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Jessica Simpson Launches Dress Collection

Posted by Media Outrage on March 23, 2009


Jessica Simpson was at Dillards in Scottsdale Arizona Saturday, for the launch of her dress collection. Plenty of fans lined the store to get autographs and take pictures with the country singer.


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7 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Launches Dress Collection”

  1. Smurfette said

    I bet they gone have these selections at Lane Bryant! Lol

  2. The dresses look nice, once again nothing for the girls with large chest…but hey I guess if you have anything bigger than a DD you want to look like a slut right? Or else you would of got a breast reduction…..anyway, I wouldn’t be buying any of her dresses for the simple fact that they won’t fit me. Yeah, they’ll come in my size, but they won’t fit me in the top. Story of my life. I guess that’s fashions way of telling me I should go under the knife and get a reduction……sorry pmsing…..I love her shoes though….not the ones she’s wearing,but the ones she “makes”.

  3. Smurfette said

    @ Claudette, girl u are so right! Them Jessica Simpson shoes are the business! Lol

  4. Atlanta said

    The dresses and shoes are nice. I love the dress she has on too.

  5. Lio said

    Great timing Jessica, just great..Launching a business during a depression…

  6. ucanb2 said

    The dresses are nice… I like the shoe collection also.

  7. tx said

    Lol Lio! Not only is she trying to launch a clothing business during a depression, she’s trying to launch it while trying to convince people she’s not fat, she only picks clothes that make her look fat. Like anyone is going to pay Jessica Simpson to make them look fat too!

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