rapper T.I. has hit back at rumours he provided information to cops in order to land a reduced jail sentence for firearms offences.
The Whatever You Like hitmaker, real name Clifford Harris, is due to begin a year-long jail term this month (27Mar09) for illegal weapons possession.
His punishment is widely viewed as lenient, with some people claiming he cut a deal with the authorities in order to receive a reduced sentence.
But the hip-hop star is adamant he did not “snitch” his way out of a harsher punishment.
He tells Vibe magazine, “Ain’t no such thing as a secret snitch. If there was there’d be no need for the witness protection program. Pull up my agreement. It’s public record. Ain’t no way you could hide it, especially being a public figure.
“And as much as people saying that it is happening, don’t you think somebody would have did the research to say, ‘Okay look, we got proof, here it is?’ People just know that it could have been a lot worse and they wanted it to be a lot worse, but lies will never overrule the truth.”

Mediaoutrage– Snitch or not just be happy you only got a year and a day after copping like a 1000 machine guns.

64 Responses to “T.I.- “I Ain’t No Snitch””

  1. JUICEE said

    he such a cutie, a lucky one at that, and its sad how stars get treated different, i guess that money they spend on attorneys pay off, i know a few guys that got caught up with weapons, and was sent off to federal prison for 10, 20 years

  2. burnone said

    He say it didn’t “snitch” and I wanna believe him but it’s kind of hard. He already had a record plus he was on probation already.

  3. burnone said

    Remember the Punk episode

  4. CrystalShine said

    Im still trying 2 find out why he needed all those guns for. Was he going 2 war with Iraq?

  5. Smurfette said

    Better to do a yr than get killed for snitchin

  6. Terrance said

    Pardon me but I don’t know all of the details of his case. Who else was involved in the case that T.I. could have ratted on to reduce his time?

  7. cvenn33 said

    TI has definately crowned the king of the south for the last few years, but recently I have been listening to East coast hiphop.’Serius Jones’has made a name for himself from freestyles in New York to getting a deal with Def Jam and hooking up with down south rapper ‘Ludacris’ and signing with DTP. His new album ‘The Greatest’, is even better than his last album ‘KING ME’ and gets mad props from me and all my boys. He deserves a crown and is definately the prince of East Coast hiphop!!!!

  8. 2020VIZN said

    2020 enters the room, looks around spots T.I. and scrambles to hide his oz. of Humbolt County Chronic. They hold a lite conversation for a minute and T.I. offers him a glass of Henesey. 2020 accepts, T.I. returns a minute later with a bottle of liquor and two glasses. 2020 figures he is cool so he offers T.I. a bleezee to balze. T.I. says yeah dog this is just what I needed. T.I. then says, we can burn one as soon as I get out of the bathroom. 2020 says cool dog. T.I. looks around and picks up his cell phone and goes into the bathroom. A minute later he comes back and says, lets fye that bitch up dog. As soon as 2020 lights up the bleezee T.I. says in a very loud, very clearly and very slow, HEY DOG, I DONT SMOKE MY OUNCE OF WEED IN BLUNTS I USE BIBLE PAPERS!!! 2020 immediately knows whats going on and before he can make a dash for the door the feds have 14 automatic weapons in 2020’s face. Aint this a bitch!! T.I. runs to the corner of the room and say, I didnt have a choice maaaaan, I had to do it, they threatened to take my pet pig and cook her….. and you know how much I love my pig

    2020: n!&&a you afarmer now? where you get a pig from??

    T.I: I got her from Jermain Dupree, I named her after me and the city where my daddy moved to before he died

    2020: foreal dude, well whats her name:

    T.I: TI NY

    Thats a joke yall and If yall are mad I take it back…………Only the part about the weed, I dont smoke weed.

    But, I want to know the name of his lawyer because, he was caught trying to buy machine guns and silencers, and a person with a felony conviction can get 10 years for the silencers alone. Not to mention the 10 guns he was trying to buy, plus the ones they found in his cribs, but to top it all off T.I. Is black and that alone will get you life if you get caught witha gat. He is saying real loud that he aint no snitch, which means he prolly is one. But um T.I., um TIP, um Clifford….There is a such thing as a secret snitch. And take that blowed out condom off of the side of your head Bwoy!!!!!!

  9. Yeah I Said It said

    @ 2020…lol, you know you wrong for this shit!!!!

    And you talkin bout my boy T. I don’t care nothing bout his rockwiler,Tiny.

    2020. I might have to call you out and it’s gonna get real ugly in a nasty way,cause you talkin bout my baby…. T.I. now I’m leavin this room and when i get back.. you best not be in attendence…….

  10. Lio said

    There nothing wrong with snitching, snitch and live…lol check the video below about snitchin

  11. MissTX85 said

    2020 a fool!! Lmao. I love me some T.I. but I feel what you’re saying though.

  12. Smurfette said

    Lmao @ 2020!

  13. 2020VIZN said

    I went to the barber shop and people were talking about T.I. One barber jumped up and said, its 4 things black people just need to admit…..

    1. O.J. Did it
    2. Rodney King should have got his ass whooped for being a grown man and driving a Hyundai
    3. Rosa parks aint do nothing but sit her ass down
    4. and AND, T.I. Turned States Evidence in order to get off them gun charges the way he did…..Dat lil cut off bastard snitched. He told, he told that lil nigga told.

    He went to jail for a minute about 4 years ago on some low level felony, Now that means he is a he is a convicted felon. He gets caught buying 10 fuckin Machine guns and silencers and gets a mutherfuckin year in jail……..1 year…………that is incredible. I dont care what nobody says, he snitched on someone. Now I was telling people back in 2000 about T.I. I am one of his first supporters, but I tell you this, I wouldnt run a stop sign with his ass in the car, he might flagg down the metro cops and tell on my ass.

  14. Yeah I Said It said

    I help my baby T.I get settled in his cell and hook him up with laptop and sites to visit to keep him entertained… He happens on MO and find people talkin shit bout him..Not a good look and he becomes upset. I promise to handle it and tell him I will return in a week for our first lay down…I go by the hardware purchase lighter fluid,gloves,garbage bags. Run by walgreens purchase water and diapers…. I change in car rental place and head out for Miami 2020 is on my mind..

