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Oprah’s School Rocked By Another Sex Scandal

Posted by Media Outrage on March 31, 2009


Oprah’s all girl academy in South Africa has been hit with yet another sex scandal, this time involving some of the girls fondling others.


Via ContactMusic:

Oprah Winfrey’s all-girl boarding school in South Africa has been hit with another scandal after students were reportedly expelled for sexual misconduct.
Seven students were dismissed from The South African Leadership Academy for Girls last week (begs23Mar09). They are accused of sexually harassing their schoolmates after allegedly being caught fondling each other.
A letter to the parents of one accused 15-year-old reads: “You have been found guilty of physical contact of a sexual nature with another pupil on campus, harassment, bullying other girls on campus and of being dishonest by not telling investigators the whole truth”, reports local weekend newspaper Afrikaans on Sunday.
Winfrey’s spokesperson, Lisa Halliday, confirms the girls had violated the school’s code of conduct but would not give any further information.
Halliday tells the New York Post, “We consider this to be a confidential school matter. Therefore, we will not confirm any personal information or disclose any details related to these expulsions.”
It is the second sex scandal to hit the boarding school in as many years. The institution was rocked by allegations of sexual abuse just months after its opening in 2007.

Mediaoutrage– The chick on chick action is not a good thing.  Just soak up every bit of knowledge being offered without trying to munch your classmate’s carpet. SMH

12 Responses to “Oprah’s School Rocked By Another Sex Scandal”

  1. lowridaz said

    Hey them boarding school girls be doing each other, when i was 18, went to a roller skating rink with my girls and and a group of boarding school chicks came in with their staff, all loud and stupid, and one of them bitches got behind me held my waist and humped my ass, and claimed it was really crowded in there , she was like sorry, i almost broke my neck taking off my skates and busted that bitch straight in her head with it, im not a lesbian, i didnt like that shit, that place got turned out and they had to gather up the boarding school hoes and rush them out, we was beating the hell out them bitches

  2. sweet_tea said

    lol @ lowridaz, you had an experience, didn’t you?

    It’s sad that they keep giving such bad press to Oprah’s effort to do a good thing. It’s not her fault those girls get freaky. In a country where men want your twinkie sewn shut until marriage, I might go for chicks too. I hope they get it sorted out without having to close the school from all the negative coverage.

  3. 2020VIZN said

    The stuff that is going on in her schools is sad and for the most part out of her control, but I dont feel sorry for Oprah. Im beginning to see a pattern on Harpo’s show. I remember when she tricked MJ into coming on to her show and then opened up a can of whoop ass on Mike with questions that she promised not to ask. I seems her show has become a place to attack black men. If I only looked at her show I would think that 96% of the black males in America were on the DL. I saw a litte part of her show the other day and Justin was on there promoting some jeans for ladies and grabbing ass in the process and everyone was just havin a grand ol time. I just wish she would cut the brothers some slack. Not to bring up dead ish but her and her Hype man Gayle, came out publicly about wanting to beat CB’s ass. Im just wonering whats on her mind and how she views black men, hell her most stable and sane parent was her father, she should have a lil more respect for us. Im Just saying.

  4. Gina said

    Lets be real. U take a bunch of girls into a school. No boys. Only girls. They going thru puberty. U think these girls ain’t horny? Lol
    Of course they gonna fondle eachother…. then they gonna want more…. so they start harrassing eachother.

    Is oprah tryna turn these girls into lesbians like her and gayle? (just sayin)

    And 2020vizn…. you got a good point. Never really thought of that

  5. Yea I Said It said

    IMO, if you take on the responsibility of opening a facility in your name you have an obligation to make sure it succeed. With your everyday presence first and foremost. At least until you put in place a staff that’s responsible enough to carry out your agenda. You can not run a school from afar and check in. You cannot go on the report of others. You cannot upon hearing no bad news for the week or month assume everything is as it should be. Either fully engage or shut the damn thing down. The problem I have with people giving back is when they do sometimes it’s for publicity,or tax write off.

    Do it because you have been blessed and want to reach back and help those less fortunate gain an equal footing to make a good life for themselves.

  6. Positive Thought said

    @ Yea I Said It- Are you saying that Oprah started the school for publicity or a tax write off?

    I don’t think you are. She started this because she really wanted to reach those girls. She wanted to do something that would make a difference in the forgotten land.

    She said she would have done it over here but when she asked children what they wanted most, most replied “clothes, sneakers and other material items.” Those girls over there just wanted an opportunity to be on equal footing with the rest of the world, and no other way to do that besides a excellent education.

    I think most of the things Oprah does are with a true benevolent mind-set.

  7. Yea I Said It said

    @ Positive Thought..No not her per-say. I do however think she should invest more of herself into her school, and not allow others to run it without her hands on. Every school has a principle, and every school system has a Superentient. She is the Superentient of her school and therefore, based on based sexuall allegations she should be more hands on involued.

  8. Yea I Said It said

    I met to spell Superintendent

  9. Yea I Said It said

    And I did mean to say based on pasted sexuall allegations. Sorry I very tired from flying and getting caught in flight delay.

  10. MissTX85 said

    Moving on cause I have nothing nice to say about this.

  11. Ms. E said

    @ Gina – I was thinkin the same thing..they need to build a boys school down the street or something. But for real, what do you expect young teens who are sexually stimulated and they are stuck with each other for months! I have never really cared for Oprah’s show but at the same time I hope she is able to resolve this issue and those poor girls that were fondled need counseling.

  12. ucanb2 said

    That kind of stuff happens all the time… at same sex/co-ed schools, they are making a big deal because of who is behind the school. OPRAH

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