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Ladies Which One???

Posted by Media Outrage on March 17, 2009


Last  night in LA Common and Idris Elba both hit up Microsoft Windows’ Musicology 101 to benefit VH1’s Save The Music Foundation. Ladies if you had the choice of pursuing something with one of these smooth good looking fellows, which one would you select and why? And if all that lovey dovey bull shyte is just too fake for you, then which one would you let SUPER SOAK THEM DAMN DRAWERS??? Niecy Nash, Kevin Hart and more common when you



29 Responses to “Ladies Which One???”

  1. Yasmine T. said


    Common is not really good looking to me. He actually looks kind of weird. Not feeling all 109 of his freckles.

  2. jolie said


  3. 2thick4u said

    Common…I love bald heads. My speaken into exist husband is bald and it is sexy!!!!

    Umm…his head look like a fat, thick, circumcised _________ 🙂 !!!!!

  4. 2thick4u said

    Grammical error…My spoken into existance husband is bald!!!!

    Damn I need a quick pick me up 🙂

  5. Lai'Lani said

    both lol

    I love chocolate so I would definitely allow Idris to super soak my….shut yo mouth!

  6. cutiewitbigbooty said

    Idris Elba all day.

  7. Helen said

    Love me some Common and love me some Idris with his sexy accent. Would flip a coin. That is if I weren’t married of course.

  8. Kelly said

    IDRIS ELBA! what are people looking at? lol Common isn’t in his league.

  9. Ms. E said

    I’d take Idris (even though he is looking busted in this pic) on the weekends and I have Common Tuesday-Thursday 🙂

  10. Ms. E said

    then again..MO you all can do much better than this! You all always posting these same old men on here…

  11. w2m said


  12. Shonda said


    Love a bald head.

  13. Marathon_Man said

    Yo MO they’re sick of seeing the same ole wack niggas. They’re looking for a shirtless Marathon Mania. Damn doesn’t your staff get the f*cking memos? lol.

  14. WomenR2BRespected said

    Mr. Idris Elba.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ I think I just threw up in my mouth….Ill! MO please don’t throw any bird chested men up here.

  15. Since this is all fantasy right…? I’ll take both, sir. (In my pretend British accent). I’ve got the perfect rotation schedule. Common from Wednesday through Saturday morning and then Idris Saturday evening through Monday.

    Bish needs to rest on Tuesday, or should I say my “glory hole” will need to rest. LOL.

    Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful AND a friggin’ genius. DAMN I’m amazin… Just jokes folks.

    Happy St. Patty’s Day to all my Black Irish…LMAO. 😀

  16. Monica said

    Both…they both are my imaginary husbands. I am a bigamist…LOL! No…not really! But if I could be…these would be the two!

  17. CrystalShine said

    Idris all day, common well he’s not my type!

  18. Ridingfinest said


  19. ucanb2 said

    Idris all the way….

  20. maliamalia said

    definitely idris

  21. MissTX85 said

    Idris. Just love me a chocolate brother. He’d have to get rid of that nappy chest hair though, lol.

    Common’s okay, but I don’t really dig light skinned dudes.

  22. MoneAlicia said

    What’s with the random @ss pic of Niecy Nash, M.O.??? Lol…

    Common is definitely gorgeous, but Idris just has that bad boy edge…but with a good job! I’m gonna roll with my fellow foreigner, Idris Elba. Rawr!

  23. sweet_tea said

    Common all day…

    Idris isn’t as fly as MO makes him out to be- TRUST me on that one. He cool though…

  24. Smurfette said

    Idris! All day! As a matter of fact, how bout an Idris, Smurfette,Common sammich! Lol I don’t think either one if these men can handle all this by himself!! Tag-team!! Lol

  25. Can I do a write in? Because forget Common and Idris….Gimme Kevin Hart! He is so sexy…..short but can still get it…yum!!!! I love a funny man!

  26. Marathon_Man said

    They say I’m one hell of a comedian hahahahahaha *in my eddie murphy laugh*

  27. Beyonce_Stan said


  28. Queen said

    I’m lovin’ Idris! Oh yeah!

  29. ONA said

    I’ve ended up looking all around for that information. Happily I just discovered it at Yahoo.

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