    I arrive and go str8 to last known place he said he worked at, the airport. I take with me a printout of three different post he posted on includin the one with him disses my boy… to see if anyone was up on his style, two people were and told me to go down to the cabstand he likes to hang out there talkin shit bout the gov. I go down and missed him by a hair. Find out he went to the Art Deco district to a place he likes to eat at, I ride over and missed him but was told by a waitress she remembers him cause he was talkin foul bout her cousin, Lisa-raye. I ask did she want to fix that, she said she would however I had a smell that prevents her from ridin down on him with me…. (yea so what my diaper is soaked, I’m on a mission)
    She said he was headed to southbeach for teh wine tastin… I am happy cause this is where i plan to light him up and after the burn and me puttin my dirty diaper on his chard remains, I will put all five parts of him in a garbage bag and throwin it in the ocean. I can head back with clean diapers and dispose of the gloves while driving…. He is not at the beach, but a wind surfer told me he was fuckin with him about the attitude and him not being able to gain height. They had words and 2020 cut him off headed to Do Dirty house, everybody in Miami knows Do Dirty so he was easy to locate… I show up and I must admit there was a custer of flies behind my path but I promise to end it soon as I find 2020… I knock on the door and no one answers but i hear noise and music, I hear the song (Shot gun shoot’em 4 he runs now) I back off and decide to wait in car for him to come out, when he does i will throw the fluid on him and strike a match. F**k the rest I need to head back to the A.T.L. to make sure my boy T.I. is restin comfortably……. Today is Saturday and I can wait for as long as next
    Friday… When spring break is up……. Ride or die for T.I

  15. Smurfette said

    Wow @ yea! U is ride or die for real! Lol

  16. 2020VIZN said

    Lol @ Yea

    2020 has major clout in his home town, dade county. He was tipped off and informed that there was this fine ass broad asking questions about him and his where abouts. He asked who she was, but no one knew her name. The only info he had was that she wore an American Airlines flight attendant outfit, and smelled like the youngest babae’s kid. every where he went people were telling him that someone was looking for him. At first he was excited and was anticipating having a good time wih the fine ass woman that was looking for him. But it started to look like the smelly ass flight attendant was less than pleasant when asking about him. He soon found out that the smelly dime peice was looking to do him harm, he became upset. He didnt play around and took it so serious that He began going to different places around town. He was building his gun collection up (2020 is never caught slipping). He finds out that the flight attendant was flying to the ATL. He make makes reservations to take the same flight that she was booked on. He notices a sister that is upgraded to first class section because there were seats available, he puts 20 and 20 together, and thinks to himself….and then it hits him. Damn this was the flight attendant that was looking for him. He thinks to himself, this is one fine chick and begins to have nasty thoughts run throught his mind, but realizes that this woman wants to do him harm, and snaps out of his nasty thoughts and follows her from a distance. After about an hour they arrive at the a prison in Georgia. He gets close enough to find out that she came to visit Clifford Harris. The correction Officer informs the fine as flight attendant that Clifford Harris is tied up at the time because he just went into the back to affect his monthly congigal visit with a pig named TI NY. Clifford and his pig emerge a few minutes later and the flight attendant confront him and the pig. 2020 and a CO break up the dispute between the three. Once everything is back to normal 2020 comes foward and tells T.I. that he almost got the flight attendant offed and he should get his ass whooped for various reasons. 2020 tells them that he was gonna give the machine guns back to the shade tree gun salesman as soon as he gets back home. 2020 then gives the upset fligt attendant a kiss on the forhead and a slap on the booty and tells her that she can call him when she gets her mind right. 2020, goes to the Airport and flys home. He gets back to his neighboorhood and turns down the street that his house is on, to find what looked like a scene from Belly, feds are every where. 2020 turns on to a street two blocks from his crib and heads for the “safe spot” All he can think of is how much he wants to bust Clifford’s head because he has snitched once again.

  17. 2020VIZN said

    8 hours later 2020 lands at Laguardia airport:

    2020 pulls out cell phone: Smurffette come scoop ya boy up from the airport, I need a ride to the safe spot

    Smurfette: what happened dude?

    2020: YISI dun came at me over a outsider outsider

    Smurfette: Awww hell naaaw, I cant believe that shit.

    2020: It was TI

    Smurfette shaking head in disgust: TI cool but he aint family:

    2020: I know, I thought the same thing. I got so upset I almost pulled a Rambo, I started to pull ou the Jammy and flat blast both of them…….but I chilled, I didnt want to mess up this $37 Members only trench coat. but get th rest of the crew and tell the whats up and have the meet us at the spot.

    Smurfette: Fasho, Im on the way man

  18. Yeah I Said It said

    Since my return to the A.T.L…. I find out Tiny knows bout me and T.I… We meet up at the place and show out… I see 2020 standin in the grip and want to get at him some kind of ugly,but the pig is in my way. So I have to deal with him later…..When the dust settle,I get a call from my new found friend Do Dirty from Miami… He informs me 2020 is in New York, and it can only mean one thing, he and Smurf have now formed a partnership against me. The only way to find out 2sho is to send smurf a msg and see if she diss me… I call she plays sleep. So I call back and she come at me on some weak tip bout how she out rollin with a family friend from DC…. and will get back at me.. I know it’s not true cause she only has two friends… myself and 2020… so I call up my girl ATL and tell her to fly out with me and help me take care of business… She gain, as long as I help her get at some unfinish business back in ATL… We arrive in New York, I call smurf and tell old girl to hang out with me. She ask me can she bring a friend, i say yea…. meet me at the bridge. (I’ts a new underground club, in Queens) Myself and my girl Atl go to Harlem and get up with pookie,for a little assistance. Pookie call ray ray, and lilmike and they agree to ride out with us..It’s real serious at this point… As we ridin I cannot believe it’s has come to this… I reflect on how 2020 and I were going to do the world and now I have to peel his scalp… And as for smurf.. my girl turned on me by sidein up with 2.. So I ask Atl can she handle my light work.. We get to the bridge and it’s a trap. The police are there and we get busted by dirty cops on the payroll of Do Dirty……. Damn. I am in jail and all I can think of is how bad I need to get 2020 and my girl smurf….. Sorry Atl, I promise to get you out too girl……

  19. Lio said

    LOL! you guys are crazy..LOL. you better copyright that shit, cause i’m copying and pasting everything and flying to hollywood to sell this….LOL

  20. 2020VIZN said

    2020 sits at the safe spot and starts to feel bad. I dont know if I have crossed the line, I put the Furman boys on YISI. This is weird because I would never put the dirty boys on anyone that is presant or former fam. But the disloyalty being displayed by YISI is uncharacteristic to say the least and I cant put my finger on this shit, Im pissed because I have been loyal almost to a fault. Damn this shit just aint adding up.

    The phone rings, 2020 puts down his Crown Royal and and picks up the phone, its Do DirtY

    DD: its done dog, theme dirty boys caught her and locked her up.

    2020: O.K. dog, you always come through.

    DD: Man, whats up, you dont sound like you care about this shit?

    2020: I dont know if I should have put the Furman boys on her.

    DD; Well check this out,this shit is deeper that we thought.

    2020: what you mean dog

    DD; when they caught her, she was with another thugged out broad and the car they were driving was filled with machine guns, silencers, grenades and molotove cocktails, and the GPS in the car was programed to your location……..Dog I know what you are about to ask, and she got all that shit from the snitch.


    2020: If she was listening to me, I could have told her that the cops that picked he up were ther same ones that had info on his snitch activity

    2020 turns on the stereo and puts on James Brown. He starts singing long with the song, hile loading weapons 2020 singing: Hey! Gotta gotta pay back!! (The big payback)
    Revenge!! I’m mad (the big payback)
    Got to get back! Need some get back!! Pay Back! (the big payback)
    That’s it!! Payback!!! Revenge!!!
    I’m mad!!

    Get down with my girlfriend, That ain’t right!!
    Hollarin’ cussin’, you wanna fight
    Payback is a thing you gotta see
    Brother do any damn thing to me

    Sold me out, for chump change (yes you did!!)
    Told me that they, they had it all arranged
    You handed me down, and thats a fact
    Now you’re pumped, You gotta get ready For the big payback!! (the big
    That’s where I am, the big payback (the big payback!!)

