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More Tahiry

Posted by Media Outrage on March 11, 2009


We are glad to bring you another video of one of the biggest butts on the damn planet. Tahiry is rapper Joe Budden’s girlfriend. Enough talk just peep the video when you

35 Responses to “More Tahiry”

  1. Marathon_Man said

    This is what I’m talking about.

    Joe sounds real insecure. No one’s really checkin’ for him at ALL. He couldn’t sell a record if Michael Jackson and Prince co-produced it.

    Joe your career is over then again it never really ever began.

    But your girl…..yea that’s what i’m talking bout. I’d break a few headboards with her

  2. Smurfette said


  3. Udamnright said

    Tahiry you flashed the “Footlong” signal in the sky?

    Joe don’t know what to do with all that.

    Give dat up playa.

  4. Smurfette said

    Damn, where the hell u been, Udamnright!? I knew somebody was missin on MO!! Lol

  5. Yeah I Said It said

    MO y’all aint right. I know damn well your staff searched high and low for this. But won’t do the same for men for us…. That’s some sour shit MO…

    I wish I was stuck in a snowstorm with everybody from the Mo staff… Some of y’all won’t be seen until the snow melts…

  6. beauiful MO….We need more ASS on Here!

  7. Udamnright said

    what up Smurfette?

    My job has been acting funny with the internet trying to restrict certain sites. They haven’t restricted MO yet but I just check it throughout the day but don’t leave as many comments because I know they be watching my ol slave workin ass lol. Just waitin for me to get caught slippin’ chattin it up with Jethro while we supposed to be pickin’ cotton. Massa don;t go for that type of sh*t.

  8. Udamnright said

    Yea I Said it don’t no one want to see no rusty ass n*ggas bouncing up on no trampiline. That would be oh so GAY!

  9. Yeah I Said It said

    LOL @ Udamnright…. DT I could really hurt you

  10. Yeah I Said It said

    @ Udamnright… are’nt you the one sleeping with your bosses girl?..hahaha @ post 7

  11. Udamnright said

    No I’m not sleeping with anyone’s girl. Besides my boss is a woman and if I found out she had a girl i’d be trying to sleep with both of them.

  12. Udamnright said

    I forgot to add “Besides my boss is a woman and if I found out she had a girl i’d be trying to sleep with both of them at the same time.”

  13. Yeah I Said It said

    @ sorry boo…don’t want to put something on you not yours, however I do want to see a man, jumping up and down, with nothng on would be even better.

  14. 2020VIZN said

    What kind of name is T hairy???

  15. In my Nicole Richie circa The Simple Life season 1 voice: Loving It!

  16. Yeah I Said It :

    We could have it both ways if we just turn this site into straight porn. That way everybody wins!

  17. Yo MO….just a suggestion….I know it might not be work safe, but since ya’ll showing all this ass up here I can give you a link to a nude picture of Santonio Holmes……just saying…it’ll make the females happy…..REALLY HAPPY!!! But continue to show ass too….you know I love ass. Male ass, female ass….don’t matter I see ass I’m loving it,so continue with the ass, but give me some dick too….and not any small dicks….I want big ones!

  18. 2020VIZN said

    MO…..You show a dick and In sending a virus to yalls shit. It will mess yall up. Its the equivalent to AIDS. I will give yall, computer HIV. All the females can swap adresses to dick sites all day long, but dont post a dick.

  19. Smurfette said

    @ Udamnright, I understand that shit! I used to be on here all day long! But now I check off and on, cuz massa tried to lash me for posting while working, and I had to choke his ass out! So since we got into it, he be watchin me like a hawk! But he won’t catch Smurf slippin! He better go fuck wit Gargamel if he know what’s good for him! Lol

  20. CrystalShine said

    2020vizn what’s up with that, you don’t want the ladies 2 see some action?

    For real M.O. where’s the beef?

    I still wonder why these chicks take azz shot pics. If you got a big azz, then that’s what’s up. What’s so funny is they have their backs turn 2 show they azz, and at the same time breaking they neck around 2 smile 4 tha camera.

  21. Marathon_Man said

    MO you heard Claudette. Give her a big dick. So send your female photog over to my condo immediately. Just email me and I’ll leave work and unzip the true religions for her. but she might have to get eye level with the one eyed mamba snake to get the real life effect.

  22. Jolie said

    This bitch & her no talent ass man look real stupid. FYI, that idiot never had a career. Nothing special about her, she can pump her ass with shit all day long; she’ll still be a nobody.

  23. Republican Voter said

    I agree with Jolie.

    MO this is not news.

    Please bring something of substance to get our brains working in the morning. This man obviously has low self esteem to record his girlfriend and then show case her to the world in order to gain notoriety.

  24. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ Jolie/Republican Voter… that is not much of a claim to fame.
    MO you are being discriminatory again!!!!
    Where’s the men????

  25. MissTX85 said

    Glad it’s no longer available. For real M.O. where are the men?! Claudette you got a link to a naked Santonio for real?! I might have to give you my email address, lol.

    Joe Budden must be trying to come back on the scene though to go around doing this. But I wanna know why such a pretty girl is with his funny looking, no rapping ass? It can’t be the money cause the nigga ain’t made none.

  26. @MissTX85….yep for real…it’s on some NFL/NBA groupie site and it is gorgeous! Them Buckeyes be packin…don’t ask me how I know….

  27. Lacy said

    Why is her first word a curse word? Straight up ghetto in illiterate , she’ll be in the welfare line in another 30 days ..

  28. MissTX85 said

    Hey Claudette I saw the pic and it is pretty nice, lol!!

  29. Random said

    she’s got a deformed bod…no tits…too much ass/thunder thighs..and her face is pretty much shot..What’s all the fuss about?

  30. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Random

  31. Mannerism said

    I hear that random,

  32. flyfr0m84 said

    DAMN!!! Ya need to get that hate out ya blood!!! Don’t ya have anything better to do than hate on Joey??? Get a life losers!

  33. dnt wrrry said

    i wish i could ride that on my large dick then cum all over her fucking fat tits. if i had to dagger dat, i would take her to the toilets and let her feel the blood pumping from the vains on ma cock. let her move up n down. i would also lick dat juicy red pussy wlist shee played wid ma big tins. lol. if any girls want sum entertainment, rely to dis den we tlk privatly or call 07986429715.

    wath dis:

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