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Pajama Party

Posted by Media Outrage on March 17, 2009

pajama party 170309

D Woods hopped up on a pole during a little pajama party at a club in Miami last night. She looks like she might have some previous experience on the pole. More pics when you

pajama party 170309pajama party 170309pajama party 170309pajama party 170309pajama party 170309pajama party 170309

15 Responses to “Pajama Party”

  1. jolie said

    What the heck is wrong with her???

  2. 2thick4u said

    Look at Stilz for Ray J show in the first thumbnail with D. Woodz!!

    D. Woodz outfit is not cute at all. She does look like she has experience.

    I want a pole in my bedroom. Get my sexy on :)!!!

  3. Marathon_Man said

    2thick4u as soon as you get that pole installed I’ll come in and install another one. lol

  4. 2thick4u said

    MM…you are crazy.

  5. Marathon_Man said

    True I’m just saying nothing wrong with you sliding down 2 poles in one room. lol

  6. Ms. E said

    First of all, who in the h@ll is D Woods?!

    What happenned to saving something for the imagination…skanky looking tricks!

  7. w2m said

    D. Woods getting thick. After a few seasons of Diddy telling the girls (DK) 5…10, as in pounds to lose, I bet it feels good to be able to breath.

    Yeah she looks like she got a little experience working that pole. she probably took a class or something….;-).

    2thick4u, I don’t watch the Ray J. show fill me in.

  8. 2thick4u said

    The female in the black is a married porn director who was on Ray J show.

    He named her Stilz!!!

  9. MissTX85 said

    Never heard of D. Woods. Is she from Ray J’s or Diddy’s show?

  10. MoneAlicia said

    Ummmm…cute fit D~woods! Sliding the pole in public is not a good look tho…

    I see Stilts from “For the love of Ray J” has gotten a lil’ fame.

    And finally, who is that trashy chick with D. Woods? She’s got great legs, but those pics are no bueno!

  11. MoneAlicia said

    Miss TX85, she’s from Diddy’s show Making the Band 3. She was a member of Danity Kane, the group that just broke up.

  12. Smurfette said

    Lookin good ladies! I like watchin scrippers! Lol

  13. Ok so they called it a “Pajama Party” because “Hoe-wear Party” didn’t look good on the flyer?

    Note to Self: Sign up for pole dancing classes ASAP….

  14. Marathon_Man said

    Another Note To Self: Claudette when you sign up for the pole classes don’t forget to invite me to watch…

  15. MissTX85 said

    @ MoneAlicia, ok. Never watched it but ok. Thanks.

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