    I can do wheelin’, I can do dealin’ (yes you can!!) But I don’t do no damn
    I can dig rappin’, I’m ready!! I can dig scrappin’
    But I can’t dig that backstabbin’ (Oh No!!)

    2020 calls smurfette to tell her what the deal is.

    2020: smrfette, Im gonna need you to lay low because YISI was gonna smoke me, and she thinks that we have teamed up against her but that aint true. You was just looking out for family by picking me up from the airpott.

    Smurfette: what ever you need bruh, Im here for you

    2020: I know you are, but I dont want you to get caught up in this shit, so just lay low. I will holla at you later. I have to go and pick up Our girl Atlanta. you know how much she hates T.I.

    2020 picks up Atlanta at the airport and informs her of the situation. she gets real pissed when this shit is all bout T.I.

    Atlanta: I tried to tell yall abouth this weak MF. Im gonna call Shorty Lo, he is gonna love this shit.

    2020 to Atlanta: YISI came at me because of some coments I made about him snithchin.

    Atlanta: I told yall about him a while back. When Lo gets here we gonna ride on their ass.

    2020: I cant blieve this shit.

  21. Smurfette said

    Smurfette: dialing 2020 number. What up 20? I was just calling to make sure u and ATL is alright since yall got back to GA.

    2020: Yeah we good. Im just laying low wit Atl at some of her ppl spot. She let Shawty Lo know the deal and they in the back recording a diss record right now bout all this shit.

    Smurfette: well im glad yall okay but I just heard YISI was spotted at a Chik-Fil-A in Riverdale. Watch yo back. Im goin to be down yall way ina couple of days so just lay low for now. I know yall pissed and ready to ride but this shit gettin real and I needs to be there!

    2020: Fo Sho! You know me, you know how I gets down!

    @ Ahight, tell ATL I said good lookin! One

  22. Lio said

    KEEP THEM COMING PPL… take your laptop, go to starbucks, and start typing …C’mon

  23. Yeah I Said It said

    I am back in Chicago, to get a new look at this situtation. I call my boy Ice cube out in L.A. and tell him bout the whole thing for a fresh look at it all with a new pair of eyes… Cube said just do yo same o same o, til i come up with what’s what’s and who’s who…
    I retreat to the spa with thoughts of 2020, and what could have been. I lay back with my music plugged in and this song come up that puts in all in focus for me….

    Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend
    Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within
    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth uh
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof

    The truth is in the eyes
    Cause the eyes don’t lie, amen
    Remember a smile is just
    A frown turned upside down
    My friend let me tell you
    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth, uh
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof
    Beware, beware of the handshake
    That hides the snake
    I’m telling you beware
    Beware of the pat on the back
    It just might hold you back
    Jealousy (jealousy)
    Misery (misery)

    I tell you, you can’t see behind smiling faces
    Smiling faces sometimes they don’t tell the truth
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof

    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof
    (Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes)
    (Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes)
    I’m telling you beware, beware of the handshake
    That hides the snake
    Listen to me now, beware
    Beware of that pat on the back
    It just might hold you back
    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof

    Your enemy won’t do you no harm
    Cause you’ll know where he’s coming from
    Don’t let the handshake and the smile fool ya
    Take my advice I’m only try’ to school ya

    Now the picture is very clear and I know what I have to do to shut 2020 down…. I buy a prepaid phone (so he won’t know where i am calling from) and call 2020, he answers and sounds as if he is some whole other shit… I hear female laughter in the background, and it sounds like my former friend smurf, and my so called partner in crime Atl…(damn I forgot to get her out of jail) I tell 2020 we need to talk just him and I,he sound hostile at first and I say on your terms, and he gives the ok for us to meet in a mutual location and he names The city of Lights (Paris) I am very good on that tip, it means he does’nt want to fight anymore…. We agree to meet there in three days. I have time to set the bait, fly down to check on my boy T.I. I go to ATL the next day and while there I get a call back from Cube in L.A. He tells me word is I am going to paris to meet with 2020…. I say damn! how do you know so fast,,, he tells me his girl friday smurf is on Snoops coattail, and she told….. He tells me instead of me showin up, why not send somebody i know will bring back 2020 fingers in a baggy… i say who…. when he told me I could not believe my good fortune… and the blessing behind it two people for the price of one… and it will not come back on me…. I thank him and rush in for my visit with T.I. I tell him and he gives me a little more than last week, and I don’t want to leave…. Now that I know 2020 will meet with the unexpected,,, I work on plans to pay back smurff…. Damn aint no honor among family.

    The day of departure I call 2020 back give him my flight info and knowing he will check it before he boards i wait before cashin my ticket back in… and payin for a First Class ticket for my newest new found friend… The lady herself Lisa-Raye.. she tells me she got this game on lock and 2020 is a done deal… He won’t see it coming and she will call me at the end of the night… She says thank you cause this has been a long time coming and she too heard 2020 been talkin shit bout her, to ruin her role as a major player…I walk away smiling and the song come back in my head(smilin faces sometimes…..)

  24. Smurfette said

    Smurf: aye, ATL! You know how when I bailed you out of jail, you said you owed my peeps a favor?

    ATL: yeah! I got you! YISI said she was comin back for me and never showed! So I guess I know who my friends are!

    Smurf: Fa sho! U know I got yo back! We some down south chicks for real. Now, check it. I heard that YISI is sending some hoe ass bitch named Lisa Raye to Paris to fuck my boy 2020 up. But since my lazy ass aint get my passport yet, aint much I can do! Plus he already in the air! I need you to get to Paris as fast as you can and warn him! Lisa Raye on some other shit and I can’t have my boy go out like that!

    ATL: don’t worry, im already on it!

    To be continued…………..

  25. 2020VIZN said

    2020 arrives at the airport about an hour early to pick up YISI. It seems that she finaly wants to iron this shit out and reenter the fold. I knew the family ties was strong and she is smart so its no suprise that she came around.

    Phone rings and its Smufette:

    2020: what up, how are you, is everything cool with you?

    Smurfette: Hell naaw man!!!

    2020: Why not, who fucked up now.

    Smurfette: YISI dun lost her fuckin mind dog. She is finna set you up, she aint on the plane, she sent someone else to to show up and wack you. Where are you at right now?

    2020: Im at the airport, I showed up a little early to pick her ass up.

    Smurfette: Alright check it out, I already checked on a flight out of there for you. It leaves in 50 minutes go over to Airfrance, the ticket has already been paid for. I sent ATL to meet you in Paris her flight gets there in 10 minutes. Scoop her up and take her to Airfrance with you, she has ticket waiting also. I will pick you up at the airport when you get here.

    2020: Gotdayunnm you aint fucking around, are you?

    Smurfette: n!&&a you know how I get down.

    2020: Fasho, but how you find out all that shit.

    Smurfette: (Laughing) Man, you know one of cube’s boys been trying to get at me for 10 years now, he called me up and gave me the low down. Icecube mouth be 100 miles and runnin. Any how that aint the most inbcredible thing about this shit. YISI has got to be smoking crack, she aint thinking.

    2020: what makes you say that?

