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Jazz In The Gardens

Posted by Media Outrage on March 29, 2009


Common was all smiles, during the 4th Annual Jazz in The Gardens, at Dolphin Stadium, down in Miami yesterday.  Erykah Badu and all that wagon she was pulling performed.  We can imagine that Common probably had his eyes fixated on that thing the entire time.  Now we see why Erykah was driving n*ggas crazy left and right.  That donk do not lie lol.


More Common and Erykah Badu when you



9 Responses to “Jazz In The Gardens”

  1. lilkunta said

    MO what do u mean by wagon?
    I def am able 2 tell Erykah just had a baby. Erykah has breasts & we all know when she isnt breastFeeding she is flat.

    Did Erykah ever say what she named the baby?

  2. ucanb2 said

    U was gonna say I had never noticed her figure/curves before???!!!! Maybe it is because of the baby?…

  3. Media Outrage said

    Wagon means having a donk aka phat booty, aka behind for days, aka a big butt.

  4. lilkunta said

    MO: o ok. I didnt know that is the newest erm 4 *ss.
    Yes Ery ‘s wagone does look big …. is that from being pregnant or is she too wearing *ss pads like ashanti & bknowles & jenlo & all the rest?

  5. Media Outrage said

    Lol there’s a whole slew of terms for a nice ass lol.

  6. sweet_tea said

    That lead pic of Common is great. Thanks for starting my Monday w/a smile MO!

  7. Media Outrage said

    Oh you’re quite welcome.

  8. Blakmaine said

    Erykah Badu still doing her thang, and her first album was classic!

  9. stareingharder said

    Badu made me cum.

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