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The Rock

Posted by Media Outrage on March 15, 2009


Dwayne Johnson was at the Four Seasons Hotel this week for “The Race To Witch Mountain” press conference. Many women still hold the Roc to be a sex-symbol. Ladies we want to know if the Roc was just one of your co-workers, a brotha at the supermarket, or the local janitor would you let him SUPER SOAK THEM DRAWERS?


20 Responses to “The Rock”

  1. MissTX85 said

    Lmao @ SUPER SOAK THEM DRAWERS!! But yeah The Rock could get the business because I’ve seen what he looks like as a “Regular Joe” and he was still sexy.

  2. Lio said

    Dwayne is a good guy, he doesn’t let success go to his head…true gentleman

  3. Smurfette said

    Yea he fine. But he can’t get these drawers. Not into light skinned men!

    *scrolls back up and takes a second gander at the muscles

    On second thought, he CAN get the business! For a man that fine, I will hit the light and pretend he black as Mavado! Lol

  4. gotajob? said

    lmao @ Smurfette & he is one of those people who actually acts for the passion of it and he is completely down 2 earth

  5. maliamalia said


    lol@smurfette…i enjoy readin ya comments

    yes is he is a very humble men…and handsome too…

  6. Kanyade said

    In answer to your question about drawers-soaking: HELL YES he could get it.

    I saw him on Leno or Fallon the other night; he’s kinda dorky, which makes him even more endearing than his sexy smoove skin and tats and big muskles and sexy smile. LOL

  7. Whatyouwantnikka said

    @ smurfette:

    so i guess you weren’t one of the ppl that was saying young berg was racist/blackballing him n all right?

  8. CrystalShine said

    He can get it! Love his acting skillz, and he keeps a low profile.

  9. Whatyouwantnikka said

    also, you agree its ok for me as a high yellow black male to say i dont liek the darker females? (even lighter then young berg, btw fuck him and his ego)

  10. If he was a janitor…no…but he could definately get it!

  11. Yvonne said

    Nope to all.

  12. Smurfette said

    @ whatyouwantnikka, no, I was not one of the ppl who put yung berg down. He is a d list anyways, so I wouldn’t really respond to any comments he makes! Lol who gives a shit if he don’t like dark skinned girls! More for me! And if you don’t like dark skinned women, I don’t hate! Do you! I don’t get into light skinned dudes! If he aint black as Akon, he can pretty much keep it movin!

  13. Gina said

    Yeah he can get it. He’s sexy and he got a good personality. I love it.

    My question is…. what exactly is he? Do he got a lil black in him? Spanish? White?

    What? Idk

  14. Smurfette said

    @ Gina, I believe he is mostly hawiiaan

  15. Smurfette said

    I meant somoan

  16. Miss E said


  17. maliamalia said

    yes smurfette is right he is half samoan

  18. jem said

    I love him…

  19. ucanb2 said

    Yep…. I love his smile and that bod.

  20. yolanda said

    The Rock’s body is amazing!! Not to mention he is like the perfect height, and has a beautiful smile and is extremely humble. Yeah he can have the drawers ( after he takes my hand in marriage LOL)

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