    Smurfette: You aint gonna believe this shit, she called the Chicago retard (Lisa Raye) and used all the shit you said about her, to get her to ride on you.

    2020: I told Lisa Raye to her face that she was nothing more that a low level pidgeon.

    Smurfette: Well dont worry about that shit either, I took care of Lisa Raye already.

    2020: Did you have that bitch smoked?

    Smurfette: Naww, I just sent TO, Marvin Harrison and Cedric Benson’s sorry ass to her house to run a train on her. It will be atleast a month before anyone hears from her. YISI is slipping bad. Lisa Fuckin Raye ….SMDH

    2020: Gotdayuum, you gonna make me ask you something if you keep handling business like this.

    Smurfette: And whats that?

    2020: I will tell you later, Im gonna go catch this plane so I can blow this nasty ass country.

    Smurfette: See ya at the airport

    Once 2020 and ATL get to the NY, they begin to plot. It is obvious that YISI has lost her entire mind. Why she Plans to Murder a family member for talking about a snitch is beyond me. I never thought that I would have all out ill feelings for YISI but she planned on twisting my cap back and then teamed up with Lisa Raye’s Dog ass. This shit hurts, I still dont want to hate YISI but when I think of her now my blood begins to boil and the lat time I felt this way, my entire city had to be evacuated.

    2020 calls a meeting: O.K. yall I just got a call from TI NY. She has had enough of Clifford, his snitching, all the baby mamma drama she found out that he got Superhead pregnant and to top it all off, he has been messing with YISI who has been real disrespectful towards her. She also said that T.I. other baby mama wants to get in on the fun as well.

    TI NY: I have to be honest with yall. I have been dealing with this shit since we been together and every time I try to leave him he crys, begs and sometimes threatens to kill me. I just keep taking him back, I dont know why it happens, I wish I had been stronger (tears running down her face) I would not even be here with yall but I cant let him get away with this shit.

    2020: What shit? Sleeping and jetsetting with YISI, you got to understand, her booty do be movin, she’s kind of spectaucular, after all, she is just like me.

    TI NY: I dont give a fuck about the other broads and him trickin around, thats just him, that will always be him!!!! THAT MOTHERFUCKER GAVE ME AIDS!!! HE got it the first time he went to jail. My girlfriend baby daddy told me that he used to be in there walking behind a n!&&a named Quack, with his finger in his belt loop and shit, sitting down when he pee and the only thing he was allowed to say to Quack was “You Daddy” Quack would wait until they get out on the yard and say shit like, Hey sweet Bitch, who got the best d!c# you ever had and TI bitch ass would answer “You Daddy”

    The entire room ************Blank Stare**************

    2020: WTF

  26. 2020VIZN said

    Smurfette gets 2020 attention and signals him to come into the bedroom. 2020 slides off and heads to the room, smurfette tells 2020 to close and lock the door behind him.

    smurfette: I forgot to tell you that them n!ggas didnt get there in time to run that train on Lisa. It seems like she was the one sent to do you in.

    2020: Hahahahhaha, yeah YISI is sniffin Dog Food. And I guess I was supposed to let LR get close enought to me to do me in. OMG that is some funny shit, and all this time I thought YISI was a Borderline genius. She is making moves like a certified retard. She would have had a better chance at sending R-kelly and Waco Jacko to supervise some kids having a private party at Chuckee Cheese. Well anyway LR is No problem, she does not have a dime to her name and she wilkl sell her mamma out for $5 book of foodstamps.

    Smurfette: 2020, why you pants keep getting bigger in the front

    2020: (stupid look on face) I, I dont know

    TI NY: knocks on the door

    2020: who is it?

    TI NY: Tiny, What yall doing

    Smurfette: Why Bitch!?!?!?

    TI NY: I need a ride to the free clinic to pick my AZT

    2020: Boy, T.I. know how to pick em dont he. Come on lets take this broad to the bus stop.

  27. Yeah I Said It said

    LMAO @ 2020….

    So I find out from cube they found a mole in their camp, and now he no longer exist. It’s cool I have a plan B.. I go in a round bout way back to MO. the place that started this shit…(I will get them also) and find out there are family folks for hire.. For the right price, I can get at MM,Cut Up,and Dt. I pay them with T.I. money to make sure they bring me back 2020 fingers and tongue in a pickle jar. I also want smurfs windpipe and ears…(let me see her hear some mo shit without ears). MM is on it so is Cut Up. I pay Dt to get rid of smurf….

    I go to visit T.I. cause I hear some mo shit bout him being not quiet right…. He tells me he told old pig nose tiny bout us and she is now a woman scorded, and will say and do anything to hurt him… I tell dawg to take a test anyway. We both take it and find out it’s as he said. He is clean and tiny is still a pig, but with no man to back her porky ass. I tell T we should be rid of 2020 by the end of the day and he told me to make it happen….

    I go back to Chicago and think this shit out… I get a call from of all people 2020. He wants to come to me now and ask for a meeting without all the family involued.. I ask him if he plans on making it right with the shit he is sayin bout my man. He said he could make it happen, we just need to talk about it… I say meet me in Brazil.. Cool

    I fly to Brazil and get a call as I land and it’s Dt, smurg is no longer a problem and the parts i requested are on the way to O”hara in cargo of American Airlines plane.. I asked what bout the rest of her, DT tells me she is being charcoaled and grilled on Long Island as we speak.. I tell him don’t forget the garbage bag, double bag it make small slits and throw it in the river. I thank him and agree to pay him when I get back to the states…

    My phone rings again and it’s MM and Cut Up they too have landed in Brazil… I tell them the plan and they wait…

    2020 is walking toward me. I must say my heart skips a beat with the though of makin love first before he is killed. He is quiet and reserve.. I tell him i don’t quit understand how we came to this point, but I really want it to be over. He smiles and tells me we should be in Las Vegas now doin the do… He pulls the string to my bikini top and it drops.. I get the feelin this will be easy.. So I tell him let’s make it happen for us right here on the beach. He does’nt have to speak I can tell he wants it also…We walk a distance and there is no one around ( so he thinks). I pull him down on top of me and kiss him as if he is a virgin and I am his first.. He cups my breast in his warm hand and for a split second i forget what i am there for… I feel his warm mouth on my neck and as his tongue trails down to my nipples, I see a shadow cast over me and 2020 goes still… I wait for the sound of breathing, and after a few moments he becomes heavy I roll him off and find he has been shot in the back of the head by Cut Up from a long distance range. ( I forgot my boy was fresh from Iraq and a sharp shooter). I signal to them it’s a wrap and tell MM to come cut off the fingers and the bring the tongue… I will meet them back state side….. I fly out that night with sad thoughts of 2020 and the feel of his mouth and hands… Damn to bad… I go to my baby T.I. and tell him the news and he becomes angry to know I kissed 2020 and tries to fight me. I turn on his ass in the fuck room that sat up for us and shoot him in the mouth with gun given to me by my cousin TMack the guard in charge of watchin his back, ( T.I. had no ideal) TMack erase the video so no one knew I was there.. I fly back to Chicago and get a call from Cut Up,MM, and DT requesting their money I don’t have it now since I killed TI. They are outraged and i am on the run… I fall way back and no one will find me for a while or at least until I can change my ID….. Damn and all this because 2020 would’nt listen when I told him not to be in attendance when I returned to the MO room…..Later!!!!( I am in hidin)

  28. 2020VIZN said

    I cant believe, YISI thought I would show up in person to meet with her in Brazil after she was trying so hard to have me snuffed. She didnt know about them trump cards I was holding, when all this shit started getting ugly me and Smurfett got body doubles just to be safe. Me and Smurfette stayed at the safe spot and waited for calls from our body doubles. If we didnt get call we knew what the deal was.

