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Meagan & Thomas

Posted by Media Outrage on March 26, 2009


Meagan Good and boyfriend,  Thomas Jones,  hit up Sony Ericsson’s VIP party last night at Liv nightclub in Miami.  No,  your eyes are not deceiving you,  she is ONCE again rockin’ those same black tights.  We are at a loss as to why she insist on being the topic of negative blog discussion,  when she could just simply put on a DIFFERENT pair of pants for god sakes. More pics of Meagan,  Thomas,  Rick Fox,  Wyclef,  Venus and Serena Williams when you






23 Responses to “Meagan & Thomas”

  1. w2m said

    Same pants and the same shoes. I know this girl got a little change that she can buy herself something to wear so she doesn’t have to keep recycling those same ole pants. I know we in a recession but damn.

  2. MissTX85 said

    No comment on Meagan. Thomas is still a little chocolate cutie!

  3. lowridaz said

    megan looks cheap and drunk and used in that top pic, she look stank, damn to be so cute, she carry herself like ugly,

  4. lowridaz said

    she look lazy, like all she like to do is drink and lay up and screw all day and night, stank azz,

  5. CrystalShine said

    Serena is doin the dam thing in that dress, and her sister, I give her an A for effort!

    Rick is looks like he’s old and tired.

    Thomas must be blind. Why does he continue 2 take pics with her in the same pants and shoes?
    For a celeb female this doesn’t look good! Meagan Bad, you stink!

  6. Lai'Lani said

    lmao @ the comments.

    Meagan please don’t wear these pants not one more gain. This doesn’t look good honey. We know you have a little bit of money to throw on some different outfits. We can go shopping together.

  7. maliamalia said

    LOL @ she is ONCE again rockin’ those same black tights.

  8. ucanb2 said

    Damn it MO start a collection right NOW!!! Not the “infamous black tights”!! AGAIN

  9. cutiewitbigbooty said

    Woa Meagan please get some gear.

  10. cutiewitbigbooty said

    Oh and Venus looks a hot sizzlin mess.

  11. maliamalia said

    Serena looks amazingly hot in that dress

  12. Yeah I Said It said

    Is it just me or did Venus lose weigh? I like a brother that’s thick means he won’t drop me.

  13. Blakmaine said

    Serena looking thicker than a snicker

  14. beach chick said

    Okay Serena is working her dress but it looks like Venus’s dress is working her…she needs a makeover! ASAP!

  15. 2thick4u said

    Love Serena dress :)!!!

    Those pants that Megan has on are cute but she needs to buy her more colors, if they are available.

    Thomas looks like a laid back nigha that can tear some _________ up :)!!!

    I’m sorry, I’m thinking about my man!!!

  16. Smurfette said

    I think Meghan bank acct must be fat as hell, cuz this chick never spends a dime! Never see her wit Gucci bags, designer clothes, never even seen her drivin a car. I bet she live at home wit her mom and saves every fuckin dime. That’s just my opinion on her wearin the same pants err time we see her! She got dough! Lol

  17. Atlanta said

    I doubt vey seriously if that chic is wearing the same pants everyday.

  18. Lio said

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I can’t it anymore, same gadam pants again….come on , and they are trying SOOOOOO hard to be a couple, so fake

  19. joneblaze said

    I want Serena Williams FOR CHRISTMAS !!!!

  20. lowridaz said

    lol, but honestly , we can never say she wearing the same pants, because we dont know that, and also some people walk around in busted same sneakers or shoes and wear the same outfit daily, but are rich, and when times get hard and everyone else is struggling and failing to make ends meet and get bills paid, they are gliding by with a smile and waving, and we wondering what the hell they got to smile about , but they do. they got big money in the bank and is not hurting for nothing, LOL never judge a book by its cover, never

  21. lowridaz said

    a smart person will save.

  22. Random said

    This heifer’s been wearing the same ensemble for the last 5+ years now…Every photo of her has been in the same exact outfit…I mean how many of the same exact leggings,jacket,shoes etc. could you possibly own…you couldn’t possibly like them that much that you had to re-stock on the same exact items..I’m about to start donating some of my clothes to this fashionably challenged creature..

    SerenO, take that dress off Man!!

  23. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Random

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