    2020: what time is it Smurfette?

    Smurfett: Its 1208

    2020: (Head hanging low) Damn, she would have realy had me done…..

    Smurfett: The most important thing is that we satyed one step ahead of the game and we are still here. We carried this shit out like some Dons

    2020: Yeah, but the job aint done. I swear Im gonna waterboard YISI real GBW style when I find her.

    Smurfett: Oh shit!!!! waterboarding, she is fucked foreal

    2020 turns on the news. T.V. There has been a grusome discovery at the Airport. A dismembered female was found in some Cargo belonging to AA at JFK airport today. On a beach in Rio a man was found dead on the beach, he was shot in the head from a long distance with high powered Rifle. The Slugg recovered from the man’s skull was consistant with military grade Ammo.
    (Smurfett and 2020 look at eachother and say at the same time…..Cut up). Huh..Ok John. This just in. Rapper/Actor TI Government name Clifford Harris was found shot dead in a private room at the Jail where he was serving his year long sentence for felony weapons possesion (this cant be right) John how did this n!&&er only get a year for having machine guns??…….Oh Im sorry I didnt realize we were still on the air. But there are no leads at this time.

    2020: Oh shit Smurfette, TI NY must have been telling the truth, YISI must have realy have that shit. She prolly got pissed and shot his ass. We need to find her and get her to the doctor, My boy Magic gave me the name and number to his doctor last year…….Smurfette dont look at me like that, I aint never had that shit.

    Smurfette: I dont know 2020 she was gonna have us killed.

    2020: I know, I know…this shit just confusing.

    2020 looks at smurfette: Smurfette, why you got your hand up your skirt???

    Smurfett: 2020 are you retarded?!?!

  29. Yeah I Said It said

    While hiding, i still get underground info..the word is the person i killed may not be 2020. I also hear smurf maybe still hangin around.. I decide to stay low and keep to myself for a min. In the meantime I have an adgenda that includes if rumors are true 2020,smurf,MO (4 sho)

    I send note to 2020, that says( All is not as it seems.Watch the sunrise and give nothing to darkness). As long as they think T.I. gave me Aids..they will think I am out of the picture….

  30. 2020VIZN said

    WTF does this message mean ( All is not as it seems.Watch the sunrise and give nothing to darkness)

    Hmmmm, I know the sunrise is prolly her because I used to call her “sunshine” The other part has me stuck but it night mean that there is something that I dont know.

    Hmmm now that I think about it YISI might not have anything because she alwasy had magnums when we hooked up. Hehehe, but she just dont know I was up in there skin to skin when we were togethre. the condom would break abou two minutes into it every time. They would look like the hat the T.I. has on in the photo above. Lol

    But I need to find out what’s up with YISI and this old, morse code message. Shit Im feeling anxious right now I need to know what this shit means.

  31. Yeah I Said It said

    Smiling cause 2020 cannot understand the msg… When you get it. We will talk. lol

  32. 2020vizn said

    Damn, I wonder if she is trying to say that, even though it seemed that she was with T.I. sh was realy riding with me the whole time. and it was a plan to do him in the whole time.

    or maybe it means that my thing will rise and we will hook up and turn the lights down, in essence leaving no freaky detail or desire unfulfilled before leavin the dark room that we tore up

    2020 continues to scratch his head, he is trying to decipher YISI’s note.

  33. Yeah I Said It said

    LOL…..not even close

  34. 2020vizn said

    All is not as it seems (we thought that she ahd AIDS but did not) Watch the sunrise (YISI will come back in rare form) and give nothing to darkness (she thinks honesty is the best policy)

  35. Yeah I Said It said

    You are so cold…..

  36. MissTX85 said

    Yeah, 2020 & Smurfette ya’ll so damn fools!! Lmao!! Where do ya’ll come up with this stuff?! Either way keep it coming cause ya’ll crazy asses along with DT make my day.

  37. Yeah I Said It said

    LOL @ MissTX85… I may need your help when I come out of hiding…

  38. Smurfette said

    Smurf: Come here 2020! Lie down and stop pacing tryin to decipher that dumb ass message! She just talkin crazy!

    2020: But I have to figure it out! “Give nothing to darkness!”, “Give nothing to darkness”! Damn, what was she tryin to say?!

    Smurf: Baby, she is just playing wit you mind! She aint got no more tricks up her sleeve! Now come and give mama some sugar!

    2020 lies next to Smurf. She reaches over and touches his face gently. She rolls herself on top of him and straddles him and leans down to tongue kiss him passionately! He is so excited! Smurf can feel his bulge against her thigh! She scoots down to kiss him on his chest and traces circles around each nipple with the tip of her tongue. He is really excited now! She yanks his pants down exposing what she knows will quench her fire. 2020 is now breathing hard watching Smurf’s every move.

    Smurf: I wanna get freaky tonight and take your mind offa all this drama! Can I get freaky wit u baby?

    2020: uh, um , yea! He stammers

    Smurf: Well im goin to tie your hands to the bed and give it to you like you never had it baby!

    2020: okay!

    Smurf ties him up good and makes sure the knots are tight. Then she stands over his naked body admiring his flesh as if she has never seen him naked before. Damn, he fine! Such a waste.

    Smurf goes to the bathroom and opens the door revealing YISI!
    She kisses YISI and they both laugh and look at 2020 lying helpless on the bed

    YISI: Didn’t I tell you to give nothing to darkness, nucca!

    2020: im goin to kill both you bitches!

    Smurf and YISI: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…………………………….

  39. ucanb2 said


  40. 2020VIZN said

    Man I got hard thinking about yall kissin….Lol

    Two days pass before Do Dirty comes and snatches me up.

    DD: walks in sees 2020 and starts laughing: n!&&a what the fuck you doing??…..and aaaawww, no you didnt, you nasty motherfucker.

    2020: Fuck you man, I been tied up for two days, what was I supposed to do I aint no gotdayuuum bear, I cant be havin shit in my body for no extended period of time. If you woulda been on your game I would not have been here more than four hours, but you was prolly out ho chasing……just cut me loose so I can get the fuck out of here.

    2020 tells DD what happened with Smurfette and YISI and he starts laughing again.

    DD: n!gga please tell me that you at least fucked before she tied your ass up.

    2020: (Laughing) man I wish I could tell you that I did, but I would never lie to my boy……them hos got me dog. (still laughing)

    DD: You know you aint getting in my car with that shit and piss on you.

    2020: man what you take me for, some kind of filthy pig???

    DD: yeah n!gga, a filthy pig (laughing)

    2020 heads to the bathroom walks past DD and throws the soiled sheets on DD

    DD: man thats some fucked up shit!!!!

    2020: n!gga, now we both some filthy pigs…….

    DD: You lucky we grew up together, If we wasnt like brothers I would put you head on flat!!

    2020: yeah, yeah, motherfucker what ever…..I should put your fuckin head on flat for leaving me here so long. Just get cleaned up so we can go find these hoes. When I catch these chicks Im going Hostel Part I and II on their ass.

    2020 and DD, are doing 120 MPH down I 95, going back to the MIA. when 2020’s cell phone rings but he does not recognize the number.

    2020: yeah, who is this and what the fuck do you want?

    TI NY: Its Tiny, and I need some help

    2020: Help with what??

    TI NY: TI is dead

    2020: I know, YISI got pissed and shot him because he gave her that Ninja.

    TI NY: He didnt give her AIDS, I lied

    2020: Bitch what!?!

    TI NY: Word in the prison is that TI got mad and tried to CB her because she kissed you, and when he was gonna hit her she put sluggs in face.

    2020: So Fuckin what!! Boo Hoo. Quit wasting my time….. nothing in this world has been what it has appeared to be the last few weeks. For all I know you might not even be a real Pig

    TI NY: Fuck you n!gga

    2020: No, Fuck you!!! Anyway, Who told you that lie???

    TI NY: Its not a lie its the truth a jail sacuraty gard told it to me

    2020: Bitch whats a jail sacuraty gard? Are you talking about a corrections officer?

    TI NY: Yeah, one a dem?

    2020: well what was his name?

    TI NY: It was Rick Ross da Prison Boss

    2020: Yeah, I know that cat…..shit knowing how he is this shit prolly is a lie. But We Got to check it out anyway.

    TI NY: Anyway My delima is this, I got these babys to feed and no meal ticket because that Bitch YISI was fuckin with my man and shit went bad and now Im stuck. I want that bitches head hanging on my wall

    2020: Bitch you aint got no money and its a recession right now, if you do got a wall today, you wont have it tomorrow

    TI NY: Im tired of you talking shit bout me……this is what we gonna do……….I got 5 broads, that can shoot pistols and throw hands, and they all are ready to roll on this YISI chick.

    2020: 5 bitches ready to roll?? What you some kind of Pimp or something bitch???

    TI NY: No they are Cliffs other baby mamas, that wont be getting broke off no paper since he is dead now, and they are 38 hot with that bitch.

    2020: O.k. you and the rest of “Charlie’s Hood Rats” meet me and Do Dirty in Miami in two days?

    TI NY: O.k. baby

    2020: Bitch, if you call me baby one more time Im gonna put your gotdayuuum head on flat!!!! I will talk to you later Bitch!!!! Remember 2 days, Miami.

    TI NY: I got it Baby, I got it.

    2020: Laughs and hangs up the phone

    2 days Later TI NY show up in MIA, alone

    TI NY: Hey Baby!!

    2020: Bitch who you talkin to??

    TI NY: Im sorry baby

    2020: Fuck it…….. Where is the rest of the rats at?

    TI NY: we couldnt raise the funds to get us all down hurr. So I just came as the representative

    DD: You know something, we been gettin double crossed by hoes for too long now, I dont trust this ho, let me shoot this bitch right here right now!!!!

    2020: She is too dumb to be a threat, plus we gonna need her.

    DD: why the fuck we need her?

    2020: well a pigs nose is 20 times stronger than dog’s nose.

    DD: so what!

    2020: Chill out dude, listen. I have a pair of YISI’s panties. We tell the pig to sniff the panties and follow the trail like a houd dog, but like I said the pigs nose is better than the dogs nose. the only problem is that we have to find out what city these hoes is in, and when we do………….REDRUM!!!!

    DD: When we catch them are we gonna blow they back out before we kill em.

    2020: are you a retard, cant you see that these hoes is slimmy and unpredictable. If you lay down with them hoes you aint gettin up.

    DD: But they had you all tied up and they didnt kill you.

    2020: you can expect to get the same treatment as me man!!

    DD: why not?

    2020: n!&&a, cause you cant throw dick like I can. Just concentrate on finding out what city they are in……….REDRUM.

    YISI and Smurfette…….Its gonna be…………….REDRUM when I find yall.

  41. 2020VIZN said

    2020 calls Do Dirty and tells him he has a plan.

    2020: I got a plan dude

    DD: well lets hear it!

    2020: We gonna get disguised up and go to T.I. funeral. The murderes always go to the funeral. I know they will be there.

    DD: dog thats wun huned!

  42. Smurfette said

    Smurfette and YISI at the spot laying low

    Smurf: You know we should have killed his ass when we had the chance, right? What u stallin fo?

    YISI: I love this cat and mouse game! It aint like he gone find us here anyways! Did you ever get in contact wit ATL? We might need backup.

    Smurf: I aint heard from her in a minute. I think she might be down wit 2020 now. Lets just wait and see if she call.

    YISI: you prolly right. I got Misstx85 on my team anyway so we don’t really need ATL. If she show, she show. If not, we know what’s up

    YISI And Smurf start to pack to make their way to Atlanta to attend TI funeral services.

    Smurf: (acting paranoid) What if 2020 show up and try and get us back for that shit?

    YISI: Quit tripping! You need to quit smoking that shit!

    Smurf puts the blunt out

    Smurf: you prolly right. I don’t know why im trippin. He aint that stupid to try and off a bitch in front of the whole congregation

    YISI: Bitch, you so naive! He capable of anything, I seen his ass in action! Just be on point and I got you! Lets stop and pick up Misstx85 on the way to the A.

    Misstx85: man, im glad yall put me down. Yall need a girl like me on yall team anyways, not that scary ass Atl!

    Smurf: don’t be talkin bad bout ATL ho! She just been MIA for a min. She will show. That’s my girl!

    Misstx85: first of all, I aint no ho! And yall must have needed me or yall would have come lookin for me! So quit bein so sensitive!

    YISI: Both of yall shut the fuck up, yall messin up my concentration! Im tryin to remember dude name that sold TI all them guns! We gone need somes real firepower for these nuccas! I just know he done went and got Do Dirty and that nucca is a fool. He be havin AK’s, land mines, grenades and the whole nine! Maybe we need cut up help on this shit!

    Smurf: man, we got all we need! Just get that nucca on the phone that sell the guns and we good!

    YISI eyes Tx85 and Smurf wondering if she can really trust these two. Will they really have her back when things get thick. Thinks to herself, “well if they wanna turn on a chick at the last minute, its gone not only be my baby funeral, but theirs too”!

    Only one day until the funeral and YISI, Smurf, And Misstx85 happy ass are holed up in a motel outside Atlanta

    To be continued……….

  43. Yeah I Said It said

    Sittin in my own space still in hideout LMAO @ the fact smurf is with my twin… I hear feedback about how they did 2020. I feel sorry for him however it’s too late and I need to finish what i started. Miss TX85 is on my side 4sho since she is my first cousin..(they have no ideal). I tell her to get close but not to close cause smurf is a backstabber and not to be trusted..

    My twin get away and let me know they are going to T.Is. funeral and ask if I want her to finish smurf there… I say no cause I want to look this chick in the face and kill her slowly…. I tell her to find a reason not to go inside the funeral. Fall back and fade to black to leave smurf all together…

    I sent 2020 a note that met(While you watch your back all day, just know when night fall you are not safe, (hence) smurf betraying you)it would have let him know I still have feelings for him…

    Miss TX85 shoot me a note and tell me forget the past, and deal with tomorrow cause the deal will go down and we need to close the chapter… I know she is right, but the question is do i really want a second chance to kill 2020? after the way i felt with him, is that the ending I want?
    Much to think about b4 tomorrow…Damn this is finally going to happen I wont leave nothing to chance…

  44. 2020VIZN said

    2020 leaves his room at the “W” hotel on Peachtree street and sets out to find YISI and Smurfette. 1 hour later 2020 is sitting inside a Chevy Pinto with no paint, just grey primer, parked outside the Super 8 hotel Lithonia. Do Dirty got word that Smurfette and YISI checked into room #2020 under Smurfettes Gov. name.

    2020’s phone rings, he looks at it and its the Pig, I mean TI NY

    2020: whats up??

    TI NY: Im in Atlanta and Im getting ready for TI funeral. As soon as the funeral is over I will come back to Miami and help you find the two hoes that tied you up and made you doo doo on yourself.

    2020: Dont worry about it Im already in the ATL, as amatter of fact I have found them already.

    TI NY: I know

    2020: Fuck you mean you know?!?!

    TI NY: Umm, Umm I was just playing baby?

    2020: I thought I told you to never call me ba……fuck it *******click**** ******Dial Tone******

    He sits back in the Pinto and tries to observe the activity in the room, it seems as if there is a rukus going on in the room. 2020 grabs his I pod and finds the song “Easing in” by Edwin Starr and puts it on repeat (the song he always listens to before he starts offing whole area codes….these broads are in some deep shit). He gets out and goes to the back of the pinto and gets his “tool bag” out and starts to check the contents: Hammer, Duct tape, choke cord, Grip pliers, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrachloric Acid, Turpentine, Ice pic, 25 mm cannon w/o silencers and………………aint this bout a bitch, where in the fuck is my MD 2020?? Fuck it, Im doing them without the screw cap wine this time. 2020 takes his tools and sneaks up to the bathroom window….shit its locked…… he goes to the bed room window, no one is in the room but the window is open. 2020 climbs on top of it and slides in that motherfucker (last statement made me think about YISI) Anyway, mind back on track, no time for bullshit. Once inside, he hears heavy breathing, moaning, squeals and muttered talk coming from the living room area. 2 more steps and he starts to smell cooch butter. At this point 2020 cant believe that these broads is at a cheap ass hotel with some dudes getting they fuck on after they left him for dead 3 days ago.

    2020’s alter ego kicks in: You got to be the dumbest nigga in the world, sitting up here talking bout what you cant believe!! Hey motherfucker, newsflash…they tried to kill your ass!!! and if you dont kill them they gonna finish the job

    2020 regular self: But all the shit we been through!!!!

    2020’s alter ego: But, but, but my ass motherfucker…..shoot the two dudes thats in there and cut them bitches heads off.

    2020 gets mad as fuck and is ready to kill everyone in sight. he steps to the edge of the beedroom door, peeks around the corner and he is stunned…………………………….he looks inside and YISI and Smurfette are in the living area fucking the shit out of eachother, and he is the only male in the room.

    2020 Alter ego: Wooooooooooh shit, go in the player and fix a titty dick samich.

    2020 regular self: They were gonna kill your dumb ass.

    2020 backs out of room and slides out the window back to the Pinto, gets in wipes his face, and catches his breath and goes to the liquor store around the corner and asks the clerk if they have any MD 2020.

    Clerk: Naaaaw man, but we got some Richards wine,

    2020: Richards wine……what the fuck is Richards wine????

    Clerk: Wild Irish Rose….nucca

    2020: fuck it, give it here….matter of fact give me two!!!

    2020 Downs them before he gets to the car, he is DUI before he even gets to the Pinto.

    2020: This is It, I got the drop on these hos, so now Im finna drop these hos. (that could be line in a rap, write this down)

    2020 gets back to the telly gets out the car and stops in his tracks……his adrenaline is flowing so his senses are on high alert……….he smells Perscriptives Calyx. He gave it to YISI on her Birthday. The wind is blowing from his back Turns around and sees two females in trenchcoats and fedora hats. One is YISI, he can tell the walk anywhere but the other is not Smurfette.

    2020: I guess YISI went out to get another body for the party, this is some freaky shit man.

    They dont notice 2020, so he creaps up behind them and grabs YISI and Puts a 45 cal. to her head

    2020: Dont say shit YISI…….Hey you….. take that hat off and turn around real slow mothefucker or Im gonna pump so much lead in yall that they will need special authorization from the EPA to bury you motherfuckes on earth.

    The person turns around and its Miss TX85.

    2020 Laughs and says: well, well miss lil sweet treat TX85…..I guess you got picked up and special delivered to the “cunninglinguist convention” Hmmm, skills like that huh. Well No pussy eating for you today……..Im bout to smoke your ass right along with the other two.

    Miss TX85: n!gga you been sippin too much of da syzzurp, I like suasages not burgers.

    2020: Aww whats wrong YISI, cat got your tongue… Lol

    YISI: I tried to send you a message.

    2020: you are a lying motherfucker…..SHUT UP!!

    YISI: 2020, my sist…

    2020: shut up!!!

    2020: Open the door, do it slow

    YISI: I dont have the key

    2020: Its already open…….look at the door dummy!!

    YISI: opens the door and its TI NY, standing over the bodies of Smurfette and what looks like YISI with their heads in her hand But I have YISI by the back of the head. WTF is going on!!

    TI NY: I told you I was gonna get this bitch for you 2020, I tracked you through your cell phone, Im gonna ride for you just like I did for TI. But I didnt know it was two of them bitches. I does not matter the more YISI’s to kill the happier I will be!!! As soon as I get rid of this one we can be together 2020, me and you Baby!!!!

    2020: I thought I told you to never call me baby again or I was gonna put your head on flat bitch

    2020 points weapon at TI NY and Let’s three slugs fly to the Pigs face.

    2020 looks at YISI and asks: Anymore suprises?

  45. Smurfette said

    Damn! Lol Why I had to die so fast!! Lol

  46. 2020VIZN said

    @ Smurfette: Did you forget that you hd a body double?

  47. Smurfette said

    Yea, my double died a long time ago!! Lmao!

  48. Yeah I Said It said

    I am caught in the cross fire of 2020. Watching him kill pig-girl tiny lets me know he is simmering right now.. 2020 ask me if there are anymore suprises… I am simmering inside cause Tiny has killed my twin and i blame 2020 for it all…. I am not unhappy smurf is dead, and knowing it is not a double decide one down, and do i still have one to go..2020 and I stare for whatseems to be a long time before i look to Miss TX and she shakes her head… I see the anger on 2020 face and it is a turn on.. I walk closer to him and see the scar on the side of his head. It is fresh,letting me know this really is 2020 and not a double.. I look in his eyes and ask him… What do you want softly. He is undecided about his answer so i trace the scar with my finger and let it trail to his lips. He sayss nothing and a car pull up. We move in union toward the car. Before I go i look back at Miss Tx she nods and I leave with 2020… We board a flight to Chicago and 2020 is quiet. I think about his hands and mouth on me back in Brazil,and how the anger on his face was really hurt feelings. We arrive in Chicago and I take 2020 to my condo on North Sheridan Rd.. i am on the 15th floor with a view of Lake Michigan.

    2020 is still uncertain when i tell him to go through my place if he does not trust me… He becomes relax when he finds nothing and no one waiting.. i put on Boney James and pour him a glass of 1951 Penfolds Grange. He smiles and I know he knows his wine… I tell him I am going for a soak, he can join or watch,however i want him to join.. he takes me up on my offer and join me in my overside jacuzzi.. 202 is still quiet,so as he lays back i slide between his legs and come up on his lips, he does’nt move as i kiss him so i trace his mouth with my tongue before he allows it in where the sweetest taste of his tongue mixed with the warmth of his mouth cause me to wrap my legs closer into his body.. He breaks away and stares at me before i feel his mouth on my nipples and start to moan…. from the slow sucking.. I whisper in his ear for him to make love to me….. and struggle him. He pulls back while pulling my hair and bites my lip As i feel him inside of me filling me up we go still before we start a slow dance of motion.. 2020 breath is coming faster and i whisper in his ear to make it good to me… A small scream excapes me as he holds me tight.. He says to me I LO………i explode and when i open my eyes i notice the water fast becoming red…. I look at 2020 face and his eyes are closed in peace and I know he is dead… i look at the door and Miss TX is standing there unscrewing the silencer and putting the gun in a pillow case.. She tells me she almost did’nt make it, she got caught in traffic…

    She tells me to bring it back to right now and get 2020 ready to ship out…before she turns to walk out… I can’t feel anything other than it was 2020 fault my twin is dead….. I step out and step into the shower and when i am dressed in sweats and military boots, ireturn with six garbage bags, lay them open and begin the process of cutting 2020 into larger parts.. for packing.. I wrap him in twelve bags and put them in a heavy travel trunk….

    Miss TX comes back with T.I and crew and my cousin Tmack.. 2020 never knew we staged T.I. death so he could get out early…. They take the trunk out after dark and i find out while T. I. and i are saying goodby the trunk is at the bottom of lake Michigan….. He leaves and I feel empty..

    I spend the next two days thinking about 2020 and the way he filled me up and start to cry, because after all that has happen i remember 2020 and I were skin to skin and i never took the pill………Damn!

  49. Yeah I Said It said

    P.S. and no there are no other doubles…..

  50. Smurfette said


  51. Yeah I Said It said

    lol @ SMURF

  52. Smurfette said

    Youse a cold azz b@#$%!

  53. Yeah I Said It said

    @ smurf..lmao

  54. 2020VIZN said

    After boarding the plane to go to Chicago with YISI, I know that I have fucked up. I know that she is ruthless and I am very aware that TI Is still alive. I dont say much during the flight because Im a little furious about the fact that YISI must have forgot that I was able to finish the thoughts that are in her head, so I know that she is torn between killing me or having my child. During the flight my killer instinct kicks in and I get pissed that I didnt put two slugs in Miss TX85 and take YISI into the hotel room sit her on the couch go behind her and stick a knife through her windpipe real slow. But somewhere back then I decide I had enough of the killing and deception. Im quiet during the flight because, I am on a suacide mission and I know it. Im disgusted because I always knew that YISI was ride or die but I didnt want to believe that she was unloyal to me, but the writting has always been in the wall. I was weak for her and that made me want to die, because I always believed that being weak for someone or something was certain death by misery. And I was not going out like that. So Im looking at YISI knowing that the wheels are in motion and that she is gonna go through with doing me. I know this because she is weak for TI. I also Know that they faked his death because officer Rick Ross told Do Dirty.

    We get to Chicago and we go to YISI’s condo and she is trying to get me to trust her by telling me to look around. I dont even respond because I know why I am here, Im here die. She offers me a glass of wine and I accept. She came back with a bottle and two glasses. At this point If I had any hopes or thoughts that she didnt intend to kill me they were all erased and I knew she was gonna do me in, it was just a matter of when. Im smart enough to know that anytime someone opens a bottle of $25,000 wine and pours you a glass, its curtains. I didnt have desire to react to anything she had to say or anything she did, until she asked me to join her in a bath in her oversized Roman Tub,I tried but couldnt resist her, after all every man deserves a last meal and I couldnt think of a better one. Before I get into the tub I light the fire place. The fire place was always been relaxing to me. Im feeling extremely relaxed at this point, listening to Boney James and looking at the fire place has put me in the right palce and thats odd considering the fact that I know that I am about to die I get into the tub, lay back and close my eyes, not knowing if I would ever open them again. While Im in the tub with my eyes closed, she steps into the tub and sits between my legs. I put my arms around her and gently kiss her on her neck. We kiss pationately for what seemed like seconds but 10 minutes passed before we knew it.

    YISI whispers into my ear: I want you here, now and forever.

    I reply softly into her ear: there is nothing in this world you could ever ask for and not get, the day I was born I had a burning desire inside me and it’s been inside me ever since, but tonight I finally know what it is and why it haunts my nature, its the desire to please you in every aspect of the word, so please………….. Let me please you.

    YISI: please…………………..please me.

    She sits in my lap in the tub and we are face to face, she looks deep into my eyes as we make love. I had never in my life made love so delibirately. It was incredible, were in the tub but the water barely even moved as we enguage eachother. Everytime she touched me, chills ran up and down my spine. it was pure electricity. I put my head back and looked at the sealing and she leans toward me and says please dont go away from me, I want you near me always. I lean foward and take he breast into my mouth, my tounge tracing the outline of each areoala and the lightly sucking each nipple as if the had honey dripping from them. Her breathing begins to increase becoming more and more rapid with every move we make. She looked into my eyes and pulls me as close as she could to her and squeezes me with what seems like all of her might. she let so out a high pitched squeal in a low tone and began to shake. We stayed in the tub in that position for a while with her head on my chest. She looks into my eyes and I take her face into my hands…..I kiss he on her forehead, chin, left cheek and right cheek in succession. she looked at me and said, you never did that before, what was that. I said, when I was yound my grandmother told me to always kiss a woman like that before you tell her for the first time that you Lo…….

    I died right there, and I knew I was gonna die because I was weak for this woman and like I said when you are weak for anyone or anyyhing you die of misery and I was miserable but I died happy because at that moment all I was thinking was, that I lo…….

    damnit stop shooting me missTX85!!!!!!!!!

  55. Smurfette said

    That’s deep! Lol

  56. Yeah I Said It said

    OMG!!!! 2020 you are damn foolllll!!! LMAO… How come you just could’nt die, why did Miss TX have to keep shooting you

  57. Yeah I Said It said

    Otherwise 2020, I loved the ending. You almost made me feel sad…

  58. 2020VIZN said

    Sad huh…………….just dont name my son CJ….Lol

  59. Yeah I Said It said

    I read it over and damn it was very good ending… I will name him Do Dirty…

  60. 2020VIZN said

    You name him Do Dirty and I will haunt your ass!!

  61. Smurfette said


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